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September 25, 2009




Do you enjoy long, depressing and violent films? Me too, especially when Charlotte Gainsbourg is the star. Lars von Trier has reeled me in again with Antichrist, a film about … “A grieving couple who retreats to their cabin in the woods, hoping to repair their broken hearts and troubled marriage. But nature takes its course and things go from bad to worse.”

His films always have the most amazing cinematography. 3 – 2 – 1 seconds until I mention the word ethereal. Did I mention this film has a (spoiler alert) scene where Charlotte mutilates Willam Dafoe’s genitals. Did I say too much? Stylish films are always a delight and even if this one is bad, it will undoubtedly look beautiful.

Out October 23, watch trailer here

The Stepford APPROACH

July 29, 2009


I love watching films.  You probably already knew that.  My favorite are usually French, existential, feminist, satanic and/or pornographic.  There was once an amazing time for film in the United States but that time has definitely passed.  I especially love the 1975 film The Stepford Wives based on Ira Levin’s novel.  Don’t bother renting that awful Nicole Kidman movie of 2004. Love this concept behind the film “…Stepford is a sort of chauvinistic dystopia, and that the depiction of subservient, robotic women is intended as a satirical statement against traditional gender roles.”

The fashion in the original Stepford Wives is absolutely drool inducing!  The best wardrobe by far can be seen on the character Bobbie Markowe, seen above in the button-down and shorts.  She’s independent, irrepressible, and amazing.  AND since everyone went nuts after seeing Garance Dore’s “cherchez le gaon“, I think her style is apropos for your summer look.

Clothes: Elizabeth and James Black Striped Schoolboy Shirt $264, Forever 21 H81 Adria Linen Short $19.90, Urban Outfitters Grandpa’s Pocket Watch Necklace $28

Inspired by ANGER

July 15, 2009






Film is a medium that has always inspired my sense of style.  For this reason, I am so excited for this weekend’s screening of The Films of Kenneth Anger at Cinespia.  Even better is that he is going to be there in person.  I was devastated when I missed him at the Hammer’s “Occult Month” so here’s my chance to redeem myself.  Maybe he’ll even induct me into the O.T.O.

These are some of Anger’s images that I found particularly inspiring while digging around for some clips.  I think I might have spotted that sequence coat at Balmain and that cage on Lady Gaga recently.  Maybe I’ll see you there this Sunday?  Here’s some info to further entice you:

Beautiful, erotic, phantasmagoric, the films of Kenneth Anger are a national treasure. Mick Jagger, Jimmy Page, Marianne Faithfull, Anton Lavey, and a  parade of other 60s luminaries collaborate on this collection of short films . They range from rich mystcal imagery and visual essays of psychedelic color to insider documentary footage of bikers and a glittering love letter to early black and white film. Please join us under the stars for this very special screening with one of our most legendary filmmakers.

Cinespia should have included the word occult somewhere in that description but I’ll let it slide.  Erotic? Satanic? Under the stars in a cemetary? You can count me in!


June 21, 2009

Images via Winona Forever

Winona Ryder is one of my favorite actresses, ever.  To my delight while at a newsstand in Santa Monica this weekend I saw the latest issue of Elle UK with Winona on the cover.  Since I promised myself I’d cut down on my magazine buying (yeah, right) I passed on picking this one up and just told myself to find some magazine scans when I got home.  To my surprise there were no good images online, but I am still thankful for these water damaged ones from website Winona Forever.

Don’t you miss the intelligent brunette with effortless style!!?!?!?!  Aren’t you ready for a Winona comeback?  I know I sure am.



June 8, 2009


“But at the end of the day I used to wonder: what’s the difference between doing a shoot in your underwear for Calvin Klein and being a stripper? Obviously you are compromising yourself. How far am I willing to go? How much am I willing to show for a big fat cheque?” – Sara Ziff

The Guardian published an article this weekend that has garnered lots of attention from many of the fashion/feminist blogs I read and rightfully so.  Picture Me, a documentary which goes behind the scenes of modeling has managed to reveal an even seeder underbelly of the industry so often scrutinized.  YOU MUST READ THIS ARTICLE.  There’s so much to articulate, so I suggest you watch the trailer here and read the article.


May 27, 2009


Even with all of the wedding excitement, I still managed to catch Sasha Grey’s big screen debut in Steven Soderbergh’s The Girlfriend Experience.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen Sasha look so lovely.  Her wardrobe included La Perla, Costume National, and lots of black.  Unfortunately her whimsicality had so much working against it, as the film was not particularly good.  I saw the potentiality for an amazing performance but they didn’t ask enough of Sasha Grey.  She was there, willing and able, but the story left so much to be desired and I’m not referring to sex.

Sasha debuted another thing this week, as discovered through The Pipeline, and that was the sheer cut-out pantyhose designed by American Apparel.  Check out their “Coming Soon” section and you’ll see all the surprises they have in store for us!  I particularly like these pantyhose as they appear so liberating.  That’s right, let them hang out.

NSFW after the cut


Mi Vida LOCA

May 22, 2009





Mi Vida Loca finally made it to number 1 in my Netflix queue and I finally got to watch the film from start to finish – it’s only taken me 15 years!  I really wanted to see it when it first came out, but seeing that I was 10 years old, my parents didn’t find it appropriate.  There was something that always drew me to the film and that was the fashion.  And that it was written and directed by a woman.  Even as a young girl those details were important to me.

