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June 28, 2009






On Saturday I ventured over to the much blogged about Decades Two shoe sale.  I’m not sure what was worse, being like 100th in line or the selection of 90s cast-offs they had on sale.  I love Decades Two but you are foolish to think I want squared toed patent leather Lanvin flats or chunky Marni espadrilles.  It didn’t take me long to realize why these shoes were on sale.  I know I wasn’t the only one with a discerning eye!  At least I could rely on Racked L.A.’s twitter coverage to keep me entertained while waiting in the sunburning line and dodging crazed ladies inside.

I saw quite a lot of girls leave empty handed, so if you left with some gems, please let me know!



May 29, 2009


Marc JACOBS Collection Shoes

Lots of ALEX & CHLOE Necklaces


MBMJ Necklace + Alexis Bittar Pyramid Cuff

Here’s a tiny taste of some of the items I’ll have at Sunday’s Fashion Bloggers Flea Market at Space 15 Twenty.  In addition to lots of jewelry, I’ll also have some shoes [size 9], bags, and clothes.  You will not want to miss the FASHION INTEL SHOP as we’ll also have some giveaways and sweet treats.  Oh, we’ll have it all.  See you there!

xo Natalie/Fashion Intel


May 15, 2009



My new Dolce Vita “Lace Heels” came in the mail today.  Coming home to a package is pure joy, even if you already know what’s in the box. They have a  pretty relaxed fit and the 5″ heel is a good addition to my height.  The site says the shoes fit “true to size” but I think they run a little big – a tip if you’re interested in buying them.  My mom mentioned the other day that she didn’t think I needed another pair of black heels.  This coming from the woman who has a closet full of them.  Projecting much?

Did you notice my white fur?  I wanted to include that after yesterday’s post.


April 21, 2009




It was so hot in L.A. today!  Luckily for me, UCLA is just minutes away from Santa Monica and the ocean breeze can be quite refreshing.  After class I had no desire to go back home to 101 degree weather.   Boyfriend and I hopped in the car and drove to the beach.  I’d been wanting to do some thrifting in Santa Monica and I am so glad I did because I picked up these OZBEK pants!  [Bio &]  Even though it is too incredibly hot to wear them, they surely have a place on my clothing rack.

After acquiring some thrift goodies we were famished and drove over to Real Food Daily.  Not only is that one of my favorite eateries, but it is the place my boyfriend and I ate the day that marks our anniversary.  Five years.  Then off to Wasteland we went, where I discovered two amazing dresses.  Moschino & Vena Cava, but both size 0.  Hilarious – I don’t even think I know a size 0 – those girls just haven’t made it into my circle yet.  Nonetheless, they were being sold for amazing prices and in great condition.  I took these photos so you could all sigh with me.  Lastly, I have found my summer sandal.  Thank you Jeffrey Campbell.  You can usually find me in heels but I truly needed a flat for the many adventures I am planning for this summer.  I cannot wait.

April 16, 2009




Rachel Roy for Macys? According to WWD, Rachel Roy will launch a new line called Rachel Rachel Roy to be sold exclusively at Macy’s.  Her clothes will hit stores this August and if anything is like that black dress with gold studs, you can count me in!  Rachel says of this new endeavor, “This line is the younger sister to the Rachel Roy collection. It has the same designer sensibility but with a younger feeling.”  Oh yeah, they’re going to launch a Facebook page too.

I have always been a fan of Rachel Roy, so much that I was the creator of her wikipedia page.  Ask my workmates, they will confirm it!


