Tie Me Up, Tie Me DOWN

September 11, 2009


Photos via Nicola Formichetti

Two of my loves combined: Bondage and Lady Gaga.  She looks amazing in the new Vogue Hommes Japan.

I’m so sick of people talking shit on Gaga.  What other pop stars do you see rocking Japanese bondage one day and shouting lyrics like a mad woman on Jonathan Ross the next?  Yeah, exactly.

NSFW under the cut

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September 10, 2009


My boyfriend and I have taken many photobooth photos over the past 5.5 years and it was so much fun going through them recently.  From 2004  – 2009, whoa.  I really love the one with the bug-eye glasses and large bead necklace because I know I was totally inspired by the Zoebots of 06/07.  Top 3 are in my former favorite booth, The Standard Downtown.  Then Wasteland San Francisco, and Ace Hotel Palm Springs.  Why doesn’t my hair look that straight anymore? Sheesh.

I’m currently working on the new Fashion Intel site which I am excited to show you in the coming week.  There is going to be so many great changes!  Keep reading.


Best Mug EVER

September 8, 2009



No more psychic vampires, I’ve got this mug!  Sometimes I make a happy sigh because I love my friends so much.  My dear Martine sent me the world’s best mug for my birthday and it was definitely an amazing moment when I opened the package.  Also pictured are some white roses my friend Stefani brought me just because and a lovely Diptyque candle from the amazing Scott.

This mug is holding the many mottos I want for my life.  God, it is so good.

Things the mug has inspired to be do/finish this week:
+Finish thank you notes
+Read more
+Gym every day
+Clean clean clean
+Continue website re-design
+Hem clothes for Fall
+etc. etc. etc.

All in the FAMILY

September 4, 2009

<img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-2706" title="fi090409" src="https://fashionintelligentsia.files.wordpress.com/2009/09/fi090409.jpg" alt="fi090409" width="450" height="653"


Kids? Yes, because my cousin is the model on the left.  Gorgeous?  Absolutely.  I was browsing through the new Cookie Magazine – what can I say, I love kid’s magazines – and I squealed with excitement when I saw my cousin Louis modeling in this “Style Council” spread.  When I lived in New York this young man was one of my house mates.  I lived with his mother who is my cousin and I always knew she had a gifted son.  He was so artistic, creative and free; I’m not surprised to see his gorgeous face in a magazine.  See all the photos here.

I just had to share this because I was so proud …. and he is so cute!

Marc Jacobs 1998 – 2009

September 3, 2009




photos via Wah Magazine

Remember the guy who used to be everyone’s favorite? Yes, MARC JACOBS!

I was so excited to read that every MJ and Juergen Teller ad from 1998 – 2009 was compiled to make a Marc Jacobs super book.  What a relief, because I was so disappointed when I bought the MJ book published by Assouline.  How exciting to see pages filled with old Jessica Stam, Kim Gordon, Winona Ryder, Rachel Feinstein, and every cool girl we want to be best friends with.  I have most of these ads saved from old magazines but I am so happy to finally own the book I’ve been asking for.

Buy your copy here.


September 2, 2009




my sign: Virgo, Pisces Rising, on the cusp of Leo

If you read Fashion Intel regularly, then you know how much I love astrology.  I read my daily horoscopes, have had my chart done numerous times and have read countless books on the subject.

Last week I attended the opening of Chrissie Miller’s (of Sophmore) pop-up shop for Scorpio Rising, her collaboration with Urban Outfitters. [photos here]  What made the night for me was talking to her mother, who is the uber famous astrologer Susan Miller and who I’ve been a devoted reader of.

I am so excited that Susan has created these charming and cosmic horoscopes for the SOPHOMORE x UO collaboration, Scorpio Rising, currently at Space 15 Twenty’s Pop-Up Shop. Read your’s here.

When you spot an outfit you might want to buy, you quickly check its details. A beautiful snap or button, the evenness of a stitch, the feel and drape of the fabric–your eagle eye takes it all in. You know that nothing can elevate a look faster than the sum of the beautiful details, as well as making sure it has proper fit. We’re with you, dear Virgo, and we wish everyone appreciated all that we do as much as you. The right fit that looks tailor made is the secret of chic women worldwide–and besides, you know a good fit will always makes you look slimmer and trimmer.


September 1, 2009




You have seen those ACNE wedges on every single blogger, c’mon, you know the ones.  I don’t particularly care for silver and as Phuong said, they kinda remind her of the Spice Girls’ platforms of the 90s.  Thank goodness I can still look like a gothic Dutch girl – a look I’m into – but for $400 less.  I’m being frugal these days!  Even better when they’re a birthday present from someone you love.

Need Supply Co. is an amazing online shop I found via the creative girls of Bleach Black.  You can buy these Jeffrey Campbell 99 Zip Wedges here.


