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July 20, 2009


I’m getting over a 24-hour stomach flu and the only thing that is making me feel better is the thought of owning this jacket.  I was at the Grove this weekend to see 500 Days of Summer with my honey and we stopped by Barneys Co-Op to check out what new Phillip Lim they had.  DIE!  I must have this jacket. I had seen it online but images don’t do it justice.  It is perfect in person.

Who has the money to buy me this? Please.

June 8, 2009



My sister recently asked me what I wanted as a graduation gift and I promised her I’d compile a list full of pictures.  Since graduating from college is a major feat, I figured it was only apropos to suggest spectacular gifts.  These are the things I’ve been wanting for a long time.  Truly, most of them have been in my “must buy” folder on my desktop.  Aside from personalized stationery, these lovely things would truly make my graduation even more grandeur.

top: Nine West Wedges, Balenciaga Giant City Tote [w/gold hardware], Pamela Love Tallon Cuff
middle: Lanvin Heels, Phillip Lim Belt, House of Harlow Bracelet
bottom: Diptyque Gardenia Candle, Hermes Belt, Maya Brenner State Necklace [no diamond please]

72 Hour Party PEOPLE

April 28, 2009


Wearing my new American Apparel Tie Dye Interlock Pencil Skirt

Dressing room at Barneys – I bought the black Alexander Wang tee

I die for DRIES!

The best necklace in Las Vegas. here I come!

Best dressed girls in Las Vegas – L: Two Brits, R: L.A. Girls

Best dressed men in Las Vegas. Love them!

This past weekend I hosted my sister’s bachelorette party in Las Vegas.  We arrived Thursday night and the fun did not stop until we left on Sunday afternoon.  We stayed at the Venetian and I recommend it to those looking to visit Las Vegas as the hotel was simply perfect.  The hotel’s spa was absolutely amazing, so if you’re looking for a good massage and pure bliss, that is your place.

Las Vegas is not a city I visit often, but I am so glad I threw the party there as it makes getting wild quite easy.  There was plenty of XXX fun, but I still managed to visit the new Barneys, hit the best boutiques and indulge in the most delicious food.  Buchon anyone?

Here are just a few of the many photos I snapped while living it up in Sin City.  Two more after the break.


The Week in Photos

December 29, 2008


Since you know that the Fashion Intel is back after a morose December, there is no better time then now to show you what I have been up to this week.  Last weekend we had a lovely trip to the desert, where we stayed at The Parker Palm Springs.  I’ve said this before – they have the best orange juice at Norma’s!  It tastes just like when my grandparents brought me fresh squeezed from their own trees.  The Jonathan Adler decor is amazing, especially his ceramics and photography choices in the rooms.  Carol Channing overlooking our toilet was amazing.  We played a round of croquet, sipped cocktails at the lemonade stand, and simply enjoyed the cold desert air.  The snow capped mountains were also a lovely sight to see.  If you’re going to stay in one place in Palm Springs, chose The Parker, if not only for the Hermes soap in the room.

While in the desert, I picked up this amazing 3.1 Phillip Lim short coat [pictured right].  I’ve already got some good wear and compliments from it, so it was absolutely worth the investment.

After the holiday, my mother, sister and I decided to check out the remolded Macy*s in Pasadena because my mom bought me some Calvin Klein’s in the wrong size.  She knew she did, but she thought if I had something physical to open on Christmas, it would be more fun.  Can I just say that Calvin Klein has some on the softest cotton, next to The Row of course.  While browsing, I fell in love with this Marc by Marc Jacobs coat [pictured left], but I knew my mom wasn’t going to throw down $558 right after Christmas, er, ever.

On Friday I had a few hours of free time in the SGV, so I called up Phuong and we hit up Target and Lee’s for Vietnamese coffee [yummy!]  The Target in Alhambra always puts out its Go International early, so I thought we could check it out for the new Thakoon installment.  What do you know, we were in luck!  I picked up that lovely dress and floral coat, all gifts of mother when I showed her the receipt.  What a Friday night, topped off with $15 Chinese massage.

