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August 19, 2009



My birthday is in a few days (8.23) so I have been enjoying the zodiac necklace I acquired while in Lake Tahoe.  Today I paired it with a great silk dress I thrifted in Palm Springs this weekend.  Sigh, how I wish I was still on vacation.  BUT nothing beats coming home to your dogs.  Here I am with 2 of my chihuahuas named Rico and Chico.

Tomorrow I am so excited to show you a blog collaboration I’ve been working on with one of my favorite stores ever.  Keep reading!

wearing: Vintage dress, thrifted bucket bag, Bakers shoes, Ray-Ban sunglasses, vintage zodiac necklace

Golf ‘n’ STUFF

August 4, 2009



I decided a few weeks ago that if my golfing skills were good enough I would try to join the LPGA by 30.  Why? Because I’d like to make millions and I was thinking Stella McCartney could sponsor me.  I hadn’t swung a club since high school and I was never on the golf team because it was the same season as softball.  My dad says I need lessons to truly know my potential but we all know I can drive it.  Sports dominated my life for the first 18 years so I’m trying to get back into the swing of things. No pun intended!

I figured my work ensemble would be fine for the driving range and I was correct.  I’ve acquired so many shorts this summer and I think they go perfect with heels.  That’s definitely been one of my summer uniforms and I’m glad in was multi-functional today.

Oh yeah, remember I said I’d try to incorporate some of my own style photos?  Here you go.  There will be a lot more I am sure.  I think I have a pretty good sense of humor so you’ll definitely get more photos of me with gummy Haribo peaches on my tongue. (Above left)

Price LIST

May 30, 2009


What Goes Around Comes Around

March 19, 2009





Thanks to my old friend over at Fixed Air I got to attend the What Comes Around Goes Around LA Launch Party at Space 15Twenty in Hollywood.  I had heard that Nicole Richie would be in attendance and that really peaked my interest as I think she’s one of the more stylish celebs in L.A.  The night did not disappoint.  I saw Nicole, the creators of WWWD, and some Voguettes.  I’d like to mention that Nicole Richie has an amazing personality!  She was just glowing and laughing so hard with her girlfriends as if no one was watching her.  I wanted to join in and see what all the fun was all about.

The concept behind Space 15Twenty is truly executed with the amazing artists/stores they influence to open pop-up shops.  I cannot wait to attend many more of their openings, seeing that my girl invites me.  It was hard to get the entire feel of this pop-up shop because it was so crowded with fashionistas, bearded guys and people asking my boyfriend about his “modeling career.”  I plan on going back to take a good look around.  Maybe you can meet me there and we’ll see what kind of  vintage duds we can pick up.

You can see some Nicole photos from last night’s event here.

Greetings from San Francisco

January 9, 2009


As promised, here are some photos from my trip to San Francisco.  My boyfriend and I were  invited to spend the new year with my sister and her fiance in their new home outside the city. Of course we were in SF every day, either shopping or having vegetarian delights!  Here are some of my favorite images:

Top to Bottom:

1. Vintage Gucci & Louis Vuitton line the front cases in this resale vintage store called Static [on Haight].  They had a meanie shop girl, who got mad at me when I snapped this photo and acted like a real jerk!  I will try to forget her bad attitude as they have some great clothes, shoes and bags.

2.  Isn’t that an amazing sheep’s wool jacket? It was in the window of a Goodwill, which I spotted while in the front seat of my sister’s car.  I thought, how could that still be there?  We parked, I went inside and looked at the price tag – $55! No thank you Goodwill.

3.  My boyfriend models his Cheap Monday skinny jeans while contemplating some vintage moccasins.  I wish he had got them.

4.  I have no idea who this girl is, but she had my kind of attitude!  When we stopped for the countdown to New Years we saw her with some friends and she was amazing.  I loved her outfit which was equally matched by an amazing personality.  We counted down from 10 for about a half hour! 10-9-8-7 over and over.

5.  Gianco Ferre vintage at Wasteland.  $125 and not in my shopping bag, though I really loved it.

6.  Alexis Bittar, how do I love thee!  This was on display at the de Young Museum.  From my knowledge of his jewelry, this is from his Ms. Havisham collection for sure. D-I-E

Gone Thrifting

November 13, 2008


This Veteran’s Day I spent my afternoon with my dear friend Phuong [pictured] thrifting at my favorite locations.  She is obviously a great model and a great sport as you can see by my impeccable photography.  Unfortunately on our outing Phuong left empty handed, but she almost had it with that fabulous gold/bronze decorated skirt.  I on the other hand, carried out a vintage St. John by Marie Gray dress, a circus-esque ruffle shirt and a black/gold knot belt.

There were lots of great items at our first stop, like that vintage fur and Moschino shoes, not mention a Celine jacket, but they just weren’t our sizes.  Sigh.  We had an amazing time and I look forward to many thrift outs again.

October 11, 2008