August 31, 2009




Photo via yelp

This weekend it was finally hot enough to go to the beach so we packed our sunscreen and sarape and headed out.   It was a great way to escape the smoke that was filling the SGV and truthfully, watching the flames has made me very uneasy.  I hope all of you are safe!

The water at Manhattan Beach was perfect and we laid out in the sand until 6pm.  It was one of the best days we’ve had all summer.  We also had some of the best fish tacos and ceviche over at Tacos Baja Ensenada in East L.A. and I cannot believe that place has escaped me my whole life.

P.S. I miss the music of the early-90s.  Listened to The Wackness soundtrack tonight and sighed.


August 28, 2009


Not too long ago I read that Crystal Renn was releasing a memoir about her life in the modeling business.  I was thrilled.  Yesterday her name was all over the newspapers with the promotion of the September 8 release date of her upcoming book entitled Hungry.  I’m on the fence in regards to the title, but I’m so excited to read her story as she’s appeared to be a fascinating young woman.

Early reviews are in and I was pleased to read one by Joan Jacobs Brumberg, an author I often read when discussing body politics in many of my classes.  She says “Crystal Renn is a high-spirited, convincing spokesperson for broadening our notions of beauty. Hungry adds a unique twist to a growing women’s chorus: even if you are young and beautiful, as Renn is, it’s best to give up the addiction to slimness for the sake of personal authenticity, social relations, intimacy, and sexual pleasure.”

I hope there’s a book tour! // See some amazing Renn scans here & before + after here.


August 27, 2009



1.  This photo from Stokholm Street Style is perfection.  Signs of strength + creativity.

2.  I was inspired by my dear friend Stefani to calculate my online identity.  I made one for my own name and Fashion Intel’s – here is the result.  Not only is it fun, but it looks cool while it is hard at work. Try it! (click image to enlarge)

Personas is a component of the Metropath(ologies) exhibit, currently on display at the MIT Museum by the Sociable Media Group from the MIT Media Lab. It uses sophisticated natural language processing and the Internet to create a data portrait of one’s aggregated online identity. In short, Personas shows you how the Internet sees you.

Get your own Persona, HERE


August 26, 2009



I don’t know about you, but I’m watching what I spend my money on.   I’m so glad my birthday just passed because I was showered with lovely things I simply cannot buy myself at the moment.  I’m trying to save money and it is hard because it is not like I have that much. Even more grim is our economy and the unemployment rate, particularly in California.  I swear that every friend I have is looking for a job, worried about their  job security, trying to find a place to live or merely watching every dollar that comes out of their wallet.  I am certainly not exempt from this and I’m guessing you’re probably not either.  That’s why I think it is important we get extremely creative with the money we do have.

Thank goodness I was taught by my grandmother at a very young age about the magic of thrift stores.  Even better is when you have best friends who also love to thrift!  This past weekend – birthday weekend – Phuong and I visited our local Salvation Army in the ‘bra.  Unfortunately they were not having their buy 1 get one 1 free, but I still think we made out like bandits.

Phuong found a colorful floral silk suit which you can see it only took her a day to alter and make amazing.  As for me, I added another pair of baggy silk pants to my ever growing collection.  You can never go wrong with 100% silk.  I’m really obsessing over the comfort of silk pants right now – I wish I could wear them every day and I’m the person who never wore pants! Ever.

Do yourself a favor and visit your local thrift store.  You can also give back and donate some of your old wares.  Tax right off? Yes!

Scorpio RISING

August 25, 2009




See more party photos here

Saturday night was the launch of Chrissie Miller’s (of Sophmore) collaboration with Urban Outfitters under the name of Scorpio Rising.  Calling all Kenneth Anger fans.  I was most excited to go as I knew Chrissie’s mom  Susan Miller – the uber famous astrologer from Astrology Zone – was going to be there.  I spoke with her once before at an event but I thought this would be the perfect setting.

Little did I know I would spend my whole night chatting with Krystal Simpson of the blog What is Reality Anyway, a fellow Virgo who I discovered through conversation shared my birthday.  Read her blog if you haven’t already.

It was a nice little soiree.  Truly, all I need is some good conversation and I am set.  Thankfully as the party ended I caught Susan Miller as she was leaving and she gave me some great astrological advice.

Fashion meets PLEASURE

August 20, 2009

Click for larger image

I was thrilled when Olivia, the blogger over at The Pleasure Chest wrote me saying that she was a fan of Fashion Intel.  Even better was when she suggested we do a blog collaboration combining our mutual love for fashion and sex.  A perfect combination for our readers considering every blogger these days is dressing like they’re into black metal and s&m.  But do they really enjoy either of those things?  Who knows, but for those who like to have fun here are Olivia and Natalie’s top sex toys and accessories for your closet.

Considering everything this fall looks like it is straight from the dungeon or a bondage magazine, I’m sure you’ll enjoy these picks.  Calling all Ann D., Dries, Balmain, Givenchy, Margiela, Wang, Wasson fans – this applies to you.

