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Fashion Doppelgänger/Vena Cava v F21

July 21, 2009


I was so excited when I discovered the ladies behind Vena Cava were writing a blog – I’ve be a devout reader ever since.  Their dresses are always my favorites as they mix luxury with bohemia.  I may practice crystal magic but you won’t catch me wearing patchouli!  If that made any sense to you then you probably know why I love them so much.  Plus they’re from the town [South Pasadena] over from me.

Being sick all day today allotted me a little time to peruse my favorite online shops including Forever 21.  There was one particular dress of their’s that stood out right away.  Cute? Yes. Inexpensive? Yes. Vena Cava inspired? Definitely. A little too inspired? You tell me.

I wonder what Sophie Buhai and Lisa Mayock think.



July 17, 2009





I loathe it when people ask “are you a shoe or bag person?”  Not just because the question has been asked 1 zillion times, but because the questioner always fails to throw jewelry into that cliched ultimatum.  My answer would be jewelry in case you were asking.

These are two necklaces that I acquired these past two weeks.  One is vintage and from Reno, the other from Forever 21.  I’ll let you guess which is which.  Upon spotting them I was whisked away to Dries Van Noten land and there was no turning back.  They reminded me of that amazing gold cluster necklace I recently saw on the runway that turned my knees into butter.  Nowhere near identical but definitely in the same family.

I promised lots of people that I’d start posting some more of my style on Fashion Intel.  Maybe it will help you get better acquainted with who I am?  You’ll definitely be seeing lots of

1  jewelry 2 black 3 gold 4 s+m shoes 5 vintage

You won’t be seeing the following

1 80s fashion 2 “it items” 3 frowns 4 bad model poses 5 cliches/platitudes

Thanks for reading.  Have a lovely weekend.

Chain MAIL

July 1, 2009


I welcome you to the first installment of “chain mail” – Fashion Intel’s must have jewelry for the week.  Though I cannot certainly buy everything I post, it is my desire to drool over the best baubles I spot on my favorite webstores and share them with you.

Maybe you love exactly what I love?  Gold. Abrasive. Gaudy. Heavy metals.

1. Nicole Romano Clustered Gold Rosette Necklace [$330]
2. Forever 21 Rosie Hinge Bracelet [$8.80]
3. Fallon XL Machine Age Spiked Bangle [$126.75]

Fashion Doppelgänger/Burberry v F21

June 10, 2009


Yesterday one of my favorite bloggers, Diabolina, made a comment about my recent purchases from Forever 21.  She, like me, knows how to go in that store, find the gems and walk out of there with something that looks like it came off the rack at Barneys.  We’re not haters of F21.  I’m sure we could both attest that there is just way too much jersey in there but nonetheless we love the place!  Her comment inspired me to go peruse their site and see what new pieces I could ad to my treasure chest of jewelry.

Jackpot!  I found this amazing Tribal Leaf Rope Necklace which is totally reminiscent of that Burberry leaf necklace I was dying over on Net-a-Porter.  Two clicks later and it was mine.  I’m so happy because I really love the design no matter who makes it!  Besides, leaf/flower necklaces go way back and now I finally have mine.  I’d love a vintage piece if any of you have a suggestion.

I think Fashion Doppelgänger has made its comeback.  I was really bummed when another fashionblog [corporate] hijacked my intellectual property like the day after I made a post.  Obviously I am bright enough to know I didn’t create either of those words, but I know when someone is making a carbon copy.


June 4, 2009



It is almost summer and I’ve been thinking I could afford to add a couple of non-black pieces to my clothing rack.  Luckily tonight I came across some stylish white + cream garments and simply couldn’t help myself.  I promise I am being more frugal – I swear!  But these things were too cute to pass up and since I was at Forever 21 I knew it wouldn’t put much of a dent in my new savings plan.  Did I rationalize this purchase too much?  Maybe, but these look even better in person.

What a night.  I took my tour of Equinox gym [I joined], looked at graduation announcements, ate some delicious lavash wraps and bought some clothes.  All after work no less!

Fashion Doppelgänger / Louboutin v F21

November 21, 2008


I haven’t posted a Fashion Doppelgänger in awhile, so I was thrilled to come across these beauts!  Though a much more “popular” site recently used the phrase “Fashiongänger” and more than once had the same knock-offs feature a day after mine, I am happy to bring you my most recent discovery – Christian Louboutin v Forever 21.

We all know that Forever 21 is the biggest knock-off offender of all, but at a time like this I am a bit offended by the $835 Louboutins that look like something the strippers over at Sam’s Hofbrau would wear.  There have been many wannabees to the Rodita Zip Platforms but I can say I am a little impressed by the $27.80 red [though appears coral] Zipper Chic Pumps from Forever 21.  They don’t look nearly as stripper-esque!