Last but certainly not least, is my favorite new piece of jewelry [pictured right].  This amazing piece was given to me by the amazing Stefani Greenwood for Christmas.  It’s made of pyrite, and has magical powers that will aid in my cardiovascular system.  Who couldn’t use that?  I’ve been wearing it everywhere and everyone wants to know where I got it.  One of a kind.  I think her and I should make jewelry together in 2009.

The Week in Photos

December 1, 2008


Today is the first day of December, so I thought I would introduce what will hopefully become a weekly feature on Fashion Intel – The Week in Pictures.  I’ll show you some of the best fashion moments of my week and give you a glimpse into what inspires me and my blog.

Phuong [pictured above] is a friend I’ve known since high school [she graduated 3rd in her class!] who introduced us to the free tacos at The Gold Room in Echo Park.  Speaking of free, her friend gave her that awesome Marc by Marc Jacobs bow shirt which is accompanied by a pa-pow gold ring.  My boyfriend [of 5 years!] was oh so kind to model this beautiful Phillip Lim cashmere sweater for me at Barneys.  We saw it in men’s while he was looking, and I just died over it.  Those gold buttons are killer, but it was way too long and baggy for me.

If I haven’t said this before on Fashion Intel, I’ll say it now, I LOVE HATS!  I came across this Alexander McQueen hat, and thought to myself – who would truly wear this giant thing?  Made of fox, no less.  Maybe me, if I only wore it at home with nothing else.  Hilarious.  Oh, and those Dries Van Notens were two seconds away from going home with me, had they the right size.  Sheesh.  I might go back to convince myself that they’ll work out.  At half-off, what can I say?

California Dreamin’

October 3, 2008

What do all my favorite designers have in common?  THEY ARE ALL FROM CALIFORNIA! I have anticipated this entry because I feel like this fact too often goes under the radar.  What we do hear is that L.A. Fashion Week is a joke [mostly true] and that NYC is the fashion capital of the world.  Well, where would that city be without all of our California natives?

California, particularly L.A., has received a bad wrap in regards to its fashion choices, but there is no denying that these talents have made the Fashion Intel proud.  In addition, I would like to point out that some of the best fashion bloggers, Because I’m Addicted, Chictopia, Diabolina, Fashion Toast, Karla’s Closet, Taghrid and That’s Chic are ALL California girls.

Now that fashion month is winding down, I wanted to share which looks inspired me during New York Fashion Week from my favorite [Californian] designers.  You can count that this Spring [I know Winter hasn’t even started!!!!] I will be wearing my hair in a bun and touting ruffles, black, gray and bondage heels.

Here is a breakdown, if you were wondering more specifically where these designers came from: Vena Cava [South Pasadena], Erin Fetherston [Piedmont, UC Berkeley grad], Jenni Kayne [Los Angeles], Phillip Lim [Westminster, Long Beach State Grad], Rodarte [Nor Cal, Pasadena, UC Berkeley grads], Alexander Wang [San Francisco]

Gossip Girl, The Serena Always Rises

September 30, 2008

Fashion Intel here,

Sorry I did not report on Gossip Girl fashion last week, but as always the girls and boys were dressed up to the nines.  Last night’s episode was not only fabulous because it was fashion week, but so much drama ensued that I almost shed a tear for Chuck. The story lines are becoming better every week!  I have never particularly cared for Serena, so I look forward to her demise.  What I’d love to see is a new dynamic duo in Blair and Jenny.  We’ll see… are my top Gossip Girl fashion moments.

