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October 22, 2009




Last week I went into American Apparel to buy another leotard and to my delight all of their vintage eye wear was 50% off. Most of the shades were ironic (barf) or 80s but I came across these beauties and knew I had to have them. I have a fondness for tortoise shell and these appear to be the god-mother to the Spring ’10 Linda Farrow for Alexander Wang sunglasses shown here. How could I resist?

I love leather gloves and plastic black kitty cats. I wonder if any one else has this much fun in CVS.



September 23, 2009


I mentioned on Monday that I hit the makeup counter at Barneys while in Las Vegas. It was Wednesday night (they close at 11p) and I wanted a new shade for our night on the town. Boy did we have a night on the town but that is too x-rated to mention right now. Back to the lipstick. I cozied up to the Lipstick Queen counter and the girls encouraged me to have at it. I tried on many different shades and I was immediately drawn to the wines and purples.

I’ve been wanting to incorporate a more severe lip color – I’ve only worn a pinkish nude – and since I’ll never go near red it was clear in which direction I was heading. I first tried the Saint Wine and was quite pleased, but then I added a top coat of the Chinatown Glossy Pencil in the “Mystery” color and I knew I found the perfect combination. I was such an exciting moment for a girl who was always weary of lipstick.

P.S. Lipstick Queen lipsticks are not tested on animals, are gluten-free and do not use any harsh ingredients.

Shown here: Wine Saint ($18.00), Chinatown Glossy Pencil “Mystery” ($20.00)


September 21, 2009




Las Vegas was an absolute blast. There was not enough time in the day for us to do everything we wanted to. It was difficult going through the hundreds of photos I took and figuring out which ones I wanted to share on the blog. The first is yet another addition to my ever growing collection of “me wearing hats” photos. Since I refuse to succumb to my strange affection for fur and actually buy it, I always gush over fur hats when I spot one. What can I say? I absolutely won’t buy it but I love playing in it. It is sick, I know.

The second photo was from a restaurant we passed in Caesar’s Palace. Wow, right? Lastly, I must discuss the greatness of Hoover Dam. This image was found in the women’s restroom and I couldn’t stop taking photos of it. So much of Hoover damn appears to have Occult influences and you haven’t visited I suggest you do. Art deco astrology signs, planets, and figures line the damn and it was truly a sight to see. There was even a tape playing over a load speaker that said the designer constructed his designs to impress “future civilizations”, er, rt Deco X Barneys New York X Caesar’s Palace X Hoover Damaliens.

P.S. I am wearing lipstick in the above photo. I sat at the Las Vegas Barneys counter one night and just had at it. More on the color and product to come. I love it.


September 1, 2009




You have seen those ACNE wedges on every single blogger, c’mon, you know the ones.  I don’t particularly care for silver and as Phuong said, they kinda remind her of the Spice Girls’ platforms of the 90s.  Thank goodness I can still look like a gothic Dutch girl – a look I’m into – but for $400 less.  I’m being frugal these days!  Even better when they’re a birthday present from someone you love.

Need Supply Co. is an amazing online shop I found via the creative girls of Bleach Black.  You can buy these Jeffrey Campbell 99 Zip Wedges here.


August 26, 2009



I don’t know about you, but I’m watching what I spend my money on.   I’m so glad my birthday just passed because I was showered with lovely things I simply cannot buy myself at the moment.  I’m trying to save money and it is hard because it is not like I have that much. Even more grim is our economy and the unemployment rate, particularly in California.  I swear that every friend I have is looking for a job, worried about their  job security, trying to find a place to live or merely watching every dollar that comes out of their wallet.  I am certainly not exempt from this and I’m guessing you’re probably not either.  That’s why I think it is important we get extremely creative with the money we do have.

Thank goodness I was taught by my grandmother at a very young age about the magic of thrift stores.  Even better is when you have best friends who also love to thrift!  This past weekend – birthday weekend – Phuong and I visited our local Salvation Army in the ‘bra.  Unfortunately they were not having their buy 1 get one 1 free, but I still think we made out like bandits.

Phuong found a colorful floral silk suit which you can see it only took her a day to alter and make amazing.  As for me, I added another pair of baggy silk pants to my ever growing collection.  You can never go wrong with 100% silk.  I’m really obsessing over the comfort of silk pants right now – I wish I could wear them every day and I’m the person who never wore pants! Ever.

Do yourself a favor and visit your local thrift store.  You can also give back and donate some of your old wares.  Tax right off? Yes!


