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Gossip Girl, The Serena Always Rises

September 30, 2008

Fashion Intel here,

Sorry I did not report on Gossip Girl fashion last week, but as always the girls and boys were dressed up to the nines.  Last night’s episode was not only fabulous because it was fashion week, but so much drama ensued that I almost shed a tear for Chuck. The story lines are becoming better every week!  I have never particularly cared for Serena, so I look forward to her demise.  What I’d love to see is a new dynamic duo in Blair and Jenny.  We’ll see… are my top Gossip Girl fashion moments.

  1. Blair wearing a pilgrim bow.  I’ve got to find a uniform store.
  2. KIKI SMITH shout out.  Feminist artist, another point for GG.
  3. I love that high-schoolers are reading WWD.  I once had a subscription and met with West Coast Editor Marcy Medina for an internship.  That obviously didn’t work out, but I think I’ll send her an email.
  4. Kristen Dunst is sooooo 2007.  Poor Kiki.
  5. Nice ascot, Chuck Bass.  Or should I say Charlie Trout?
  6. No one wants to be stuck behind the barricades with PETA at fashion week, well, unless you are a member of PETA.  Check out their many campaigns over at PETA.ORG, as my Paris Vogue fur post got me on their list.  I subscribed to their newsletters when I was in Amnesty International – I get it.
  7. “Marc [Jacobs] is going to eat his grunge corduroys.” Eleanor Waldorf, faux designer of Lorick.
  8. “Models aren’t the brightest bulbs.”  Says Blair Waldorf.  Have you met Lily Cole?
  9. Driving Marc Jacobs to drink! NOOOOOO!!!!
  10. Andre Leon Talley loved the dress.  Enough said.

There were so many Marc Jacobs shout outs and disses, I lost count.  For good measure, I’ll say 10.  How many did you hear?  EXTRA BONUS: I caught some of the names on Eleanor Waldorf’s seating chart, here is a tiny taste: Micheal Kors, Lydia Hearst, Tory Burch and Tyra Banks.  I’ll take 2 of the 4, you can be the judge.

From L to R: Sonia by Sonia Rykiel Bow applique sweater $530, Sonia by Sonia Rykiel Velvet bow top $745, Forever 21 Gathered Chiffon Rose Headband $3.80, Vena Cava Imperial Dress $598, Forever 21 Classy Pearl Necklace $7.80, 3.1 Phillip Lim Dress


Gossip Girl has a Blackout

September 16, 2008

Fashion Intel here,

I would have to say last night’s episode was a bit more morose than usual – Vanessa giving up Nate, Chuck not getting it up because of Blair, and the breakup of Serena and Dan.  Why must there be heartbreak so soon?  Didn’t Dylan and Brenda date for awhile before Dylan decided to cheat on Brenda with Kelly at the beach house while Brenda was in Europe with Donna? Why couldn’t Serena and Dan have a little more time? AND why is Serena being a bitch in the next episode?  That’s right, I am in my twenties and talking like this!

Fashion on Gossip Girl never disappoints;  honestly, that’s half the reason I watch the show.  Funny thing I noticed about the episode “Dark Knight”.  You might remember my GG season finale entry [see here] in which I recommended a yellow Grecian 3.1 Phillip Lim dress for Blair.  Oh yes, she wore that exact same dress in last night’s episode.  Could I style for this show, or what?  Maybe they are reading the Fashion Intel!

Here are my top moments:

  1. “Ralph Lauren adores you!” – Cougar to Nate
  2. Vanessa not looking half bad.  Who made that gold & purple dress?
  3. Blair’s bow headband + bow shirt = bow wonderland
  4. Who are these mini fashionistas in the park? C-U-T
  5. Jenny as a “Cinderlla bird” sounds like the cutest thing!
  6. Blair wearing Phillip Lim is a match made in heaven. I would know as I forecasted it.
  7. Serena’s FAKE boots.  They make look bad, but her CHANEL belt didn’t.
  8. Chuck’s shout out to Bertie Wooster from Wooster & Jeeves.
  9. “A pilgrim at a funeral” – Jenny to Ms. Waldorf
  10. Hope you saved the receipt for that tiara, B.

