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Fresh and CLEAN

June 10, 2009


Two years ago when Kate Hudson was on the cover of Vogue she talked a lot about the chemicals we unknowingly consume.  She shared a story about one of her girlfriends who was diagnosed with cancer and how that opened her eyes to the harmful products we use on our bodies.  Kate wasn’t directly linking her friend’s cancer to the products she was using, but rather began speaking about her new outlook on life and how we must be conscious of the things we buy.

For this reason, she collaborated with David Babii to create a hair care line FREE OF PARABENS, SULFATE, AND PETROLEUM.  Even better is that 10% of the profits goes to WildAid, a non-profit organization that works with governments and communities of the world to reverse the devastation of our planet’s wildlife.

I am mentioning all this because I think it is important that we become conscious consumers.  Also, I bought the shampoo and conditioner and I think they’re amazing!  My hair looks and feels so silky smooth, plus the scents are wonderful.  You can buy your bottles here.

Please read more on the link between parabens + breast cancer here.  Then take a look at your products and report back.


Organics to Go

May 27, 2008


This Memorial Day weekend gave me some time to clean out my closet, but most importantly time to relax. Of course I had the opportunity to watch the flat screen, and I managed to catch a movie on HBO entitled I Am An Animal: The Story of Ingrid Newkirk and PETA. No doubt this movie left me in an awful depression, but the next day I had some more time to reflect and came up with even more options to make my life more animal and Earth friendly.

Eco-Chic is not merely a trend to the fashion intelligentsia, but a necessity in living the most sustainable life possible.  I had a fabulous course at U.C.L.A. called “Gender and the Environment” and it absolutely blew my mind on how to live.  Since then, our home has become a chic recycling center, our food is always organic/local free of GMOS, our designer duds are given to local thrift shops, and don’t even get me started on my magazine carousel!  BUT WHAT ABOUT THE ANIMALS?  This film tapped into information I had already gathered as a member of Amnesty International and a former vegetarian, but it left me feeling like I had to do more.  Watch, and you’ll undoubtedly feel the same.

Of course when I am sustainable, I ensure that I remain fashionable.  With this in mind, I have vowed to forever support the glorious luxury goods given to us by Stella McCartney.  Even if my $500 Raffia sandals from Spring 07 have fallen apart under minimal wear, I trudge forward because the truth is Stella is unbelievably cool.  I can forget my tattered soles because I still love Stella the fragrance, her line for Adidas, and am a recent convert to her skin care line (thanks for the samples Barneys!)  Up next, the yoga mat, which I’ll be carrying all around downtown.

What will you do to make a difference?

From Top L to R: Adidas by Stella McCartney Yoga Mat $85, Stella McCartney Days-of-the-Week Panties $195.00, Stella Parfum Spray $86, Stella McCartney Hannah Flat $495.00, Stella Care 5 Benefits Moisturizing Cream $76

We came, we saw: Rogan for Target at Barneys (BH)

May 16, 2008

Rogan for Target at Barneys

As many other blogs will have you believe, Rogan for Target at Barneys (BH) was crazy! I wouldn’t exactly say that. There was a decent sized (20) group of girls/ladies but no one was elbowing their way to a rack full of dresses. In fact, unlike Kate Moss for Top Shop at Barneys, there seemed to be many items to go around. Customers weren’t frantic for the last burlap skirt – there were 40 of them! This made our shopping experience much more pleasant.

Unlike any other GO INTERNATIONAL capsules before this, Rogan had a unique quality rarely found at Target. My two favorite dresses (pictured) feel absolutely lovely on the skin, and I would highly recommend them to the girl who isn’t afraid of the often too dangerous to wear, animal print. Plus, if you stop by Barneys these next 3 days you might leave with a complimentary eco-chic Rogan tote as I did. (more photos after the jump)


Did you hear? Stella McCartney online!

April 3, 2008

Stella & Kate

The first time I truly knew Stella McCartney and I were very similar was when I smelled her perfume on artist Stefani Greenwood. Stella managed to capture my love of florals but with a strong hint of steel; I love the dichotomy of soft and hard in a scent. It was this encapsulating moment of bliss that sent me in a tizzy to snatch up anything and everything Stella I could find. Little did I know that an organic cotton skirt was going to run me $1200. I am surely not crying about the price, but I knew it would be an obstacle to obtain a huge collection at such a young age.

A pair of black raffia sandals from Barneys, Stella for Adidas gym tee, and various perfumes later, I still find myself pinning for her luxurious frocks. Only my favorite places carry Stella, such as Satine, but now we can all do our browsing online at Stella McCartney’s first e-commerce site! Check it out at

Receive free shipping until April 15th, and tell them Fashion Intelligentsia sent you! There’s something for every fashionista – check out the beaded embroidered necklace for $285 or go for the rouched appaloosa shopper (my personal favorite) for $1,045. Don’t worry U.K. ladies, you’ll have your chance this fall! And in the Stella fashion, she will be offering carbon-neutral delivery options for the green girl in all of us.