Editor’s Bag

September 19, 2008

What is Black & Gold…?
Know Fashion Intel. Look inside my bag.

clockwise from bottom left: Blackberry Curve in Pale Gold, Lipstick Queen Honest Politician, Yves Saint Laurent Y-Mail Black Patent Coin Purse, Marc by Marc Jacobs Magazine Clutch, Tom Ford Black Orchid VOILE DE FLEUR, Chanel Limited Edition Gold Fiction Nail Polish, Chanel Prescription Eyeglasses, Forever 21 Gold Aviators, Moleskine Cahiers Journal, Kikkerland Gold Pen

P.S. My lovely boyfriend bought me that YSL wallet for my birthday.  It is possibly the most wonderful thing I’ve ever owned.  I am a huge stationery collector and letter writer – it was absolutely parfait!

Gossip Girl has a Blackout

September 16, 2008

Fashion Intel here,

I would have to say last night’s episode was a bit more morose than usual – Vanessa giving up Nate, Chuck not getting it up because of Blair, and the breakup of Serena and Dan.  Why must there be heartbreak so soon?  Didn’t Dylan and Brenda date for awhile before Dylan decided to cheat on Brenda with Kelly at the beach house while Brenda was in Europe with Donna? Why couldn’t Serena and Dan have a little more time? AND why is Serena being a bitch in the next episode?  That’s right, I am in my twenties and talking like this!

Fashion on Gossip Girl never disappoints;  honestly, that’s half the reason I watch the show.  Funny thing I noticed about the episode “Dark Knight”.  You might remember my GG season finale entry [see here] in which I recommended a yellow Grecian 3.1 Phillip Lim dress for Blair.  Oh yes, she wore that exact same dress in last night’s episode.  Could I style for this show, or what?  Maybe they are reading the Fashion Intel!

Here are my top moments:

  1. “Ralph Lauren adores you!” – Cougar to Nate
  2. Vanessa not looking half bad.  Who made that gold & purple dress?
  3. Blair’s bow headband + bow shirt = bow wonderland
  4. Who are these mini fashionistas in the park? C-U-T
  5. Jenny as a “Cinderlla bird” sounds like the cutest thing!
  6. Blair wearing Phillip Lim is a match made in heaven. I would know as I forecasted it.
  7. Serena’s FAKE boots.  They make look bad, but her CHANEL belt didn’t.
  8. Chuck’s shout out to Bertie Wooster from Wooster & Jeeves.
  9. “A pilgrim at a funeral” – Jenny to Ms. Waldorf
  10. Hope you saved the receipt for that tiara, B.

From L to R: Phillip Lim Silk Pleated Grecian Dress $795, Marc by Marc Jacobs [as seen on Vanessa] Spectrum Striped Top $198, L. Erickson Coco Two Tier Headband $42, Chloe Bow Neck Blouse $1,575, Forever 21 Multichain Disc Necklace $4.80, Chanel Belt

Fashion Doppelgänger / MBMJ v F21

September 10, 2008

Color blocks are some of my aboslute favorites, especially when they are made by Marc Jacobs and on sale at Net-a-Porter.  The moment I first saw this dress in his Spring 08 collection it was burned into my mind and I have been yearning for it ever since.  For this reason, when I went to Forever 21’s homepage and saw their own color block dress, I knew exactly who it was “inspired” by.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Colour block cashmere dress($220.80 sale)
Forever 21 Kay Sweater Dress ($22.80)

They are practically $200 apart, and I would have to say I prefer the dark gray and navy.  I wonder which one will be making into my closet…BUT we all know that cashmere trumps cotton any day.

Why Can’t We?

July 30, 2008

One of our most faithful readers, Sarah, has brought to our attention something that has been plaguing us for awhile now – why can’t you buy the clothes seen in the Forever 21 ads? By no means is F21 Sarah or the Fashion Intel’s favorite store, but we have both acquired some great pieces from that shop. In fact, Sarah has one of the coolest necklaces we’ve ever seen that we automatically thought it was vintage and wanted all the details. She whispered F-o-r-e-v-e-r 21, and we gasped!

The mystery that remains though is where do these cute clothes on their web page ads really come from? See that dress pictured? Not anywhere on the site. AND that is not the first thing we’ve seen. Are they truly F21 clothes or magical pieces from a faraway land that we will never own?

Fashion Doppelgänger: CHLOE & TOPSHOP

July 29, 2008

In June we were the first to bring you the Fashion Doppelgänger of Chloe, in the form of Forever 21. Now there is a TOPSHOP version known as the Penelope Premium Shoe Boot which will run you £75.00. We are very satisfied with our F21 purchase, but if you want to add another to your collection these look pretty good because the F21 are SOLD OUT online!

Could it be all the positive blogging & photos from Taghrid, who owns them in both colors?

