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October 22, 2009




Last week I went into American Apparel to buy another leotard and to my delight all of their vintage eye wear was 50% off. Most of the shades were ironic (barf) or 80s but I came across these beauties and knew I had to have them. I have a fondness for tortoise shell and these appear to be the god-mother to the Spring ’10 Linda Farrow for Alexander Wang sunglasses shown here. How could I resist?

I love leather gloves and plastic black kitty cats. I wonder if any one else has this much fun in CVS.


The WOODS pt.1

July 13, 2009

Smoked meats anyone?
Wearing American Apparel floppy hat, Ray Bans, vintage silk dress, Delicate Raymond necklace


This gold butterfly knife almost came home with me, until I found of they are illegal to carry in California.
Wearing Alexander Wang tank, AA floppy hat and skirt.

Yosemite, Convict Lake, the Marina.

Whole Foods Reno had a granola bar. JEALOUS!

Wearing AA tank, skirt, floppy hat and vintage Hermes scarf

I have almost recovered from our trip to the woods.  My family, boyfriend and I ventured to the Sierras this past week and here are some snap shots from Lake Tahoe, Reno and Yosemite.  We all had a blast and most importantly we had the chance to relax among some beautiful scenery.  Highlight – we saw two black bears while in Lake Tahoe.

Even with my excursion into the woods, there was thought into my wardrobe.  I pulled out my Stella McCartney luggage and packed my most woodsy black ensembles.  I wanted to be comfortable climbing rocks, skipping, hiking and bike riding so of course I brought plenty of my American Apparel soft cottons.  I wore my Jeffrey Campbell Oxford sandals most of the time and never took off my American Apparel floppy hat.  I’m very cautious about sun damage!  I couldn’t go without my silks, so I threw in a long vintage dress and my Barneys’ ruffled sleeve short one.  And how can I forget my shorts and Alexander Wang tee?  Perfect for picnicking by a lake in Yosemite.

I thrifted some amazing jewelry while I was there and a Balmain button-down.  Finally I found an amazing black vintage clutch and some black wide leg trousers.  Finally! Finally!   AND don’t even get me started on bottled sodas and ol’timey candy.  I’ve got plenty of that too. To be continued…

Ethnic WHAT?

June 25, 2009

Photo via

In truth, Gaga’s attractive, slightly off-kilter features – ethnic nose, prominent front teeth – seem almost infinitely mutable: One day she looks like Debbie Harry, the next, Donatella Versace.” Rolling Stone Issue #1080

Ethnic. Tribal. Words used to classify the “Other.”  Not familiar with “Othering”, please read up on it here, here, and over on Racialicious.  This quote from Rolling Stone really struck a nerve and I find it crucial to address as I constantly see people, fashion, and food described as either ethnic or tribal.  Lady Gaga is one of my favorite women right now and I find her incredibly talented and sexy.  So what about this “ethnic nose”?  Rolling Stone apparently thinks this is the most appropriate way to describe a woman who doesn’t meet the Euro-centric facial features criteria.  Obviously they haven’t looked at a map lately, so I’d like to remind them that “ethnic” people make up more than half of the world’s population.  Why is it that we are then called the “other” and exotified?

I live for fashion as you know, but I cringe every time I read lines like this: Teen Vogue’s “…Explore new horizons in layered–on ethnic prints”, or Who What Wear Daily’s “Trend Report: Tribal Punk.”  And who could forget American Apparel’s “Afrika” print?  When I see these words being used I cannot help but think of bell hook’s Eating the Other.  I had an amazing course at UCLA entitled Special Topics in Women’s Studies: Femininities: Queering, Countering, Racializing taught by Stacy Macias in which I read this by the aforementioned author.

“Within commodity culture, ethnicity becomes spice, seasoning that can liven up the dull dish that is mainstream white culture.

Currently, the commodification of difference promotes paradigms of consumption wherein whatever difference the Other inhabits is eradicated, via exchange, by a consumer cannibalism that not only displaces the Other but denies significance of that Other’s history through a process of decontextualization.” bell hooks, Eating the Other: Desire and Resistance

Post-modern cultural studies/feminist theory.  Applicable to fashion?  You bet.  I’d really love to hear from one of my favorite bloggers – Mimi of Thread Bared – and from all of you.  Lets start a discourse.


May 27, 2009


Even with all of the wedding excitement, I still managed to catch Sasha Grey’s big screen debut in Steven Soderbergh’s The Girlfriend Experience.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen Sasha look so lovely.  Her wardrobe included La Perla, Costume National, and lots of black.  Unfortunately her whimsicality had so much working against it, as the film was not particularly good.  I saw the potentiality for an amazing performance but they didn’t ask enough of Sasha Grey.  She was there, willing and able, but the story left so much to be desired and I’m not referring to sex.

Sasha debuted another thing this week, as discovered through The Pipeline, and that was the sheer cut-out pantyhose designed by American Apparel.  Check out their “Coming Soon” section and you’ll see all the surprises they have in store for us!  I particularly like these pantyhose as they appear so liberating.  That’s right, let them hang out.

NSFW after the cut



May 18, 2009







Guess which girl is dressed up for the faire?

Yesterday was the last day of the Renaissance Pleasure Faire and my friend Natalie and I made a pact that we would go this year.  My long-time boyfriend had never been so he was in on it as well.  We’d been planning for weeks to go and it just so happened to be like a 1,000 degrees the day we went!  Thankfully we lathered on the sunscreen and put on our most comfortable ensembles; we were prepared for anything.