From L to R: Phillip Lim Silk Pleated Grecian Dress $795, Marc by Marc Jacobs [as seen on Vanessa] Spectrum Striped Top $198, L. Erickson Coco Two Tier Headband $42, Chloe Bow Neck Blouse $1,575, Forever 21 Multichain Disc Necklace $4.80, Chanel Belt

Gossip Girl Returns to the City

September 9, 2008

Fashion Intel here,

This week we were seeing red and bold prints as Gossip Girl was bidding adieu to summer and saying hello to the city.  We did not see as many wardrobe changes as we would’ve liked, but what we did catch surely did not disappoint.  Sweaters for Squash [Chuck].  Slips on the beach [Serena]. Neon abound. [Vanessa]  Here are our top moments from last night’s show.

  1. Blair in culottes. Hmmm…we’re going to have to think about that.
  2. All is well, Blair has changed into our favorite Marc by Marc Jacobs Alessandra Sleeveless Silk Dress!
  3. Vanessa – Alexis Bittar much?  It’s fine, you should see our collection.
  4. “Bromance”
  5. We FINALLY get to see inside Serena’s closet.  I spy a BARNEYS hanger!
  6. It wouldn’t be an episode if we didn’t see Chuck in a preppy knit sweater.
  7. AND if we didn’t see Blair sporting a bow of sorts.
  8. Santo Gold is a good choice to add to our fashion soundtrack.  +1 Gossip Girl music editor
  9. Jenny, you look so grown up with all that lipstick.
  10. Welcome home Upper Eastsiders.  Get ready for Fall Fashion!

From L to R: Forever 21 Satin Rose Headband ($4.80), Marc by Marc Jacobs Alessandra Sleeveless Silk Dress ($150), Marc by Marc Jacobs Concrete Jungle Print Dress ($460), American Apparel Afrika Printed Cotton Legging ($34) and Afrika Printed Cotton Spandex JerseyToo-Short Tube Dress ($29), Alexis Bittar Horseshoe Necklace ($115)

Welcome Back Gossip Girl

September 3, 2008

Fashion Intel here,

I didn’t make it to the Hamptons this year, much less ride the Jitney. I still cannot believe I lived on Long Island for a year (how awful). This Fall I have been most excited about the return of one of my favorite shows EVER, Gossip Girl. Summer didn’t feel quite over as Blair, Serena, Chuck, et al. took us along for a ride around the Hamptons – on a stylish bike no less. This season will undoubtedly fulfill our fashion cravings and inspire new trends abound. You can always count on the Fashion Intel to bring you the best Gossip Girl fashion moments.

  1. “eggshell [color] gives me a migrane.” – Jenny’s Boss
  2. Blair’s highlights = nolikes!
  3. Boys in summer sweaters are absolutely adorable. Chuck in schooners, V-Neck for the Lord.
  4. Do we spot a Alexis Bittar lucite bangle on Blair? Of course we do.
  5. Prints. Prints. Prints. Love the Milly.
  6. Gosh Serena, you get all the purses we want. Chanel, sigh.
  7. My mother is buying me a bike for my birthday, have you got yours yet? Blair does.
  8. Can we finally say this – BLAKE LIVELY HAS FAKE BOOBS!
  9. Remember browsing Bergdorf’s and contemplating the scalloped MBMJ dress? Me too, and now it is sold out.
  10. Chuck, our dear lovely, we love your Balenciagaesque blazer. Marry me?

From L to R: Milly Jungle Leaf Dress ($263), Marc by Marc Jacobs Joelle Scalloped Dress ($268), Forever 21 Argyle knee high socks ($3.80), Forever 21 Logo Patch Blazer ($32.80), Alexis Bittar Organic Lucite Bangle ($120), Chanel Crackled Patent Puzzle Purse S/S 08, Urban Outfitters Livity Be Fair Fedora ($19.99), Schwinn Allow Seven Cruiser ($339.99)

Gossip Girl, Fashion Redux

May 20, 2008


You know it is almost summer when your favorite shows say goodbye, but usually they go out with a bang. Last night’s Gossip Girl was a little underwhelming and I was disappointed that there were no murders, pregnancies, near deaths, or huge secrets revealed (last weeks mild one doesn’t count!). Isn’t that usually what we get before a show goes into summer hibernation? What mystery am I to live for these next few months?

Thankfully we had some GG fashion to get us through it. BUT I’d like to point out that I don’t really think Blair would wear that blue vintage-esque sailor dress. I simply don’t!