  1. Blair wearing a pilgrim bow.  I’ve got to find a uniform store.
  2. KIKI SMITH shout out.  Feminist artist, another point for GG.
  3. I love that high-schoolers are reading WWD.  I once had a subscription and met with West Coast Editor Marcy Medina for an internship.  That obviously didn’t work out, but I think I’ll send her an email.
  4. Kristen Dunst is sooooo 2007.  Poor Kiki.
  5. Nice ascot, Chuck Bass.  Or should I say Charlie Trout?
  6. No one wants to be stuck behind the barricades with PETA at fashion week, well, unless you are a member of PETA.  Check out their many campaigns over at PETA.ORG, as my Paris Vogue fur post got me on their list.  I subscribed to their newsletters when I was in Amnesty International – I get it.
  7. “Marc [Jacobs] is going to eat his grunge corduroys.” Eleanor Waldorf, faux designer of Lorick.
  8. “Models aren’t the brightest bulbs.”  Says Blair Waldorf.  Have you met Lily Cole?
  9. Driving Marc Jacobs to drink! NOOOOOO!!!!
  10. Andre Leon Talley loved the dress.  Enough said.

There were so many Marc Jacobs shout outs and disses, I lost count.  For good measure, I’ll say 10.  How many did you hear?  EXTRA BONUS: I caught some of the names on Eleanor Waldorf’s seating chart, here is a tiny taste: Micheal Kors, Lydia Hearst, Tory Burch and Tyra Banks.  I’ll take 2 of the 4, you can be the judge.

From L to R: Sonia by Sonia Rykiel Bow applique sweater $530, Sonia by Sonia Rykiel Velvet bow top $745, Forever 21 Gathered Chiffon Rose Headband $3.80, Vena Cava Imperial Dress $598, Forever 21 Classy Pearl Necklace $7.80, 3.1 Phillip Lim Dress

Gossip Girl has a Blackout

September 16, 2008

Fashion Intel here,

I would have to say last night’s episode was a bit more morose than usual – Vanessa giving up Nate, Chuck not getting it up because of Blair, and the breakup of Serena and Dan.  Why must there be heartbreak so soon?  Didn’t Dylan and Brenda date for awhile before Dylan decided to cheat on Brenda with Kelly at the beach house while Brenda was in Europe with Donna? Why couldn’t Serena and Dan have a little more time? AND why is Serena being a bitch in the next episode?  That’s right, I am in my twenties and talking like this!

Fashion on Gossip Girl never disappoints;  honestly, that’s half the reason I watch the show.  Funny thing I noticed about the episode “Dark Knight”.  You might remember my GG season finale entry [see here] in which I recommended a yellow Grecian 3.1 Phillip Lim dress for Blair.  Oh yes, she wore that exact same dress in last night’s episode.  Could I style for this show, or what?  Maybe they are reading the Fashion Intel!

Here are my top moments:

  1. “Ralph Lauren adores you!” – Cougar to Nate
  2. Vanessa not looking half bad.  Who made that gold & purple dress?
  3. Blair’s bow headband + bow shirt = bow wonderland
  4. Who are these mini fashionistas in the park? C-U-T
  5. Jenny as a “Cinderlla bird” sounds like the cutest thing!
  6. Blair wearing Phillip Lim is a match made in heaven. I would know as I forecasted it.
  7. Serena’s FAKE boots.  They make look bad, but her CHANEL belt didn’t.
  8. Chuck’s shout out to Bertie Wooster from Wooster & Jeeves.
  9. “A pilgrim at a funeral” – Jenny to Ms. Waldorf
  10. Hope you saved the receipt for that tiara, B.

From L to R: Phillip Lim Silk Pleated Grecian Dress $795, Marc by Marc Jacobs [as seen on Vanessa] Spectrum Striped Top $198, L. Erickson Coco Two Tier Headband $42, Chloe Bow Neck Blouse $1,575, Forever 21 Multichain Disc Necklace $4.80, Chanel Belt

Meet the Editor

August 13, 2008

I was inclined to write this post after reading the discourse regarding Would You Wear a Knock-Off? over on Fashionista yesterday. Consensus was that the author of the post was an elitist, snob, classist, et al. and I cannot say that I would disagree (though I believe it to be faux elitism) as evident in the comment I contributed.