When we arrived we quickly entered into an alternative universe – a world full of huzaas, bulging breasts and giant turkey legs for lunch.  I was pretty excited to see what kind of jewels, gems, and amulets awaited me at the faire.  Though I did not leave with anything, there was plenty which inspired me.  I particularly enjoyed the crowns made of feathers, fur tails and the bird feather bib necklace.  I spy a DIY project!  There was also some great metal necklaces that I would’ve bought had they been made in gold.  Oh yeah, lets not forget my magical geodes.

Who worked it at the Ren Faire?  Aside from Natalie and I, here are the girls who were dressed to impress.  You’ve got a classic American Apparel dress, an awesome bold print, and a top made of steel.

72 Hour Party PEOPLE

April 28, 2009


Wearing my new American Apparel Tie Dye Interlock Pencil Skirt

Dressing room at Barneys – I bought the black Alexander Wang tee

I die for DRIES!

The best necklace in Las Vegas. here I come!

Best dressed girls in Las Vegas – L: Two Brits, R: L.A. Girls

Best dressed men in Las Vegas. Love them!

This past weekend I hosted my sister’s bachelorette party in Las Vegas.  We arrived Thursday night and the fun did not stop until we left on Sunday afternoon.  We stayed at the Venetian and I recommend it to those looking to visit Las Vegas as the hotel was simply perfect.  The hotel’s spa was absolutely amazing, so if you’re looking for a good massage and pure bliss, that is your place.

Las Vegas is not a city I visit often, but I am so glad I threw the party there as it makes getting wild quite easy.  There was plenty of XXX fun, but I still managed to visit the new Barneys, hit the best boutiques and indulge in the most delicious food.  Buchon anyone?

Here are just a few of the many photos I snapped while living it up in Sin City.  Two more after the break.


Creature of Comfort

March 11, 2009


Comfort is not a word often associated with fashion.  I cannot tell you how many times someone has asked me “are your shoes comfortable” or has said “your jacket sure has a lot of buckles.”  Wedges and offensive metals are simply my style and I feel comfortable in my various looks.  But when I get home it is off with my these clothes and into my workout/lounging attire.  This  look always consists of an American Apparel tri-blend v-neck and some black stretchy pants – best running outfit I swear!

I mention these dichotomous looks because I have found a designer who has managed to marry style with absolute comfort.  The truth is I’ve known about Rebecca Turbow for nine years but  I haven’t mentioned her on Fashion Intel because I didn’t realize she branched out from turquoise! During my stint in New York, this sweet young lady lived in my neighborhood and I always used to see her running around in nothing but her cool turquoise duds.  Unfortunately for me I am not such a turquoise wearer but now that she has introduced gray I am totally on board!  Check out these great images from her Spring 09 campaign and this cute high waisted knife pleated skirt [$35].

Gossip Girl Returns to the City

September 9, 2008

Fashion Intel here,

This week we were seeing red and bold prints as Gossip Girl was bidding adieu to summer and saying hello to the city.  We did not see as many wardrobe changes as we would’ve liked, but what we did catch surely did not disappoint.  Sweaters for Squash [Chuck].  Slips on the beach [Serena]. Neon abound. [Vanessa]  Here are our top moments from last night’s show.

  1. Blair in culottes. Hmmm…we’re going to have to think about that.
  2. All is well, Blair has changed into our favorite Marc by Marc Jacobs Alessandra Sleeveless Silk Dress!
  3. Vanessa – Alexis Bittar much?  It’s fine, you should see our collection.
  4. “Bromance”
  5. We FINALLY get to see inside Serena’s closet.  I spy a BARNEYS hanger!
  6. It wouldn’t be an episode if we didn’t see Chuck in a preppy knit sweater.
  7. AND if we didn’t see Blair sporting a bow of sorts.
  8. Santo Gold is a good choice to add to our fashion soundtrack.  +1 Gossip Girl music editor
  9. Jenny, you look so grown up with all that lipstick.
  10. Welcome home Upper Eastsiders.  Get ready for Fall Fashion!

From L to R: Forever 21 Satin Rose Headband ($4.80), Marc by Marc Jacobs Alessandra Sleeveless Silk Dress ($150), Marc by Marc Jacobs Concrete Jungle Print Dress ($460), American Apparel Afrika Printed Cotton Legging ($34) and Afrika Printed Cotton Spandex JerseyToo-Short Tube Dress ($29), Alexis Bittar Horseshoe Necklace ($115)

See you There / Discourse, Garment Industry

August 28, 2008

Tuesday, September 23, 7:30 pm
Los Angeles Theatre Center

How Dangerous is the Garment Industry?

The garment industry provides more than 50,000 jobs in Los Angeles County, including many that are tied to a commercial underground where safety rules don’t apply, there’s no minimum wage, and a labor pool of illegal immigrants keeps quiet about violations out of fear of deportation. Legitimate garment makers, meanwhile, face a disadvantage in battling underground competitors who skip workers compensation payments and other safety standards, and often shift locations suddenly in order to stay a step ahead of authorities. How big and dangerous is this floating world of the garment underground?

Kimi Lee of the Garment Worker Center, a Downtown-base advocacy group, Garment Contractors Association Executive Director Joe Rodriguez and Michael Kang, owner of the Caribe fashion label in the Garment District visit Zócalo to sort it out. Moderated by Jerry Sullivan, editor and publisher, Los Angeles Garment & Citizen

To reserve a free seat, click here. (photo/Getty Images)

See you there Ladies & Gents!

July 22, 2008