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September 21, 2009




Las Vegas was an absolute blast. There was not enough time in the day for us to do everything we wanted to. It was difficult going through the hundreds of photos I took and figuring out which ones I wanted to share on the blog. The first is yet another addition to my ever growing collection of “me wearing hats” photos. Since I refuse to succumb to my strange affection for fur and actually buy it, I always gush over fur hats when I spot one. What can I say? I absolutely won’t buy it but I love playing in it. It is sick, I know.

The second photo was from a restaurant we passed in Caesar’s Palace. Wow, right? Lastly, I must discuss the greatness of Hoover Dam. This image was found in the women’s restroom and I couldn’t stop taking photos of it. So much of Hoover damn appears to have Occult influences and you haven’t visited I suggest you do. Art deco astrology signs, planets, and figures line the damn and it was truly a sight to see. There was even a tape playing over a load speaker that said the designer constructed his designs to impress “future civilizations”, er, rt Deco X Barneys New York X Caesar’s Palace X Hoover Damaliens.

P.S. I am wearing lipstick in the above photo. I sat at the Las Vegas Barneys counter one night and just had at it. More on the color and product to come. I love it.



September 10, 2009


My boyfriend and I have taken many photobooth photos over the past 5.5 years and it was so much fun going through them recently.  From 2004  – 2009, whoa.  I really love the one with the bug-eye glasses and large bead necklace because I know I was totally inspired by the Zoebots of 06/07.  Top 3 are in my former favorite booth, The Standard Downtown.  Then Wasteland San Francisco, and Ace Hotel Palm Springs.  Why doesn’t my hair look that straight anymore? Sheesh.

I’m currently working on the new Fashion Intel site which I am excited to show you in the coming week.  There is going to be so many great changes!  Keep reading.


Tick Tock, Tick Tock

December 4, 2008


This new photo [shot by my fave Steven Meisel] of Madonna for Louis Vuitton makes me feel a tiny bit better. Thank you Marc Jacobs!

“I still feel it looks like beautiful, gorgeous Madonna,” Jacobs said about the images. [more at WWD]

Club los Globos

November 24, 2008


It is going to be a great week, I just know it.  My apartment is looking cleaner than ever, our duvet cover should be arriving from Bloomingdales this week, I ordered the Vena Cava dress, 1 day of school, 2 days of work, Sarah’s birthday at the Hotel Figueroa, my cranberry/pomegranate chutney on Thanksgiving, hanging out with my parents and sending out lots of mail.

This photo of Natalie Vodianova makes me so happy.  I’d like to keep this feeling all week long, thank you.

So Fresh & Clean

October 24, 2008

I have figured out why I love Emma Watson so much.  She looks lovely in everything she wears and seems mature beyond her years.  It wasn’t that long ago I remember seeing Lindsay Lohan trashed on every other rag mag; it is such a sigh of relief knowing that there are talented actresses in cinema who also cherish self respect.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved Lindsay, Mischa and Nicole through their rocky roller-coasters and still do, but it’s the Emmas of the world who are warrant the most attention.

Here is a shoot I came across in the Vogue Italia suplement issue this September.  Since I know I recevied lots of love on Fashion Intel from Emma Watson fans, I hope you enjoy this spread.  See the rest behind the break – there are tons!


Lula & Ali: Girls of our Dreams

October 6, 2008

Lula, Girl of my Dreams is probably my favorite magazine in publication.  I love this magazine because the editors/artists who put it together make me feel as if they read my childhood diary.  Lula picks all the cool girls, but not the ones you hated in high school.  Instead they pick the smart, interesting, and creative girls that always intrigued you.

I was so happy to see the new issue and with Ali Micheal on the cover no less.  Ali has been through a very public roller-coaster ride, including designers calling her fat in Paris, her televised admittance of Anorexia and treatment, followed by a backlash then empathy, and popping up again during NYC fashion week looking thinner than ever.  I wish Ali well and the best of health.  She looks absolutely beautiful in this Lula spread, so we thank the magazine for seeing what we see in Ali.



Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

September 8, 2008

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who models the sexiest lingerie of them all?
You, sweet Daisy, are best of all.

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who sells leopard fabric, whips, and bras to all?
You, Agent Provocateur, it is true. And no one mixes witches and sex, better than you.

Pictured/Daisy Lowe in an Agent Provocateur Leopard Body Suit [£175]

Satan? Witches? Lingerie? Yes, Please.

September 8, 2008


Shot by fashion photographer and good friend Tim Bret Day, the inspiration behind ‘The Season Of The Witch’ is the work by Paul de la Roche; the execution of Lady Gray – mixed with the Massacre of the Innocents by Peter Paul Rubens. The first of the posters are an insert in this months Pop Magazine and GQ (UK).

More Daisy and my top lingerie picks this evening!

Picture This / Fashion Week

September 7, 2008


Visible but Subservient

September 5, 2008

If you have taken any class within a cultural studies context or have managed to become socially conscious, you probably share with the Fashion Intel the ability to spot a binary from a mile away. No matter the greatness of these clothes nor the beauty of the photography, it is evident to the conscious eye we have a lightly veiled theme of master and servant. Many have demanded visibility for more diverse models, positing participation in editorial spreads rather than acting as scenery, but surely this is not the kind of representation we desired.

New York Magazine is one of my favorites to read and they have by far the best blogs on the internet [see The Cut], but apparently they didn’t get the memo that Asian women have the capability to do more than simply serve white women. I love Fall Fashion spreads, but not when they continue to perpetuate racist images.


In the Mail / The Row, Leather Leggings

September 4, 2008

What better way to calm my stress of summer school midterms, ailments, and daily life than to receive a lovely email from Barneys urging me to get my very own pair of LEATHER LEGGINGS. Not but a few hours ago the beating sun was extracting perspiration through my white American Apparel v-neck, but the truth is I always dream of fashion through the eyes of Fall colors and fabrics.

Leggings, as those closest to me know, make me vomit in my own mouth. Much to my surprise I squealed with joy when I saw this image of Coco Rocha wearing leather, clutching Goyard, donning leopard on the skull, in front of a scene of white monochromatic books. Did someone peer into my mind last night while I was sleeping? This is my winning combination. This will be my look for Fall. Now if I can only get a hand on $1,700 so that I can help fill the pockets of those struggling artists Mary-Kate and Ashely Olsen. What can I say, I love The Row and those stylish girls.

FYI: The Row’s studio is down the street from my apartment. I’ll be keeping my eye out for any “sample sales.” In my dreams.

See You There / LACMA

August 30, 2008

This sounds like an event not to be missed. Big thanks to Stefani for the tip.  I will be keeping an eye out for you, dear readers.