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Best Mug EVER

September 8, 2009



No more psychic vampires, I’ve got this mug!  Sometimes I make a happy sigh because I love my friends so much.  My dear Martine sent me the world’s best mug for my birthday and it was definitely an amazing moment when I opened the package.  Also pictured are some white roses my friend Stefani brought me just because and a lovely Diptyque candle from the amazing Scott.

This mug is holding the many mottos I want for my life.  God, it is so good.

Things the mug has inspired to be do/finish this week:
+Finish thank you notes
+Read more
+Gym every day
+Clean clean clean
+Continue website re-design
+Hem clothes for Fall
+etc. etc. etc.



August 26, 2009



I don’t know about you, but I’m watching what I spend my money on.   I’m so glad my birthday just passed because I was showered with lovely things I simply cannot buy myself at the moment.  I’m trying to save money and it is hard because it is not like I have that much. Even more grim is our economy and the unemployment rate, particularly in California.  I swear that every friend I have is looking for a job, worried about their  job security, trying to find a place to live or merely watching every dollar that comes out of their wallet.  I am certainly not exempt from this and I’m guessing you’re probably not either.  That’s why I think it is important we get extremely creative with the money we do have.

Thank goodness I was taught by my grandmother at a very young age about the magic of thrift stores.  Even better is when you have best friends who also love to thrift!  This past weekend – birthday weekend – Phuong and I visited our local Salvation Army in the ‘bra.  Unfortunately they were not having their buy 1 get one 1 free, but I still think we made out like bandits.

Phuong found a colorful floral silk suit which you can see it only took her a day to alter and make amazing.  As for me, I added another pair of baggy silk pants to my ever growing collection.  You can never go wrong with 100% silk.  I’m really obsessing over the comfort of silk pants right now – I wish I could wear them every day and I’m the person who never wore pants! Ever.

Do yourself a favor and visit your local thrift store.  You can also give back and donate some of your old wares.  Tax right off? Yes!


June 15, 2009







I first want to thank all my readers and friends for sending me so many well wishes over my graduation weekend.  Oh, the sweet feeling of completing college!  All the hard work was absolutely worth it.

With graduation comes lots of celebrating and if you’ve ever partied with me, you know how much I love everything to be just perfect. VIRGO ALERT.  Friday night my parents took me, my sister and boyfriend to a lovely dinner over at Anisette Brasserie.  French is right at the top of my list and their dishes were delightful.  I wish I could go into every detail but it was so wonderful I’d end up taking up this whole page with words.

Saturday afternoon after my Women’s Studies graduation we headed over to The Viceroy Santa Monica.  If you’ve been reading Fashion Intel for awhile you know how much I love The Viceroy Palm Springs and I was just as impressed with its predecessor’s location.  As you can see, I couldn’t pass up the chance to take photos in the gorgeously designed Kelly Wearstler green bathroom.

It was great to dine outdoors with my family, boyfriend, and besties Stefani and Serge. I’d like to mention how delicious my tomato, mozarella, and micro-basil salad was.  Whist at The Viceroy is amazing – you must go!  My friends S+S also surprised me with a wonderful gift certificate to Willow Spa.  Seriously, I die!

Last but not least, check out that amazing box of Sprinkles graduation cupcakes my mom bought me.  I love you mom!  I’d also like to give a shout out to my lovely sister who flew down from NorCal for my special weekend.  Not only did she shower me with love/gifts but she wrote an awesome speech in my honor.


May 18, 2009







Guess which girl is dressed up for the faire?

Yesterday was the last day of the Renaissance Pleasure Faire and my friend Natalie and I made a pact that we would go this year.  My long-time boyfriend had never been so he was in on it as well.  We’d been planning for weeks to go and it just so happened to be like a 1,000 degrees the day we went!  Thankfully we lathered on the sunscreen and put on our most comfortable ensembles; we were prepared for anything.

When we arrived we quickly entered into an alternative universe – a world full of huzaas, bulging breasts and giant turkey legs for lunch.  I was pretty excited to see what kind of jewels, gems, and amulets awaited me at the faire.  Though I did not leave with anything, there was plenty which inspired me.  I particularly enjoyed the crowns made of feathers, fur tails and the bird feather bib necklace.  I spy a DIY project!  There was also some great metal necklaces that I would’ve bought had they been made in gold.  Oh yeah, lets not forget my magical geodes.

Who worked it at the Ren Faire?  Aside from Natalie and I, here are the girls who were dressed to impress.  You’ve got a classic American Apparel dress, an awesome bold print, and a top made of steel.

Rudo y CURSI

May 6, 2009





Last night we attended Flux’s screening of Carlos Cuarón first full-length film entitled Ruso y Cursi.  Lo siento para todos las personas no hablan Español.  The line was incredibly long but we were lucky our friend Fixed Air just happened to walk by on her way home and mentioned her friend was working the front door.  Next thing you know we had tickets in our hand and were bypassing the line with grins on our faces.  Surprise number two unfolds when I run into an old friend who just so happens to hang with possibly the coolest Latinas in L.A. [pictured above]  Claro.

We scamper inside and my boyfriend is tickled to death by all the free candy and Izzes!  Chatted, mingled and saw some spotted some girls with style.  Snapped some photos and then ended up sitting next to another old friend – surprise – once we we made it into the theater [calling Mecha members].  What a night.

You don’t think it could get any better? It did.  The lights dimmed and out of the shadows a soccer ball was thrown.  My honey caught the ball with his long arms and to our discovery it was signed by Gael, Diego and Carlos.  A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

8 Stories Above L.A.

March 20, 2009



Thanks to my friend David for inviting us to his place for his monthly 8 Stories Above L.A. music showcase.  We brought a nice spread of grapes, wine, goat cheese, crackers and sparkling apple cider.  I wish I had taken photos of the people who were sprawled on the floor listening to the lovely rhythms but I didn’t want to break the vibe.

I couldn’t pass up posting this photo of Phuong and the giraffe. Also, how amazing is that light fixture? It has inspired me. Doesn’t David live in an amazing building?