July 22, 2009


For those who have read Fashion Intel you know how much I love Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.  I equally adore their clothing lines The Row and Elizabeth and James.  As much as I thrift and hit up my favorite boutiques, I also enjoy shopping online and being inspired by how much great fashion I can find on the web.  One of my favorite online shops is Chick Downtown and we’ve partnered up for the very first Fashion Intel giveaway!  Needless to say I am excited to see which one of you wins the amazing Elizabeth and James Grey Deconstructed Tee! [top left, retails $90]

I suggest you check out some of the other designers on Chick Downtown, like my favorites Alexis Bittar, Balmain, and House of Harlow.  They’ve also got some bohemian scarves from Sir Alistair Rai.    For those of you who love twitter as much as I do, stay up-to-date with Chick Downtown’s twitter page and follow them on Facebook.  You’re following me too, right?

Leave a comment by Friday, JULY 31, 2009 8 P.M. PST
Include your first name and last initial, e.g. Natalie J. & something witty if you so desire
Make sure your blog or email address is included in your reply form [emails won’t be published]
Must be a resident of the U.S., sorry international readers.

I’ll be picking a name at random BINGO style.  I wish you all luck!

The WOODS pt. 2

July 14, 2009





I couldn’t go on vacation without hitting the local thrift stores.  I found an amazing astrology necklace [ sorry it is blurry] and an amethyst piece.  While I was in Virginia City I picked up these copper and gold dream catchers which take me back to my Girl Scout days.  Who else made their own dream catchers?  I couldn’t be happier with the treasures I found while on vacation.  Thrifting out of state has always been a win for me.  Don’t even get me started on my $7 Louis Vuitton military jacket from Vegas.

I finally found myself a long black clutch.  It is true perfection.  Too bad I didn’t have $400 lying around to pick up that amazing YSL at a Nevada outlet to add to my collection. Sigh.  If you love history, ol’timey candy, and the gold/silver rush like myself, make sure to swing by Virginia City when you’re in the area.

Durian TIME

July 3, 2009





I was born and raised in the San Gabriel Valley, both in San Gabriel and Alhambra, and have recently moved back to my old hood since living in downtown L.A.  I truly love being back on my old stomping grounds and particularly enjoy showing my boyfriend all the things I’ve missed about the SGV.  Today we stopped by a new-ish restaurant in Valley Plaza called GREEN ZONE.  It is an organic restaurant with Hainan chicken on the menu, so how could I stay away?  Super cute, modern, and green inside.  I suggest you check it out and order something delicious.  My dear friend Diana Quach recommended it to me and I’m glad she did.

Considering our location, the S.G. Superstore was an absolute stop on our Thursday night romp.  I dropped by the Art Land booth inside to stock up on some stickers and I ran across the infamous SGV visor! I kind of fell in love with the gold lace on this one.  What do you think? How am I going to drive while wearing this?

Lastly, I’d like to make a shout out to durian.  If you haven’t tried it, you haven’t lived!  It is OK if you hate the smell, just give the fruit a chance.

Wearing vintage Chloe jacket, Target dress, Jeffrey Campbell sandals, and Anya Hindmarch for Vanity Fair tote.


June 28, 2009






On Saturday I ventured over to the much blogged about Decades Two shoe sale.  I’m not sure what was worse, being like 100th in line or the selection of 90s cast-offs they had on sale.  I love Decades Two but you are foolish to think I want squared toed patent leather Lanvin flats or chunky Marni espadrilles.  It didn’t take me long to realize why these shoes were on sale.  I know I wasn’t the only one with a discerning eye!  At least I could rely on Racked L.A.’s twitter coverage to keep me entertained while waiting in the sunburning line and dodging crazed ladies inside.

I saw quite a lot of girls leave empty handed, so if you left with some gems, please let me know!


June 4, 2009



It is almost summer and I’ve been thinking I could afford to add a couple of non-black pieces to my clothing rack.  Luckily tonight I came across some stylish white + cream garments and simply couldn’t help myself.  I promise I am being more frugal – I swear!  But these things were too cute to pass up and since I was at Forever 21 I knew it wouldn’t put much of a dent in my new savings plan.  Did I rationalize this purchase too much?  Maybe, but these look even better in person.

What a night.  I took my tour of Equinox gym [I joined], looked at graduation announcements, ate some delicious lavash wraps and bought some clothes.  All after work no less!


May 15, 2009



My new Dolce Vita “Lace Heels” came in the mail today.  Coming home to a package is pure joy, even if you already know what’s in the box. They have a  pretty relaxed fit and the 5″ heel is a good addition to my height.  The site says the shoes fit “true to size” but I think they run a little big – a tip if you’re interested in buying them.  My mom mentioned the other day that she didn’t think I needed another pair of black heels.  This coming from the woman who has a closet full of them.  Projecting much?

Did you notice my white fur?  I wanted to include that after yesterday’s post.