Fashion Doppelgänger: Nine West vs. Forever 21

July 7, 2008

We have seen them on Childhood Flames, Fashion Toast, The Sartorialist and they’re even sitting in my closet – the black “heech” gladiators from Nine West. If you haven’t seen them or don’t already own them, I suggest these shoes if you are looking for a gladiator with some height. Even better is that they are on sale ($69.99) on their site.

Or should you opt for their fashion doppelgänger? I was perusing the Forever 21 shoe page, and came across the Blanea Wedge. Tres intéressant, non? At $24.80 and almost an identical, they could be the cure for your gladiator blues. The catch is they only come in brown.

SO, now it is up to you – another in brown, one of each, or none at all because you only think gladiators are a trend. If you ask me, you can never have too many gladiators; I’ve been collecting since 2002.

Fashion Doppelgänger: CHLOE & Forever 21

June 23, 2008

Forever 21 often makes knock offs that warrant a good scoff, but these CHLOE wannabes might be making it into my closet. WHY? The story is as follows.

Each season I make a list of all my fashion favorites, arranging them into categories like “must have or will die”, “wait until its on sale at Net-a-Porter” and “opt for a thrift store.” These CHLOE shoes, as seen above, went straight into my “must have/die” slot the moment I laid eyes on them. I found them on Net-a-Porter and didn’t even care that they weren’t on sale – I had to have them. I showed all my friends, and even my colleagues at work; I just knew these shoes and I would be the perfect match.

Then one day we made a visit to Barneys to chat with Simon Doonan. There they were, my leather shoe boots, calling my name! I grabbed the shoe, and upon doing so, felt what seemed to be material only found at Payless and in bargin bins. Gasp. Before I could reach for my Barneys card, I was halted by heartbreak. My shoe dreams were tossed into the flames of an unforgiving hell. Why would CHLOE do this to me? Needless to say I tossed the shoe back onto its wooden display and walked away with my head hanging low. Ask Stefani, she can attest to the atrocity of the shoe.

For this reason I say bring it on F21. Surely your $27.80 shoe will be worth the price tag attached. I will have one of each, merci beaucoup.

Left/CHLOE/Leather Shoe Boot $645 now $387 BLACK & WHITE/Pink

Right/FOREVER 21/Patent Peeptoe $27.80 Black & WHITE/Pink

Fashion Doppelgänger: Rogan for Target & F21

June 18, 2008

As much as my boyfriend cringes at the sight of animal print, as I am sure many of you do, I cannot get enough of chic leopard. There is something about the very gaudy that attracts me. That is the reason I cannot stop buying gold! Maybe my influence comes from my riot grrrl days of Doc Martens, fishnets and leopard or my former love for Gwen Stefani. Whatever the case, this urge hasn’t vanished in my twenties and who knows if it ever will. I might end up like my 70+ year old red-headed friend named Susan Allen who only wears cheetah print and orange. Probably not, but she’s so amazing I had to mention her.

Target brought us the glory of Gregory Rogan these past few months, and the response has been huge. Rogan for Target has by far been the best Go International collection ever produced. Plus, the dress is still on sale for $39.99. It is no surprise that Forever 21 has tried to capitalize on this fabulous collection, by producing their own Safari Tunic. Definitely a doppelgänger. Animal print surely holds no copyright, but if you’re going to chose between the two, opt for Rogan’s environmentally-conscious silk dress.

Give me a S!

May 19, 2008

Alexander McQueen was on to something using a cheerleading squad for his Spring/Summer 2008 campaign. Cheer-like skirts have been popping up everywhere and seem to be the perfect mini for this Spring. American Apparel has a cute take on this, called the Ripper Skirt. It is going to be so hot this summer you’ll want one of in every color.

From L to R: Miu Miu, Full Mini Skirt $915, See by CHLOE, Cotton A-Line Skirt $225, Forever 21, Pleated Cotton/Silk Skirt $22.80

Fashion Doppelganger: Marc Jacobs & F21

April 1, 2008

Fashion Doppelganger

“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” (Charles Caleb, 1820) Did you know those words were meant to be ironic? Attempting to gain attention by copying another’s original ideas didn’t bode well with Caleb, and it doesn’t with the fashion intelligentsia. On display are some examples of the simply inspired and obviously mimicked. I’d always rather buy the original because “fakes are never in fashion” and if the item is out of reach, I simply say c’est la vie.

On a browse through Forever 21, a dangling design caught the corner of my eye. I focused on this bag before me and gasped – I have this at home! I spotted the doppelgänger of my favorite Marc by Marc Jacobs bag from 2006. Surely this wasn’t going to be the only evil twin in this store.

  1. Marc by Marc Jacobs, Alessandra Pussy Bow Dress – $428
  2. Forever 21, Mod Shift Dress – $24.80
  3. Marc by Marc Jacobs Chalk Stripe Denim Faridah, Spring 2006
  4. Forever 21, Nautical Canvas Tote – $22.80

Do not forget the philosophy of simulacrum and know that everything is a replica of something else.