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August 17, 2009







I’m back from the desert – Palm Springs and Joshua Tree – and I’m exhausted from the amazing time we had.  Truly, I thought about staying a few more days and calling my work to tell them I was dead.  This trip could be called an impromptu one but seeing that I’m a Virgo even with not planning this mini-vacation, there was still lots of planning.  We just had to see the Perseid Meteor Shower from the desert, so we did!  Thanks to reader Natalie A. for joining us.  Power swing!

We needed a cost-friendly hotel with a decor that would meet my standards.  I know what I like and ACE seemed to fit the profile. Great location, delicious food, wonderful decor.  I loved our room and the pool was absolutely great at 2 a.m.  Alcohol infused snow cones? Yes, please!

Since I could go on for hours and I know people don’t usually read past the first paragraph on blogs, here’s a list of the things I really enjoyed in no particular order

1. The Turkish robes in our room 2. The amazing singing/stylish hostess (above) at King’s Highway restaurant 3. Seeing meteors fly in the sky 4. Having 2 sound baths. 5. Swinging friends in hammocks 6. Thrifting lots of great things, including a vintage Gucci bag 7. Having an outer-body experience 8. Sweating 9. Night swimming & 10.  Seeing DOV CHARNEY – barf – at Revivals thrift store in P.S. with 2 of his girls buying bolero ties.  Ugh, boleros?  Could it be anymore obvious.  You can read more about that on my twitter page.


Counting the DAYS…

August 11, 2009



It is only Tuesday but I am counting down the days for our trip to the desert.  To the Integratron for the meteor shower + sound bath, Joshua Tree, and Palm Springs.  Here are some photos of ACE Hotel, where we’ll be staying.

I’m looking forward to the stars, sweating, and laying by the pool in 104 degree heat.

Back to the DESERT

August 5, 2009



Yesterday I received a message from the Integratron about the Perseid meteor shower coming up in a couple of weeks.  I was thrilled to say the least and immediately bought tickets when I got home.  For $35 I get to revisit the Integratron, have another sound bath, hang out under the stars and see some meteors.  I’m just so happy I have another reason to head back to the desert.

If you want to read more about the event check out The Mojave Desert Land Trust.  Their mission is to protect and save the desert’s ecosystems, scenic and cultural resources, and quality of life for residents, visitors and future generations.

As for my desert ensemble, considering it has been 100 in the day and 80 at night, I think I’ll pass on the faux fur jackets and leotards that I wore on my last visit.  I also don’t think I should do any more rock climbing in Sigerson Morrison flats.  Duh.  On a side note, has anyone stayed at the ACE HOTEL yet?

The Week in Photos

December 29, 2008


Since you know that the Fashion Intel is back after a morose December, there is no better time then now to show you what I have been up to this week.  Last weekend we had a lovely trip to the desert, where we stayed at The Parker Palm Springs.  I’ve said this before – they have the best orange juice at Norma’s!  It tastes just like when my grandparents brought me fresh squeezed from their own trees.  The Jonathan Adler decor is amazing, especially his ceramics and photography choices in the rooms.  Carol Channing overlooking our toilet was amazing.  We played a round of croquet, sipped cocktails at the lemonade stand, and simply enjoyed the cold desert air.  The snow capped mountains were also a lovely sight to see.  If you’re going to stay in one place in Palm Springs, chose The Parker, if not only for the Hermes soap in the room.

While in the desert, I picked up this amazing 3.1 Phillip Lim short coat [pictured right].  I’ve already got some good wear and compliments from it, so it was absolutely worth the investment.

After the holiday, my mother, sister and I decided to check out the remolded Macy*s in Pasadena because my mom bought me some Calvin Klein’s in the wrong size.  She knew she did, but she thought if I had something physical to open on Christmas, it would be more fun.  Can I just say that Calvin Klein has some on the softest cotton, next to The Row of course.  While browsing, I fell in love with this Marc by Marc Jacobs coat [pictured left], but I knew my mom wasn’t going to throw down $558 right after Christmas, er, ever.

On Friday I had a few hours of free time in the SGV, so I called up Phuong and we hit up Target and Lee’s for Vietnamese coffee [yummy!]  The Target in Alhambra always puts out its Go International early, so I thought we could check it out for the new Thakoon installment.  What do you know, we were in luck!  I picked up that lovely dress and floral coat, all gifts of mother when I showed her the receipt.  What a Friday night, topped off with $15 Chinese massage.

Last but certainly not least, is my favorite new piece of jewelry [pictured right].  This amazing piece was given to me by the amazing Stefani Greenwood for Christmas.  It’s made of pyrite, and has magical powers that will aid in my cardiovascular system.  Who couldn’t use that?  I’ve been wearing it everywhere and everyone wants to know where I got it.  One of a kind.  I think her and I should make jewelry together in 2009.

Greetings from the Desert

October 20, 2008

photo: The Integratron

I am back after a delightful vacation to the desert.  Growing up, my family and I would go to Palm Springs every summer and lounge at the condo.  I remember fondly the lightning storms, bbqs and non-stop swimming.  Now when I visit, I look forward to the food, hotels, and best vintage shopping I’ve ever come across!  Though I did not leave with a new wardrobe, I did stumble upon some fabulous stores and bought enough housewares to fill up the back seat of our rental car.

This was our Villa at The Viceroy.  When you realize how badly you must go to the desert, please chose The Viceroy, as they have lovely rooms matched by an ever accommodating staff.   Their spa Estrella was absolutely magnificent, and if you love great design, do not miss this gem designed by Kelly Wearstler.

We always spend a lot of time at The Parker, because they have my favorite breakfast/brunch/lunch in all of Palm Springs – Norma’s.  I can attest that I drank the best glass of fresh squeezed orange juice in my life here, and for $8 I guess it should be.  This hotel is a favorite of mine as it was designed by the uber talented Jonathan Adler.  I was so tempted to walk away with just about everything on display – even the salt shakers at the restaurant, but they’re green and they don’t match our scheme at home.

We crashed a wedding in the Gene Autry Villa at The Parker, and there was a lovely photo of Jackie O. in the bathroom.  Not to mention some Hermes soap I snagged on my way out.

Thanks to Vintage L.A. – a must own book for any Californian – I stopped by a great vintage shop called Dazzles.  This jewelry case is just a glimpse of the glory of this shop.  We left with a mid-century modern drinking glass set, but there were so many baubles that I was drooling over. Sigh.

There is no shortage of thrift stores in Palm Springs.  Angel Views are all over the desert, and I have never walked away without finding something terrific.  Though most items in these stores are marked way under $10, I came across some vintage St. John knit dresses going for $150.  What?  This is a thrift store, not a vintage store, run soley on donations – not cool.  I snapped this shot with my blackberry so I could remember this remarkable neckline.

October 11, 2008