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October 7, 2009



images via From the Desk of Phyllis



June 28, 2009






On Saturday I ventured over to the much blogged about Decades Two shoe sale.  I’m not sure what was worse, being like 100th in line or the selection of 90s cast-offs they had on sale.  I love Decades Two but you are foolish to think I want squared toed patent leather Lanvin flats or chunky Marni espadrilles.  It didn’t take me long to realize why these shoes were on sale.  I know I wasn’t the only one with a discerning eye!  At least I could rely on Racked L.A.’s twitter coverage to keep me entertained while waiting in the sunburning line and dodging crazed ladies inside.

I saw quite a lot of girls leave empty handed, so if you left with some gems, please let me know!

June 8, 2009



My sister recently asked me what I wanted as a graduation gift and I promised her I’d compile a list full of pictures.  Since graduating from college is a major feat, I figured it was only apropos to suggest spectacular gifts.  These are the things I’ve been wanting for a long time.  Truly, most of them have been in my “must buy” folder on my desktop.  Aside from personalized stationery, these lovely things would truly make my graduation even more grandeur.

top: Nine West Wedges, Balenciaga Giant City Tote [w/gold hardware], Pamela Love Tallon Cuff
middle: Lanvin Heels, Phillip Lim Belt, House of Harlow Bracelet
bottom: Diptyque Gardenia Candle, Hermes Belt, Maya Brenner State Necklace [no diamond please]

Decisions, DECISIONS

May 12, 2009




This weekend Phuong and I made our way over to Barneys under the impression that there was a huge sale.  I provided this false information as I did not read the flyer clearly reading that it was the Barneys Outlet having a 30%-70% sale.  Whoopsie!  It was worth it just to be smacked by Jennifer Lopez while looking at Stella McCartney dresses.  That’s right, J.Lo was in the house.  I’d like to add that she not only had awful taste in clothes but one of the worst attitudes I’ve seen in awhile.  On the upside, her children looked mighty precious and extremely happy.  Though I didn’t expect her to be the most warm individual, I was nonetheless disappointed in how she carried herself.  Much taller than I expected too.

Ah yes, the decisions.  I’ve been looking for a dress to wear to my sister’s wedding, which is in 2 weeks!  Yikes.  I tried on a Lanvin (out of my price range), a Dries Van Noten (not the right look) and a lovely black Stella McCartney.  I’m still debating whether I am going back for it.  I had fun trying on some jumpsuits as you can also see.  Helmut Lang had a great black silk one on sale and Alexander Wangs reminded me of being on the school yard.

Aussenhaut also faced a tough decision – which dress to buy?  The knotty blue dress vs the cage dress.  A deciding factor?  The $300 difference.  She walked home with the blue, which I absolutely love but now she’s found the cage dress on sale!  Any advice for my dear friend?

Beautiful & BONKERS

April 9, 2009




My closest friends are all bonkers.  The most amazing women in the world are bonkers.  I too am a bit bonkers.

Thank goodness Lula has once again saluted those who are not only beautiful, but bonkers as well. These scans come from the latest issue of Lula magazine featured under the title “A Perfect Mess.”  Norwegian illustrators Jonas Lofgren/Bildmekanik bring a twist to this season’s best spring looks by drawing our favorite women into our favorite designers.  This is why Lula is absolutely the best magazine on the rack.  They take a reader’s dreams and put it on paper.

Diana Vreeland after the break…


Lanvin Love

February 23, 2009


Every website today is going to tell you who looked the best at the Oscar’s last night.  You’ll hear snarky comments about Penelope Cruz looking like a bride or Anne Hathaway needing a tan.  At least those young women have personalities.  While I was looking through images of my favorite looks I came across some awful remarks regarding Tilda Swinton over on The Los Angeles Times website.  I’d rather not post them, but you can read them here along with other lame Oscar fashion “critiques.”  See if you can spot the misogyny!

Tilda, you are my girl.  Especially in Lanvin!  I know no one else is going to say it, at least not on a major website like People or the LAT, but this woman is amazing and her style is unique.  If I wanted to party, I’d give Tilda a call.  She lives with two men afterall – this lady knows how to get down.