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September 29, 2009


Last night The Rachel Zoe Project reminded me of how much I love jewelry and that I really need to organize my collection. I don’t have thousands of pieces like dear Rachel but I anticipate that I will one day, so I might as well get Virgo organized before it is too late. Oh, I am a Virgo – won’t be too hard!

Yesterday I received a box in the mail with the much anticipated House of Harlow Aztec skinny bangle. Another black and gold bracelet to add to my ever growing stack. Here are a few of my favorites.


Chain MAIL

July 31, 2009


Welcome back to Chain Mail, where I share with you the jewelry I am loving at the moment.  I love traveling so you may find it fitting that I just adore this gold Globe Necklace ($74) designed by Pretty Little Thing jewelry.  Even better is that portion of every sale of this necklace goes to The Wilderness Society.

On to the cuff. Fallon, of course.  They have never done me wrong!  I just love these 3 new designs and they seem to have introduced a color I’ve never seen before.  ROSE GOLD! Dies.  These are called the Small Square Stud Bangle ($150) and if you like heavy metals around your wrist, these are perfect.

Pretty Little Thing is having a Summer Giveaway
Shop $75 or more and get a free canvas tote + free shipping

(choose from 2 styles: “Deer Heart” or “Spider Heart”/Note in the ‘comment’ box upon ordering)
Now through Monday, August 10th

Home Sweet JULIA

May 14, 2009





Julia Restoin-Roitfeld and I might have been separated at birth.  No, we are not twins in physicality but rather we share nearly identical taste.

I was so excited when The Pipeline posted some photos of Julia at home, courtesy of The Selby.  One of my favorite things is to peek inside fascinating people’s lives.  Seeing how some of the most stylish people live is totally engrossing.  I was not disappointed with the series of photos uncovering Julia’s NYC apartment.  In fact, these images have me convinced we’d be the best of pals!  She owns the gold Pamela Love “Talon Cuff” I’ve wanted forever, she owns the Balenciaga sandals that I couldn’t afford to buy 2 years ago, and she owns a ton of skin products just like myself.  Also, we both wear white furs on our white beads.  I’m just saying…

P.S. If you’re interested in buying me a graduation gift, I will glady accept the Gold Talon Cuff.  Purchase here.


April 28, 2009


Black + gold is my favorite color combination.  If you looked at my rack of clothes, you would see waves of black, gold, gray, and camel.  Here are my lastest additions to the collection as seen on me!

Wearing 704B Shoes, brass necklace and House of Harlow earrings

What’s your SIGN?

October 23, 2008

Necklace: Maya Brenner

Astrology was the theme that ruled my day yesterday.  Since coming back from the desert, where I visited The Integratron and stocked up on some witchy materials at the local Yucca Valley new age store, I haven’t stopped thinking about how much meditation, yoga and astrology calms my life.

There is something amazing about California that few places can even touch – the high desert and the mysteries it holds.  Not to mention the great vintage and hotels!  All my friends have an affinity for the desert and for the magic that takes place in the heat and darkness.  Coming to mind is definitely Stefani and Sarah, who I could talk with all day about rocks and feathers! Speaking of Stefani, I love how she always posts her horoscope on her blog.  I might do the same, and encourage you to read your own. [try astrology zone]

Speaking of Virgos…I know Rachel Zoe annoys tons of you out there, but I find her charming.  I can also identify with her stomach pain, which I just got over, because I learned as Virgos that is where we hold all our stress – the intestines!  I am still trying to figure out though how she is a triple Virgo. [see Zoe astrology info here] Her dates don’t match up.

from Freewill Astrology / Virgo: When the planet Uranus comes into play, as it is now, it’s a good time to initiate experiments that will expedite the arrival of future blessings. Pushing beyond comforting habits, you thrive by going in quest of bracing truths, unfashionable beauty, and wild justice. The symbolic nature of Saturn is different. It invites you to creatively limit and discipline yourself so that fate isn’t forced to limit and discipline you in unpleasant ways. It so happens, Virgo, that Uranus and Saturn are now poised in opposition to each other. Will they work at cross-purposes, spawning a sticky mess? Or is there a way for you to get them to work together? More than you imagine, you have the power to affect how they interact in your personal sphere.

P.S. I am truly a LEO/VIRGO sign.  I am on the cusp, August 23.  I am the best/worst of both signs.
P.S.S. What is your sign & how does it influence your style?