April 13, 2009

Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth

Arden Wohl, Filmmaker + Socialite

The Entrance Band



Tania + I [wearing MBMJ Coat, H&M Skirt, Vintage Pierre Cardin belt, MBMJ magazine clutch, AMT diamond ring]

Tania + Phuong in her dream jumpsuit

Loved this fur coat

Phuong + My boyfriend in Kim’s Hut

These girls were super cool in their shoes

Saturday night we made plans to stop by the always fresh Space 15 Twenty to visit Kim Gordon’s (Sonic Youth) pop-up shop.  My dear friend over at Fixed Air is the events curator at that amazing space and one of the most stylish women I know.  I look forward to many more evenings partying it up with my girl Tania.  Openings are more that just drinks and music to me though, I am always genuinely interested in the collaborations, clothes and space.  This is event did not disappoint as I got to meet Kim, peruse her great collection, and get friendly with Arden Wohl.  Go visit Space 15 Twenty and pick up your Kim Gordon tote!  Throw some heels in there while you are at it.




April 13, 2009




Saturday night we made it over to our friend’s closing at Bandit Gallery.  She’s part of an amazing artist collective known as From Here to There.  There was a friendly crowd with some celebs looking to buy some art.  From what I heard, Dntel from the Postal Service stopped by to dj, but I was so into the conversations around me I didn’t notice.

I had to post these photos of the super gorgeous Swiss model Serge M. and these shoes I just wanted to fling into my purse!  The shoe girl had great style, but these deserved their own photo.

New to the CLOSET

April 6, 2009



Greetings readers!  I got back from San Francisco yesterday and wanted to share some new items I picked up for my travels.  I was in desparate need of some new shoes – others might tell you differently – so I was so psyched when I came across these two pairs that had to make it into my closet.  Those black booties really jumped at me.  I wear a lot of black ruffles, layers, and scallops so these were undoubtedly made just for me.  The platforms have been making the rounds so I’ve already scuffed the wood, but they feel like I am walking on air.

You might remember from a post I made in December [read here] about a Marc by Marc Jacobs tiger print trench that I was just dying to have.  Well die no more because it is mine.  When I truly want something I do not stop until I get it; this is another case for the record books.  I want to send a thanks to my dear friend Phuong for sending me the tip on where to buy it for the most amazing price.  It is great to have your friends looking out for you.

Oh, I almost forgot my dearest Chiquito – who loves to lay on my clothes whenever he can.  I am pretty quick to hang up my wares, but if he spots something he is quick to pounce.  I am sure you’ll be seeing more of him.

Bridal Shower Weekend

April 1, 2009

Mom, Bride to Be (Sister), & Me

I love this new shirt from J Crew – so soft!




I have been missing in action, but for good reason.  This weekend is what I called “Bridal Shower Weekend” and it culminated with the bridal soiree that I threw for my sister on Sunday.  As maid of honor (moh) I have been given the great responsibility of throwing parties, handling crazies and making my sister happy until the day after her wedding on May 24.  Luckily for her, I live and die for throwing parties!  Organizing, scouting, brain storming, and everything else that goes along with party planning is my cup of tea.  Here are the results of the bridal shower my mother and I hosted for my lovely sister.  I’d also like to mention that Alcove Cafe in Los Feliz is an amazing venue to host your event.  Not only is their food delicious but their customer service is amazing! I had a great time working with them.

All decorations, floral arrangements, and favors provided by yours truly.  Interested in having me plan your party?  Just send an email my way.

All photos taken by Stefani Greenwood

Foot Luxury

March 25, 2009




My friend sent me a link to these amazing shoes designed by Omelle (ähm’ elle), which consists of a team of two young ladies named Cherise Angelle and Nicole LaFave.  This friend mentioned that these girls were great students of a professor we know at FIDM and that I’d love their shoes.  She was right!  They are so beautiful and look so well crafted.  Adding to the excitement is the beautiful bow bag they send you with every order.

There’s Always Room for JELL-Y

January 31, 2009


Furniture manufacturer Kartell and Normaluisa present ‘glue cinderella’, the first collection of Kartell pumps.   The shoes are a collection of plastic pumps which come in solid colors, various two-tone versions,  opaque/opaque or transparent/opaque. the shoes will be available in boutiques internationally starting January 2009. []

Thanks to Stefani Greenwood for sending this article my way.  These jellies remind me of Marc Jacob’s Jelly Mouse Shoes.  But when will I be able to wear Eames shoes?

