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September 2, 2009




my sign: Virgo, Pisces Rising, on the cusp of Leo

If you read Fashion Intel regularly, then you know how much I love astrology.  I read my daily horoscopes, have had my chart done numerous times and have read countless books on the subject.

Last week I attended the opening of Chrissie Miller’s (of Sophmore) pop-up shop for Scorpio Rising, her collaboration with Urban Outfitters. [photos here]  What made the night for me was talking to her mother, who is the uber famous astrologer Susan Miller and who I’ve been a devoted reader of.

I am so excited that Susan has created these charming and cosmic horoscopes for the SOPHOMORE x UO collaboration, Scorpio Rising, currently at Space 15 Twenty’s Pop-Up Shop. Read your’s here.

When you spot an outfit you might want to buy, you quickly check its details. A beautiful snap or button, the evenness of a stitch, the feel and drape of the fabric–your eagle eye takes it all in. You know that nothing can elevate a look faster than the sum of the beautiful details, as well as making sure it has proper fit. We’re with you, dear Virgo, and we wish everyone appreciated all that we do as much as you. The right fit that looks tailor made is the secret of chic women worldwide–and besides, you know a good fit will always makes you look slimmer and trimmer.