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October 15, 2009

photo via Stylesectionla

Today is the last day of Michel Berandi’s installation at the Geffen Contemporary at Moca.  It only had a run date of three days but thanks to a tip from Diabolina who attended the opening, I might be able to make tonight.   The museum closes at 8pm on Thursdays, so truly there is no excuse not to make it.   If you also get a chance to go, please tell them that Fashion Intel sent you!

Micheal Berandi is pretty cool.  Playing Sunn – who I’ve had the privilege to see live – on his website made him an instant hit in my book.  I know we’ve seen him around downtown L.A. and mentioned here and there, but by no means did I know he was making fashion magic 2 streets down from my former apartment.

Aren’t these the most amazing shoes?



August 10, 2009



images via Paper Mode

Sigh.  What to say when you see images that can be interpreted as culturally insensitive but still absolutely love the beauty found in them.  I came across these while looking for some stimuli.

I am currently working on my inspiration board for Fashion Intel while simultaneously re-designing the site with some friends.  Wanted: more images of Indian jewelry, the occult, gold, s+m, Dia de los Muertos, Santa Muerte, Anger stills, geodes, Gorgoroth, zodiac symbols, on and on.  These are interests of mine that I have seen pop up all over the place as trends and quite frankly I am baffled. OK, I exaggerated, we all know that some things on that list will never be trends, hopefully.

I read a lot of fashion blogs. I mean A LOT.  And I love them.  But who knew everyone would be dressed like they had a closet full of black metal records or that they wanted to be chocked with a rubber ball gag.  Who knew?


June 17, 2009



Picked up this bracelet over the weekend and absolutely love it.  As soon as I saw it hanging on the display I ran over and said “I’ll take that!”  Even more fun is the noise it constantly makes when I’m moving around; you always know when I am coming around the corner.  Typing is a bit hard, but I’ll make the sacrifice for something so amazing.

Satan? Witches? Lingerie? Yes, Please.

September 8, 2008


Shot by fashion photographer and good friend Tim Bret Day, the inspiration behind ‘The Season Of The Witch’ is the work by Paul de la Roche; the execution of Lady Gray – mixed with the Massacre of the Innocents by Peter Paul Rubens. The first of the posters are an insert in this months Pop Magazine and GQ (UK).

More Daisy and my top lingerie picks this evening!