I invite you to read my top 10 fashion moments from last night:

  1. Chuck’s bed head & rumpled shirt – I didn’t want to hurt my back!
  2. Georgina, full makeup & perfect hair after spending the night in Brooklyn? C’mon!
  3. I cannot believe that little J would make a dress so hideous as that orange one.
  4. Speaking of hideous, why do they always dress Vanessa so poorly? She’s cute, get the clothes to match.
  5. Chuck in a bow tie = my dream come true
  6. Leather black gloves to a wedding Serena? ok.
  7. Chuck, you always look like a handsome young golfer. DON’T EVER STOP
  8. Blair in a Betty Page dress, hard for me to believe, but she looked great. Nice YSL’s.
  9. Lydia Hearst in a forgettable number – she’s only a model through nepotism. Just look at her!
  10. An episode without little Jenny Humphrey moments makes Fashion Intelligentsia sad.

From L to R: Bettie Page Captain Dress $124.99, Phillip Lim Silk Pleated Grecian Dress $795, Malababa Studded Clutch $265.00, Hanni Y Drop Waist Dress $245, Nine West Heech Gladiator Platform $89.00, Jennifer Ouellette Ribbon Flower Headband (at Barneys New York*) $75.00, Steve Madden Blossom Sandal $79.95, Thread Social Tiered Halter Dress $1,070

*P.S. We’ve had so many hits on the Ribbon Flower headband, it seems to have disappeared off the Barneys site!

Gossip Girl, Fashion Redux

May 13, 2008

Fashion Intelligentsia here,

I cannot believe that there is only one more week until Gossip Girl is gone for the summer. Tres mal! What will I live for once headbands are revoked and replaced by a dark TV screen. Big Love, I’m calling you! As you know, GG is one of the most stimulating shows as far as fashion goes, but tonight’s episode was so devastating that there were fewer wardrobe changes. Did we shed a tear? Maybe. See you next week Lydia Hearst!

I invite you to read our top 10 fashion moments from last night:

  1. Vanessa is still rocking her ghetto fabulous Alexis Bittar earrings.
  2. Chuck’s sweater + plaid pants = I am in love!
  3. Does Georgina own any other jeans other than those gray Cheap Mondays?
  4. Blair & her bow tie dresses never disappoint. Some of the only color in this episode.
  5. Spotted: Bluefly shopper in Blair’s room. Like she’d ever shop there! She’s not into discounts.
  6. Blair’s jeweled headband
  7. Lisa Loeb never looked so good – I’ve seen that dress before
  8. Georgina, is your jewelry of choice Alexis Bittar? TOTAL COUNT: 3 + Vanessa 1
  9. Where’s JENNY Humphrey? At her moms? We live for Jenny’s color blocks. Missing her.
  10. Headband count: 3 – please do not deprive us of the other girls, our count was so low.

From L to R: Marc by Marc Jacobs Clover jacquard dress ($698), Delias Pearl Chain Pack ($14.50), D&G Sequin Shift Dress ($1,145), Mulberry Silk Striped Ribbon Dress ($1,795), Forever 21 Round Sunglasses ($5.80), 3.1 Phillip Lim Silk Organza Headband ($135), Alexis Bittar 5th Avenue Bracelet ($275.00) & Starlet Studded Bracelet ($165)

Gossip Girl, Fashion Redux

May 6, 2008

Gossip Girl Redux

Fashion Intelligentsia here,

A little show called Gossip Girl has managed to evoke every emotion I have and last night there were even tears! I know I am not the only one who waits for Monday to come, and it is never soon enough. Last night’s episode had some of the most quote worthy moments of GG history, fashion related of course.

I invite you to read our top 10 fashion moments and as JENNY Humphrey said, INVITATIONS ARE NON-TRANSFERABLE!

  1. Jenny’s Yellow Trench (try this MBMJ)
  2. Serena’s Blue & Gold Vest – we want it NOW!
  3. GG BLAST #420 “Jenny’s Faux Paus” – Spotted: Little Jenny Humphrey caught sewing Stella McCartney labels onto a GAP pocket T.
  4. Lily’s Vintage look & Van Cleef & Arpels earrings
  5. Jealousy clashes with LL Bean pants (Jenny to Dan)
  6. Blair hating Louis Vuitton’s patchwork bag
  7. The credibility of Tinsley Mortimer being questioned (Blair, of course!)
  8. Yuki’s glasses count (3) : Black, red, & aqua
  9. Alexis Bittar Count (7) : Georgina – necklace, earrings Serena – earrings, bracelet Vanessa: earrings Isabel – necklace (pictured, from Miss Havisham collection) Hazel – broach on headband

From L to R: Alexis Bittar Jolie Fleur ($225), Marc by Marc Jacobs Yellow Rain Coat ($528), L.A. Eyeworks Drago Lenses (Upon Request), Christian Louboutin Loubinette Pouch Bag ($1,195), F21 Striped Headband w/bow ($4.80), Alexis Bittar Tina Neclace ($195.00), Marc by Marc Jacobs ‘Building Block Hoody’ ($228 )

