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Fresh and CLEAN

June 10, 2009


Two years ago when Kate Hudson was on the cover of Vogue she talked a lot about the chemicals we unknowingly consume.  She shared a story about one of her girlfriends who was diagnosed with cancer and how that opened her eyes to the harmful products we use on our bodies.  Kate wasn’t directly linking her friend’s cancer to the products she was using, but rather began speaking about her new outlook on life and how we must be conscious of the things we buy.

For this reason, she collaborated with David Babii to create a hair care line FREE OF PARABENS, SULFATE, AND PETROLEUM.  Even better is that 10% of the profits goes to WildAid, a non-profit organization that works with governments and communities of the world to reverse the devastation of our planet’s wildlife.

I am mentioning all this because I think it is important that we become conscious consumers.  Also, I bought the shampoo and conditioner and I think they’re amazing!  My hair looks and feels so silky smooth, plus the scents are wonderful.  You can buy your bottles here.

Please read more on the link between parabens + breast cancer here.  Then take a look at your products and report back.


Vogue: The Few. The Banal.

September 8, 2008

[click image for larger viewing]

When I recently received my issue of September Vogue I said out loud – “Not Keira Knightly again!”  I have no sort of qualms with Keira, in fact I think she is quite lovely, but I find that I am often questioning what is driving Vogue magazine to have such uninspired covers?  Since I am addressing this issue, it would also be fair to say how unattractive these covers as well!  What is going on with Keira’s hair?

While sitting down and admiring the hundreds of pages of ads, I asked myself – how many covers has Keira really been given?  Which in turn sent me on an obsessive spiral to document the past four years of banal Vogue covers.  In fact, what I discovered was astonishing.  No, not the fact that virtually almost every cover displayed a white actress slathered with an awful shade of lipstick, but rather that the cover girls (women) seemed to be playing a game of musical chairs.  Among 57 covers, there were 5 actresses who graced Vogue 3 times, and 11 actresses who smiled for the camera twice.  You do the math.  Not much representation of the diversity of actresses, models nor America at that.

Surely Vogue knows of more than 10 actresses in Hollywood?  There is no shortage of starlets, or even better, leggy models.  Anna Wintour can do better than this, can’t she?  Maybe she should give Carine a call, as Vogue Paris publishes some of the best covers the Fashion Intel has seen. Lets break it down:

  1. Keira Knightley: 12.05, 05.06, 06.07, 09.08
  2. Drew Barrymore: 04.05, 02.06, 04.08
  3. Kate Hudson: 06.04, 07.06, 01.08
  4. Nicole Kidman: 05.04, 12.06, 07.08 [also 09.03]
  5. Jennifer Aniston: 08.03, 01.04, 04.06
  6. Gwyneth Paltrow: 10.05, 05.08 [also 10.03]
  7. Sandra Bullock: 03.05, 10.06 [also 01.03]
  8. Rene Zellweger: 12.03, 02.07
  9. Natalie Portman: 02.04, 03.06
  10. Angelina Jolie: 02.04, 03.06
  11. Charlize Theron: 10.04, 10.07
  12. Kirsten Dunst: 07.04, 09.06
  13. Jennifer Connolly: 11.04, 10.07
  14. Cate Blanchett: 12.04, 11.06
  15. Sarah Jessica Parker: 09.05, 06.08
  16. Reese Witherspoon: 06.03, 11.06

Fashion Forecast

April 8, 2008

Bride Wars

Thank you Anne Hathaway for choosing what appears to be another fashionably styled film. First you gave us The Devil Wears Prada – not as good as the book, but I loved it nonetheless – and now you will be showcasing your beauty in Get Smart and Bride Wars (pictured). With all this fashion candy I can forget that you ever made Havoc, and realize you as the lovely fashionista that you are.

I can’t forget to mention Kate Hudson, because even though she stars in some of the worst romantic comedies I have ever seen, I cannot deny how undoubtedly hip she is. Her mother is Goldie Hawn, and she is the only woman who dresses like a true bohemian everywhere she goes. Her style never feels forced.

I cannot wait to see this film come into fruition as I forecast this will be a fashion favorite. If you couldn’t tell by the title of the film, the movie will be about wedding madness. IMDB is describing it as “two best friends who become rivals when they schedule their respective weddings on the same day.” These two are a perfect match as best friends, and it will hard to wait until 2009 to see their equally rivaling clothes.