As I have gained readers quickly, I thought I should elucidate on the girl behind Fashion Intelligentsia. It would be me Natalie and that is me under those clothes. That is a small collection of some of my favorite dresses, and next to them you will see some recent favorites – Nine West doing Balenciaga Gladiators and Dollhouse doing Givenchy dungeon shoes.

As Kyle from Fashionista stated, “So, if a knock-off was good enough, would you wear it? Or would you just save your change – or better, get creative?” The photo reveals my answer, and surely next time he could write a more creative post. It is obvious we know our fashion, and from your comments, so do you. One can wear Phillip Lim and Forever 21. In the end both their tags read “Made in China.”

I think Karl Lagerfeld got it right when he said “Go either very cheap or very expensive. It’s the middle ground that is fashion nowhere.”  I hope you enjoy the photo and there will be more reveals in the future!

Fashion Doppelgänger: Phillip Lim & GAP

May 16, 2008

GAP is not my usual shopping centre, but I needed to return my Phillip Lim CFDA shirt because it simply wasn’t me, no matter how much I wanted it to be. The Philip Crangi bracelet on the other hand has been all over town on my cute little wrist and there’s no end to its popularity in sight. Unfortunately, this CFDA collection for the GAP seems to truly pale in comparison to the previous one. When I arrived at the GAP there were disheveled racks and piles of white shirts and dresses, half off no less!

While inside this unpopular store known as GAP, I spotted this “Rosette Shirt” which appeared to be a close resemblance to a Phillip Lim rosette tank dress I have from his Spring 2007 collection. That by the way is one of my top favorite dresses of all time – that I own. The GAP shirt is quite simple but lovely as well, and coming in at a mere $26. I couldn’t force myself to buy it, not because I think it is too much like Lims, but because I don’t wear t-shits. I’ll think about it. In the meantime, designers head my call – MORE ROSETTES!

White Noise

April 15, 2008

Amy SedarisDid you remember what today is? Oh yes, today is the launch of the CFDA Gap Design Editions. I didn’t miss out on Rodarte & Thakoon last time, and I am not missing out on Phillip Lim & Philip Crangi today. Most of the collection can be found online, but it seems you’ll have to brave the rest in the store. For you L.A. readers, I know the Grove carries this collection, but act quick or you’ll be stuck with limited sizes, say only XS or XL.

If you are doubting whether you should buy something or not, simply remember – if it is good enough for Amy Sedaris (pictured), surely it is good enough for me! She was sporting a Philip Crangi cuff bracelet last night at the launch, and to my jalousie also sporting Crangi as a date. We love him, but we love her more.

Out on a Lim

March 18, 2008

phillip lim does gapLets be honest, none of us want to step foot into The Gap, much less be seen near the store. I’m still trying to forget how they were allowed to tarnish Audrey in that ridiculously annoying ad! All of that will change (for at least a month) on April 15 when the Gap rolls out to hysterical ladies, women, and girls its second edition of designs brought in by CFDA nominees/winners. On the marquee we have 3.1 Phillip Lim, Michael Bastian, Band of Outsiders, Threeasfour, and Philip Crangi.

Lets cut to the chase, it will be Phil we’re after. Reports have indicated that unlike 2007’s limited release – which forced me to visit the Grove, hello Rodarte? – there are specific designs by Lim that will be available at all GAPs. He will have four pieces, all at a $78 steal. From what I’ve heard, I am keeping my eye out for the bell-sleeve ruched shirt.

Lets not forget the models: (my faves) Chanel Iman, Irina Lazareanu, Jessica Stam, & (the rest) Lilly Donaldson, Du Juan, Doutzen Kroes, Catherine McNeil, Anja Rubik. Each one will be wearing a piece in the GAP’s ad campaign, which will proudly be displayed in their windows. Will there be another Vogue feature? I am sure.