Gossip Girl Redux

April 29, 2008

Gossip Girl Redux

Fashion Intelligentsia here. Did you watch Gossip Girl last night? We had it on our DVR and are on the edge of our seats for next week’s episode. Seven whole days seems way to long. Here we go:

Top 10 Gossip Girl Fashion Moments

  1. ORANGE everywhere – Chuck’s Trench & Blair’s headband
  2. Serena has a new Burberry purse for school. You can get one too for $3,195
  3. Jenny can’t afford to shop at Bendel’s, but she can afford a Marc by Marc Paisley print tote for school!
  4. GLOVES – I counted four pop art colored pair in this episode. How many did you spot?
  5. Alexis Bittar much, Georgina?
  6. Oh Serena, first the bag, now a lovely Chanel necklace at the bar? sigh.
  7. Pink & Yellow fishnets – we love you Jenny Humphrey
  8. I think the “nerdy girl” is even wearing Marc Jacobs
  9. Blair, don’t ever stop with the headbands
  10. Coco Chanel takes the SATs

I’ll flickr some photos over to you. (Blair to Jenny)

Gossip Girl Redux

April 22, 2008

Fashion Intelligentsia here,

We are happy to announce our new weekly – Gossip Girl Redux: Fashion. Here we will tell you our favorite fashion moments from the show and we want to hear yours too. We’ve waited this long to catch up with Blair & Serena, so you can make sure we’ll be bringing you the best of Gossip Girl fashion. Gear up your headbands and follow us.

  1. Blair as Audrey, again. Love it. Want to look refined & mysterious, simply buy a trench!
  2. Remember Fruit Stripe gum? That was the inspiration for Blair’s former clique in the opening scene.
  3. Jenny, my you’ve grown! Where did you get all that black-as-coal eyeliner?
  4. HEAD BAND GALORE (see video)
  5. “..plaid skirt and a metrocard!” – Jenny, your dad won’t understand your fashion woes, or mine

Want to dress like Blair & Serena, check out Lorick here

Spotted, Blair at Target

April 15, 2008


I am going through Gossip Girl withdrawl, as I know you probably are too! What TV has there been to live for since Blair and Serena have left our lives? Now that images has been surfacing on the internet of upcoming GG I couldn’t be more excited to see what Blair Waldorf has in store for us this Spring. Sorry for you Serena lovers – Blair takes the cake for Fashion Intelligentsia. Don’t even get us started on how Blake Lively was featured on Teen Vogue sans Leighton Meester. What a great way to put those feud rumors to rest.

There have been countless posts on the fashion touted by Blair, and often cries from girls who simply cannot afford to wear Marc Jacobs, Phillip Lim, and Tory Burch everyday. For those of you who can barely manage to pay your Barneys card from that $200 silk headband you bought in hopes of becoming Blair (not me, I get mine from F21), here are some wallet friendly Blair-inspired options you can find at Target.

xoxo, gossip girl

p.s. Watch Queen B try to take back her thrown April 21 (I am too old to love this show this much!)

  1. Couture Mesh Headband – $7.99 (very Marc Jacobs, remember his gems?)
  2. Gryson Drawstring Tote – $49.99
  3. Pierrot Leaf Print Dress – $34.99
  4. Heart Bandeau – $14.99 (top) , $14.99 (bottoms)
  5. Patent Strappy Sandals – $19.99

Bad News Blair Channels Audrey, again.

March 14, 2008

Bad News Blair

Oh Blair! Oh Audrey! If you already didn’t know, I am a Gossip Girl devotee and Blair Waldorf is a gift to television. When pictures surfaced on of new GG it is an understatement to say I was enthralled. My first thoughts were – that is so Jackie O. – then I realized my fashion history and recanted with – oh Audrey! If you’ve seen the episode Bad News Blair (one of my favorites), you know how much Blair loves Audrey. Though this outfit could be considered part Alice in Wonderland, part Little Edie, and part babooshka, I definitely see where they were going.

I once decided to wear a scarf with brooch on my head like Little Edie Beale, and the response was certainly mixed. My boyfriend said it made me look ill, which to his credit was spot on. But these days I’ve learned the classic ways to wear a head scarf and not look insane. While scouring for photos of Jackie, then Audrey, I came across this lovely First Lady Scarf inspired by Mrs. Kennedy. This homage is quite chic featuring drawings of pearls, sunglasses, and how can we ever forget – the pill box hat.