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Counting the DAYS…

August 11, 2009



It is only Tuesday but I am counting down the days for our trip to the desert.  To the Integratron for the meteor shower + sound bath, Joshua Tree, and Palm Springs.  Here are some photos of ACE Hotel, where we’ll be staying.

I’m looking forward to the stars, sweating, and laying by the pool in 104 degree heat.


Back to the DESERT

August 5, 2009



Yesterday I received a message from the Integratron about the Perseid meteor shower coming up in a couple of weeks.  I was thrilled to say the least and immediately bought tickets when I got home.  For $35 I get to revisit the Integratron, have another sound bath, hang out under the stars and see some meteors.  I’m just so happy I have another reason to head back to the desert.

If you want to read more about the event check out The Mojave Desert Land Trust.  Their mission is to protect and save the desert’s ecosystems, scenic and cultural resources, and quality of life for residents, visitors and future generations.

As for my desert ensemble, considering it has been 100 in the day and 80 at night, I think I’ll pass on the faux fur jackets and leotards that I wore on my last visit.  I also don’t think I should do any more rock climbing in Sigerson Morrison flats.  Duh.  On a side note, has anyone stayed at the ACE HOTEL yet?