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Golf ‘n’ STUFF

August 4, 2009



I decided a few weeks ago that if my golfing skills were good enough I would try to join the LPGA by 30.  Why? Because I’d like to make millions and I was thinking Stella McCartney could sponsor me.  I hadn’t swung a club since high school and I was never on the golf team because it was the same season as softball.  My dad says I need lessons to truly know my potential but we all know I can drive it.  Sports dominated my life for the first 18 years so I’m trying to get back into the swing of things. No pun intended!

I figured my work ensemble would be fine for the driving range and I was correct.  I’ve acquired so many shorts this summer and I think they go perfect with heels.  That’s definitely been one of my summer uniforms and I’m glad in was multi-functional today.

Oh yeah, remember I said I’d try to incorporate some of my own style photos?  Here you go.  There will be a lot more I am sure.  I think I have a pretty good sense of humor so you’ll definitely get more photos of me with gummy Haribo peaches on my tongue. (Above left)

Yves Saint Laurent in Retrospect

January 6, 2009


As I promised, here are my photos from the Yves Saint Laurent exhibit at the de Young Museum in San Francisco.  Photographs were strictly prohibited inside the exhibit, but I had to capture a few to remember this amazing retrospective.  I’m pretty slick, and went unnoticed.

[Top] The welcome photo at the entrance into the exhibit.

[Top Left] This sheer dress was my favorite garment in the entire exhibit.  It was made of chiffon with an ostrich feather bottom.  I also loved that gold snake belt as an accoutrement.  Something I learned from the exhibit, which I might have been in denial of – I LOVE FEATHERS!   [Top Right]  This was another feathered dress, with a scale-like dress behind it.  They were both behind a large glass wall, but their beauty was evident.

[Lower Left] The Mondrian dress.  You know it, you probably love it, now see it in person.  In fact, there were numerous dresses in the exhibit that showcased YSL’s admiration for the arts.  [Lower Right] This one’s for you Stefani!  This woven wedding dress was prominent right in the center of the exhibit.  I cannot believe I got this great shot!  As soon as I saw it, I thought of you.  I hope you love it as much as I do.

Do something great in 2009 – visit your local museum and become a member!  Cannot afford that?  Drop them a $5 donation.  Every bit counts, trust me.

Back in Los Angeles

January 5, 2009


HAPPY NEW YEAR! What a much needed vacation!  San Francisco was lovely, and I cannot wait to show you some photos I took at the YSL exhibit.  Photography was absolutely prohibited, but I managed to sneak a few in there for you.  I’ve especially got a great one for my friend Stefani!

While in San Francisco, I picked up one of the most amazing pieces of jewelry, ever.  There will be photos tomorrow, but I’ll give you a hint – it is vintage, made in Alaska and has two of these elements: wood carving + fur.  Sounds amazing, right?

I am so happy it is 2009!  I cannot wait to meet up with my friends and catch up on this past week, and what the year has to hold for us.  Plus, I’ll going to see my psychic again this weekend, followed by a massage.  The year is already looking wonderful!