From Left to Right clockwise

Accessories/Clothes: Nasty Gal Heavy Metal Stud Cuff ($52), Miu Miu Stretch Lace Teddy ($535), Alexander Wang Coco Mini Duffel ($850), Nicholas Kirkwood Patent Leather Shoe Boot (£620.00), Savant Bandage Bralette ($195), Giles & Brother Leather Nut & Bolt Bangle ($135), Forever 21 Mesh Back Bodysuit ($12.80), Aldo Stolinski Heels ($99.98)

Toys: Lelo YVA (silver$1,300/gold $1,500 – someone please buy this for me!), Vergenza MK1 ($149.95), NJoy Fun Wand ($87.95), Little Chroma ($125), Lelo Mia ($59.95), Rhinestone Glamour Cuffs ($49.95)

If you live in L.A., NYC or Chicago make sure you visit your local Pleasure Chest.  They’re stylish stores that are extremely female friendly.  If you don’t live in one of those major cities you can visit their site here.

For their must read blog with tips and store updates please visit PLEASURE HAPPENS.


August 19, 2009



My birthday is in a few days (8.23) so I have been enjoying the zodiac necklace I acquired while in Lake Tahoe.  Today I paired it with a great silk dress I thrifted in Palm Springs this weekend.  Sigh, how I wish I was still on vacation.  BUT nothing beats coming home to your dogs.  Here I am with 2 of my chihuahuas named Rico and Chico.

Tomorrow I am so excited to show you a blog collaboration I’ve been working on with one of my favorite stores ever.  Keep reading!

wearing: Vintage dress, thrifted bucket bag, Bakers shoes, Ray-Ban sunglasses, vintage zodiac necklace


August 17, 2009







I’m back from the desert – Palm Springs and Joshua Tree – and I’m exhausted from the amazing time we had.  Truly, I thought about staying a few more days and calling my work to tell them I was dead.  This trip could be called an impromptu one but seeing that I’m a Virgo even with not planning this mini-vacation, there was still lots of planning.  We just had to see the Perseid Meteor Shower from the desert, so we did!  Thanks to reader Natalie A. for joining us.  Power swing!

We needed a cost-friendly hotel with a decor that would meet my standards.  I know what I like and ACE seemed to fit the profile. Great location, delicious food, wonderful decor.  I loved our room and the pool was absolutely great at 2 a.m.  Alcohol infused snow cones? Yes, please!

Since I could go on for hours and I know people don’t usually read past the first paragraph on blogs, here’s a list of the things I really enjoyed in no particular order

1. The Turkish robes in our room 2. The amazing singing/stylish hostess (above) at King’s Highway restaurant 3. Seeing meteors fly in the sky 4. Having 2 sound baths. 5. Swinging friends in hammocks 6. Thrifting lots of great things, including a vintage Gucci bag 7. Having an outer-body experience 8. Sweating 9. Night swimming & 10.  Seeing DOV CHARNEY – barf – at Revivals thrift store in P.S. with 2 of his girls buying bolero ties.  Ugh, boleros?  Could it be anymore obvious.  You can read more about that on my twitter page.


August 17, 2009



Thanks to my sweetie for helping me document our trips through pictures.

There’s more to the GOLD

August 13, 2009



Weeks ago the fashion industry and bloggers alike flipped for Givenchy’s couture collection.  Seriously, I don’t think I’ve seen so many people simultaneously blog about how amazing something was unless you count the recent freak out over those ACNE shoes.  Oh yeah, you know the ones.

These images have really stuck with me so I decided to do some investigative research at the library to see where Riccardo Tisci possibly drew from.  Though the clothes are obviously not inspired by India it is hard to deny that the gold hardware isn’t.  Thanks to a very cool librarian named Olivian, I got to check out some large reserved books on the subject of jewelry from all over the world.  One was entitled Ethnic Jewelry [cringe, insert “ethnic” discourse here] and the one that was truly remarkable was entitled Indian Jewelry.

The above jewelry collage features Nineteenth/early Twentieth century pieces which are now housed in the National Museum in New Delhi.

BOY + Marisa + Polaroids = PERFECTION

August 12, 2009



photos via fashionologie

Don’t you love it when I designers/artists take the things you love and make something even more amazing out of it?  Like BOY by Band of Outsiders + Marisa Tomei + the Chateau Marmont + Polaroid films.

I totally fell for Marisa Tomei when she played Maggie on A Different World – best college show ever.  Then she made Untamed Heart and I knew I’d be a fan for eternity.  Even when she gave my boyfriend googly eyes at Joan’s on Third I was totally thrilled because that meant we had similar taste in men and gourmet food!

Counting the DAYS…

August 11, 2009



It is only Tuesday but I am counting down the days for our trip to the desert.  To the Integratron for the meteor shower + sound bath, Joshua Tree, and Palm Springs.  Here are some photos of ACE Hotel, where we’ll be staying.

I’m looking forward to the stars, sweating, and laying by the pool in 104 degree heat.

August 11, 2009