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October 13, 2009




I have yet to get my hands on Mitch Horowitz’s Occult America because my library’s funding has been cut drastically, and the esoteric are the first to be ignored.  Fortunately I did get a chance to hear Mitch speak on Jay-Z and the Occult via NPR which proved to be quite interesting.  There’s been a lot of attention lately to Jay-Z’s supposed connection to the Occult and Freemasonry, and I have to say it makes life much more interesting.  It also explains a lot to me – he’s obviously put me under a spell because I’ve never liked his music very much but the Blueprint 3 is great.  For the record, I’m A Tribe Called Quest kind of girl.

So why the pictures of Rihanna? Because I LOVE her style and oh yeah, you can see a scary face  in her back in that last photo.  Remember when she wasn’t cool and singing songs like SOS?  She has come a long way since playing at the Los Angeles County Fair.  For reals.  I’d have to say her “good girl gone bad” look has put her on my best dressed list of 2009.  What a difference the Occult can make.

Learn more about Jay-Z, Rihanna, and the Occult here (NPR).


Don’t Ever Change

May 14, 2008

Burberry Bag

Rihanna, love the Burberry bag. Did you also see Serena van der Woodsen carry it on Gossip Girl last week or did your stylist think this bag would secure your “edgy” look? Or are you reading our blog, which inspired you to run out an get it? Whatever the reason, we love it with your ensemble. AND though our better judgment tells us you are a tool in the industry which will soon cannibalize you, we cannot deny our love for the aqua jeans, brown dog combination. Is that pooch really a psychic?