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See you There / Discourse, Garment Industry

August 28, 2008

Tuesday, September 23, 7:30 pm
Los Angeles Theatre Center

How Dangerous is the Garment Industry?

The garment industry provides more than 50,000 jobs in Los Angeles County, including many that are tied to a commercial underground where safety rules don’t apply, there’s no minimum wage, and a labor pool of illegal immigrants keeps quiet about violations out of fear of deportation. Legitimate garment makers, meanwhile, face a disadvantage in battling underground competitors who skip workers compensation payments and other safety standards, and often shift locations suddenly in order to stay a step ahead of authorities. How big and dangerous is this floating world of the garment underground?

Kimi Lee of the Garment Worker Center, a Downtown-base advocacy group, Garment Contractors Association Executive Director Joe Rodriguez and Michael Kang, owner of the Caribe fashion label in the Garment District visit Zócalo to sort it out. Moderated by Jerry Sullivan, editor and publisher, Los Angeles Garment & Citizen

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