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August 26, 2009



I don’t know about you, but I’m watching what I spend my money on.   I’m so glad my birthday just passed because I was showered with lovely things I simply cannot buy myself at the moment.  I’m trying to save money and it is hard because it is not like I have that much. Even more grim is our economy and the unemployment rate, particularly in California.  I swear that every friend I have is looking for a job, worried about their  job security, trying to find a place to live or merely watching every dollar that comes out of their wallet.  I am certainly not exempt from this and I’m guessing you’re probably not either.  That’s why I think it is important we get extremely creative with the money we do have.

Thank goodness I was taught by my grandmother at a very young age about the magic of thrift stores.  Even better is when you have best friends who also love to thrift!  This past weekend – birthday weekend – Phuong and I visited our local Salvation Army in the ‘bra.  Unfortunately they were not having their buy 1 get one 1 free, but I still think we made out like bandits.

Phuong found a colorful floral silk suit which you can see it only took her a day to alter and make amazing.  As for me, I added another pair of baggy silk pants to my ever growing collection.  You can never go wrong with 100% silk.  I’m really obsessing over the comfort of silk pants right now – I wish I could wear them every day and I’m the person who never wore pants! Ever.

Do yourself a favor and visit your local thrift store.  You can also give back and donate some of your old wares.  Tax right off? Yes!


April 21, 2009




It was so hot in L.A. today!  Luckily for me, UCLA is just minutes away from Santa Monica and the ocean breeze can be quite refreshing.  After class I had no desire to go back home to 101 degree weather.   Boyfriend and I hopped in the car and drove to the beach.  I’d been wanting to do some thrifting in Santa Monica and I am so glad I did because I picked up these OZBEK pants!  [Bio &]  Even though it is too incredibly hot to wear them, they surely have a place on my clothing rack.

After acquiring some thrift goodies we were famished and drove over to Real Food Daily.  Not only is that one of my favorite eateries, but it is the place my boyfriend and I ate the day that marks our anniversary.  Five years.  Then off to Wasteland we went, where I discovered two amazing dresses.  Moschino & Vena Cava, but both size 0.  Hilarious – I don’t even think I know a size 0 – those girls just haven’t made it into my circle yet.  Nonetheless, they were being sold for amazing prices and in great condition.  I took these photos so you could all sigh with me.  Lastly, I have found my summer sandal.  Thank you Jeffrey Campbell.  You can usually find me in heels but I truly needed a flat for the many adventures I am planning for this summer.  I cannot wait.

Gone Thrifting

November 13, 2008


This Veteran’s Day I spent my afternoon with my dear friend Phuong [pictured] thrifting at my favorite locations.  She is obviously a great model and a great sport as you can see by my impeccable photography.  Unfortunately on our outing Phuong left empty handed, but she almost had it with that fabulous gold/bronze decorated skirt.  I on the other hand, carried out a vintage St. John by Marie Gray dress, a circus-esque ruffle shirt and a black/gold knot belt.

There were lots of great items at our first stop, like that vintage fur and Moschino shoes, not mention a Celine jacket, but they just weren’t our sizes.  Sigh.  We had an amazing time and I look forward to many thrift outs again.

In Thrift I Trust

September 25, 2008

In case you had not heard, the United States has fallen into an economic apocalypse.  It would inappropriate for me to not address those circumstances considering many of the high priced items featured on this blog.  Nonetheless, one cannot throw their love for fashion out the window simply because of hard times, but maybe they could throw their shrinking wallet towards a thrift store.

I have been thrifting since the age of 2.  For twenty one years I always had the same thrifting partner – my grandma.  As much as I’d love to write about her, I cannot as it is too difficult considering she hasn’t been well lately and I’ll simply cry.  In fact, I haven’t thrifted much lately because it reminds me too much of her.  I know she would hate that, so I have been trying to get out and do what she taught me best – thrift!  She and I were crazed, and I have never met anyone else who could go all day thrift store to thrift store like my grandma Tillie.  Too be honest, I sometimes tire my boyfriend out and he is also an experienced thrifter.

If money is tight or your dying for some one of a kind pieces, I advise you to support your local thrift store.  Make a donation while your at it.  I recently gave away a couple of Marc Jacobs pieces and I am so excited for the person who finds them.  Keep your eye out for my Fashion Big Sisters program!

Here is what I’ve got this past month: Chloé mustard cropped jacket with gold buttons, St. John by Marie Gray striped gold and black skirt, and a Christian Dior purple jungle print scarf.  All VINTAGE.

Can someone tell me what year the Chloé is from?  Lagerfeld?