New Wares

January 23, 2009


I was completely inspired by these shoes I saw over on Karla’s Closet [one of my favorite blogs] and felt I had no other choice than to buy these amazing tortoise shell wedges!  Not only do they add 5 inches, but they’re comfortable enough to withstand a brisk jog.  Sounds crazy?  Well, they are pretty easy on the feet.


These are my first authentic pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers.  All my other glasses similar in style were bought at thrift stores for like $1.99.  My last pair were recently crushed in my purse so I thought I might as well go for the gold.  Here are my new black frames which I cannot wait to wear.

Fashion Doppelgänger / Louboutin v F21

November 21, 2008


I haven’t posted a Fashion Doppelgänger in awhile, so I was thrilled to come across these beauts!  Though a much more “popular” site recently used the phrase “Fashiongänger” and more than once had the same knock-offs feature a day after mine, I am happy to bring you my most recent discovery – Christian Louboutin v Forever 21.

We all know that Forever 21 is the biggest knock-off offender of all, but at a time like this I am a bit offended by the $835 Louboutins that look like something the strippers over at Sam’s Hofbrau would wear.  There have been many wannabees to the Rodita Zip Platforms but I can say I am a little impressed by the $27.80 red [though appears coral] Zipper Chic Pumps from Forever 21.  They don’t look nearly as stripper-esque!

What’s for Dinner?

November 21, 2008

from 944 Magazine

I’ll have the Miu Miu please.

One for the Ladies

November 17, 2008


Chuck Bass, er, Ed Westwick posing for the new K-Swiss ad campaign.  Sigh.

In Tom’s I Trust

October 29, 2008

I have already begun making my New Year’s Resolutions, and one of them is to get every one of my friends to buy a pair of TOMS shoes.  If you’d like to help me get started on that resolution, check out these simple and practical “black canvas TOMS” which I recommend.

My friend Sarah commented that she couldn’t envision me wearing these canvas creations, to which I understood her statement, but for TOMS, I will create destinations to wear these shoes!  If you’d like to know why I am so crazy about TOMS, read their mission statement and I am sure you’ll feel the same way.  Let me know, or better yet, post a photo of you in your TOMS.

Inspired by an Argentine shoe with a hundred year history and the continent’s poverty and health issues, TOMS was created with a singular mission: To make life more comfortable. TOMS accomplishes this through it’s ultra lightweight design and the company’s commitment to match every pair purchased with a donated pair to a child in need…there are no complicated formulas, it’s buy a pair of TOMS and the company gives a pair to a child on your behalf. The vibrant colors and patterns in the debut collection depict Blake Mycoskie’s life changing experiences in his travels to South America where he embraced the lifestyle wholeheartedly and therefore gave back by creating TOMS – shoes for Tomorrow.

You’re with me, right?

Oh Yes, They Will be Mine

October 1, 2008

Here are the Dries Van Noten shoes I mentioned in the last post.  D-I-E!

New to the Closet

October 1, 2008

This Fall, great shoes are lining stores from Third Street to the Glendale Galleria.  I truly cannot believe how many marvelously stylish shoes are out there right now, and plenty under $200.  [Don’t get me started on the $695 Dries Van Noten’s I am keeping my eye on.]  I picked these up over the weekend, and I couldn’t help think of a conversation a friend and I had about our love of the marriage of black and brown.  Keep them coming!

One of the things I keep in mind when I go shopping is WWCD – What would Carine [Roitfeld] do?  When I have this mantra, it is easy to steer clear from shoe disasters and regretable unflattering skirts.  She has consisitently worn the best shoes in the world and always before you see them on anyone else.  Yes, she has the benefit of being the editor of Paris Vogue, but she never gets it wrong.  Thank you for your non-stop inspiration Carine.