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October 9, 2009


images via donttouchmymoleskine

May I suggest you dress up as Chloe Sevigny the cat for Halloween?  Even better is to have a friend dress as Terry Richardson to take your photo.  Just some costume suggestions from Fashion Intel. xoxo


In Chloe I TRUST

May 20, 2009



From Elle June 2009

Chloe Sevigny is one of the coolest girls on the planet.  From Sassy to Big Love, Chloe’s style is a look that is championed by the creative and booed by the masses.  Chloe’s looks in Elle are totally inspiring me right now.

Don’t forget to pre- order your Chloe Sevigny “Buckle Boots” from Opening Ceremony!

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Beautiful & BONKERS

April 9, 2009




My closest friends are all bonkers.  The most amazing women in the world are bonkers.  I too am a bit bonkers.

Thank goodness Lula has once again saluted those who are not only beautiful, but bonkers as well. These scans come from the latest issue of Lula magazine featured under the title “A Perfect Mess.”  Norwegian illustrators Jonas Lofgren/Bildmekanik bring a twist to this season’s best spring looks by drawing our favorite women into our favorite designers.  This is why Lula is absolutely the best magazine on the rack.  They take a reader’s dreams and put it on paper.

Diana Vreeland after the break…


Not a Regular Girl

December 29, 2008


Chloë says she was never a “normal girl”, if any of us truly knows what that is.  That’s why I have always loved her though.  Her movie choices have always felt as if they were considered, her fashion choices always daring, and her attitude has always come off as bohemian and punk rock.

When I was perusing the magazine rack for the January issue of Domino [my subscription hasn’t kicked in] my dear boyfriend pointed out Chloë Sevigny on the new issue of Missbehave Magazine.  They are on issue 10, but this is the first time it has ever come home with me.  If Chloë is on the cover, they obviously have some level of taste so I cannot wait to see what else the magazine has inside.

Chloë will undoubtedly be on the Fashion Intel’s radar until I die.  I once saw Chloë at the Sunset Junction and she looked so relaxed and leggy.  She optimizes the kind of girl you’d want as a best friend.  I don’t think you’d disagree!

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Triple Word Score

November 24, 2008





Correct pronunciation is on the top of my list of “rules people should live by”.  My sign is Virgo, so I cannot help but be critical of correct linguistics and try to enforce them in my life.  These three choices are names and words I often hear incorrectly role of people’s tongues, so I was absolutely thrilled to find the new site [All the words in the world. Pronounced]  for us all to use as a reference.

What are some words you just hate when people mispronounce?

Don’t Ever Change

September 15, 2008

Dear Chloe,

You could wear a paper sack, er, I think you have, and look absolutely fabulous.  Last night I watched Teenage Caveman and I am so glad you passed on that one.  I am counting the months (til January) for Big Love to come back on – I miss your polygamist ways!
(photo via Jezebel/Creative Emmy Awards)

Welcome Back Nineties

March 10, 2008


CHLOE SEVIGNY’S capsule collection for Opening Ceremony hit the internet this week to an overwhelming hiss. As an avid watcher of 90210, Chloe’s collection brought me back to the days of Brenda, Kelly, and Contempo Casuals. She looks fabulous of course, but it is because she is Chloe, and I never doubt her decisions. I even saw the Brown Bunny three times at the Nuart – I loved it, really. If you too would follow her blindly back into the nineties check out the rest of the collection here. Opening Ceremony is a great space, run by friends of Martine Syms, a fabulous artist I know.

A black sweetheart dress is perfect for the girl who doesn’t take herself too seriously. Mix it with some Folk Impulsion or Robert Palmer and the night it pretty much set. Chloe’s retails for $315 at Barneys, but if you don’t see the nineties coming back anytime soon try F21, whose retails for $49. You can’t say this is a knock off because we all know Contempo & Judy’s had them displayed in ’91.