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First Look at Grey Gardens

March 6, 2009






Here is a first look at HBO’s new film Grey Gardens, starring Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange.  I have expressed my doubts about the making of Grey Gardens as I thought the Maysles film was too incredible to even try to emulate.  My staunch opinion has not changed but I would like to confess that the costumes and cinematography on this production look amazing.  Something that has also eased my pain is that the film will be aired on HBO rather than being released in the theaters.  The original and only Grey Gardens is incredibly special to me and I know many of you, so I am sure you understand my fears of exploitation and the thought of ruining something so beautiful.

A Grey Day at LACMA

January 12, 2009


What a lovely day at LACMA!  My boyfriend and I had purchased tickets for the screening & book signing for the film Grey Gardens, with one of the filmmakers, Albert Maysles.  As some of you may know, Grey Gardens is my favorite film of all time, and for many years at that.  I might even post one of my Little Edie Beale costumes one day!  I absolutely loved seeing it on the big screen.  A big thanks to Liz Goldwyn who curated this screening and persuaded Maysles to sit down for a q&a.  Liz also appears to be an eccentric, and for that she goes on my list of cool ladies in L.A.  Her heels were great too.

Since we were already at the museum, we finally went and saw the Vanity Fair portraits exhibit.  Though photography wasn’t allowed, I still managed to capture this photo of Susan Sontag, one of my favorite authors and culture critic ever.  When I reach a certain age – which will be a long time from now – I will wear my hair in the Sontag style.  Since I already own plenty of black, I don’t have to worry about the wardrobe.

Any time I visit a museum there is a mandatory stop in the gift store.  Not too many items caught my eye at the LACMA shop, but I did manage to see an incredible necklace [pictured].  Without touching it, the material is mysterious, but once you grab it, you are surprised to discover that it’s made of rubber-bands.  This sounds like a project for 2009.  I’ve also got a project for you – visit your local museum and museum store in 2009!

Grey Gardens at LACMA / See you there

December 30, 2008


Anyone who truly knows me can say that Grey Gardens is my favorite film of all time.  Documentaries have always been my cup of tea and the minute I saw Little Edie Beale and her costume of the day, I was in love.  That is why I am completely overjoyed that LACMA is presenting Grey Gardens on the big screen, followed by a Q&A with Liz Goldwyn and Albert Maysles, followed by a book signing.

Albert Maysles will be introducing the film, and I am so excited to meet one of the brothers who made this gem I admire tremendously.  There are still tickets available.  Visit LACMA and mark January 11, 2009 [1pm] on your calendars.

Grey Days

November 10, 2008


Jezebel pointed out a very special day that deserves the attention of any lovers of fashion, cats or staunch characters.  Had Little Edie Beale still been alive today, she would’ve celebrated her 91st birthday on Friday November 7.  Since she is my favorite lady of all time, I couldn’t let another day pass without giving her a a shout out.

The Queen of Grey Gardens

October 23, 2008

I have already brought up astrology today, and posted a photo of an “eccentric” [I hate that word], that I felt motivated to mention this lovely spread of Little Edie Beale of Grey Gardens.  Looking absolutely regal in September Vogue Italia, these old photos allow us to dive further into the life of the staunch character we all know and love as Little Edie.  She looks absolutely stunning.

I cannot wait to get Edith Bouvier Beale of Grey Gardens: A Life in Pictures for Christmas.

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