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Cruelty Free

March 10, 2009


Stella McCartney is one of my absolute favorite designers.  If you’ve ever felt her clothes you know how soft her fabric is and how beautiful the colors are.  Whether it be her line for Adidas, her luggage for Le Sportsac or her own collection, the charcoals, grays and roses have me dying for more.  I cannot forget to mention her crulety-free ethics which is why so many respect what she designs.  Though I have love for Carine and her goat coat, I have just as much love and respect for someone like Stella who has developed such an amazing brand.  I’ve even forgiven Stella for selling me $500 rafia sandals that fell apart in 3 months.  OK, maybe I am still a little mad.

Sleeve Me Alone

March 9, 2009

photo via Jak & Jil

I support animal rights but when you begin ripping the sleeves off Balenciaga dresses that is where I draw the line!  Accounts of the the aforementioned incident are as such: a crazed PETA protester lunged at Carine Roitfeld outside of Jean Paul Gaultier and ripped the sleeve off  her dress.  Apparently PETA was rather bothered by the lilac goat hair coat Carine was seen sporting this weekend and felt that she needed to learn a lesson.  In proper Carine style she replied to the media’s coverage by saying “I am a fashion martyr now.”