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Purse of our DREAMS

April 15, 2009




Have you been reading the CHANEL blog?  I stumbled upon Chanel News the other day and absolutely fell in love with these white paper flowers [from S/S Haute Couture show] and this amazing carry-all purse [09 F/RTW].  Karl has an amazing mind.

Spring has SPRUNG

April 12, 2009


Happy Eostre worship!  Spring has finally sprung in Los Angeles and how nice of it to show up on Easter.  We have dyed our eggs and have had our brunch – all in 70 degree weather.  When it comes to holidays I am always cheerful.  I love seeing the kids and hiding little treats for them.  Pagan traditions are always so much fun.

Carnival of Light

March 24, 2009



photos by Paola Kudackl

If I were to assemble a super group of celebrity best friends Julia Restoin-Roitfeld would be one of the first on my list.  Julia looks absolutely stunning in the April issue of British Harper’s Bazaar but I don’t expect anything less from a girl whose mother is Carine Roitfeld.   Great genes? Yes.

I have noticed all over the internet young women celebrating Julia for her not-so-typical model body and it is refreshing seeing another type of beauty represented in magazines.  A brunette with ample breasts, thighs and hips – not the typical fashion plate, but then again I’ve never cared for “typical.”  I am just dying over these ethereal photos.  Who said fashion photography wasn’t legit?

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March 17, 2009

I am planning lots of parties at the moment and this is my graduation soiree inspiration.  I love you Sofia & I love balloons!

Sleeve Me Alone

March 9, 2009

photo via Jak & Jil

I support animal rights but when you begin ripping the sleeves off Balenciaga dresses that is where I draw the line!  Accounts of the the aforementioned incident are as such: a crazed PETA protester lunged at Carine Roitfeld outside of Jean Paul Gaultier and ripped the sleeve off  her dress.  Apparently PETA was rather bothered by the lilac goat hair coat Carine was seen sporting this weekend and felt that she needed to learn a lesson.  In proper Carine style she replied to the media’s coverage by saying “I am a fashion martyr now.”

Must Have Miss Van

March 4, 2009


You know that feeling you get when you see something you must have and it gnaws at you every time you think of it?  That is the feeling I get with Miss Van’s “Wood Pin” collection.  See the entire collection here.

French New Wave

November 10, 2008


There was a fabulous article written in The New York Times Style Magazine a few weeks back that seemed to go under the radar.  They say French New Wave and the Fashion Intel says oh-la-la.

The feature spotlights France’s First Lady Madame Sarkozy and also includes my major crush VINCENT CASSEL, CLÉMENCE POÉSY, and the sexy  LUDIVINE SAGNIER.  Eva Green is also one of the French starlets featured and I would just kill for her leopard coat.  Check out the French film Entre les Murs [The Class] while you’re at it.