Back to the film’s fashion.  Chola culture and style has always impressed me.  Long before Gwen Stefani hijacked the look, there were chicanas all over Los Angeles rocking half shirts, white cotton tees, gaudy gold necklaces, and black, black and more black.  Can you say Alexander Wang?  Here some of the best screen caps accompanied with Alexander Wang’s Spring lookbook.  The colors and the feel made me think of so much what is coming out now.  Everything pictured from the film could be replicated via American Apparel [pink dress] , Erin Wasson x RVCA [tight black skirt] and Alexander Wang [stretch lace dress].  I recommend that you try and hit up your local thrift store for that 90’s fashion that has quickly squeezed itself back into our lives.

Rudo y CURSI

May 6, 2009





Last night we attended Flux’s screening of Carlos Cuarón first full-length film entitled Ruso y Cursi.  Lo siento para todos las personas no hablan Español.  The line was incredibly long but we were lucky our friend Fixed Air just happened to walk by on her way home and mentioned her friend was working the front door.  Next thing you know we had tickets in our hand and were bypassing the line with grins on our faces.  Surprise number two unfolds when I run into an old friend who just so happens to hang with possibly the coolest Latinas in L.A. [pictured above]  Claro.

We scamper inside and my boyfriend is tickled to death by all the free candy and Izzes!  Chatted, mingled and saw some spotted some girls with style.  Snapped some photos and then ended up sitting next to another old friend – surprise – once we we made it into the theater [calling Mecha members].  What a night.

You don’t think it could get any better? It did.  The lights dimmed and out of the shadows a soccer ball was thrown.  My honey caught the ball with his long arms and to our discovery it was signed by Gael, Diego and Carlos.  A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

Her comes the BRIDE

April 7, 2009

Photos via Autumn de Wilde

I love it when amazing women recognize  talent in one another and work together on a project!  With this said, I was so happy to have read that Miranda July has asked Rodarte to design her wedding dress.  We have to wait until May to see the actual creation but I am sure it will be ethereal.  What will Mike Mills wear?

I also have to mention that I fell in love with Ms. July back in 2001 when she was introduced to me by filmmaker Arielle Rudin.  Can you say Joanie4Jackie?  If you are a cool girl who makes films, you want to know that site.  If you appreciate creativity then I recommend you watch Me You and Everyone You Know and read No One Belongs Here More Than You.

I Love Rashida

March 12, 2009


Don’t you love it when you think someone is cool and then you find out they are a Harvard grad and used to work at Barneys?  I love amazing surprises like that.  The Harvard Grad and Barneys Girl (she revealed this on Martha) I am talking about is Rashida Jones.  I have always thought Rashida was so cute and hilarious – though I don’t watch The Office – and I was excited to see her on The Martha Stewart Show being absolutely amazing.  Rashida came on to make a rhubarb tart and in Martha fashion, hilarity ensued.  The Martha Stewart Show is one of my favorite programs which I record on my dvr every day.  Celebrities are out of their comfort zone on Martha and it is so much fun to see how they respond to crafts, cooking and baking.

Back to Rashida.  Besides being gorgeous, did I mention she’s a Harvard grad? Oh, I did.  I’ve always liked her because intelligent, funny, and stylish women are always tops with the Fashion Intel.  One of my other favorite things I learned on her wiki page is that “She is also a longtime family friend of Nicole Richie and British fashion designer Stella McCartney.”  Enough said.

To watch Rashida make a rhubarb tart, watch her Martha video here.  If you want even more, go see I Love You, Man with me next weekend.  Support interracial love!

P.S. As you can see from the clip, Rashida is a short nails kind of girl!  Who’s with me on that?

Rashida & Kidada Jones, Nicole Richie, Samantha & Charlotte Ronson

First Look at Grey Gardens

March 6, 2009






Here is a first look at HBO’s new film Grey Gardens, starring Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange.  I have expressed my doubts about the making of Grey Gardens as I thought the Maysles film was too incredible to even try to emulate.  My staunch opinion has not changed but I would like to confess that the costumes and cinematography on this production look amazing.  Something that has also eased my pain is that the film will be aired on HBO rather than being released in the theaters.  The original and only Grey Gardens is incredibly special to me and I know many of you, so I am sure you understand my fears of exploitation and the thought of ruining something so beautiful.

Penelope + Woody

February 3, 2009


I love Penelope Cruz & Woody Allen.
See more Oscar  Vanity Fair photos here.


January 27, 2009

Merci beaucoup to Stefani for sending me this Louis Vuitton mini-film of M&M: Marc & Madonna [nice touch SG].  My blog friend Diabolina appears to be a fan as well.  We were at the Figaro Bistro just last week and I had the most delicious filet mignon topped with foie gras.  Don’t even get me started on the heirloom tomatoes with goat cheesecake we ate. Just need a drink?  Try their raspberry mojito.  Yummy!

Grey Gardens at LACMA / See you there

December 30, 2008


Anyone who truly knows me can say that Grey Gardens is my favorite film of all time.  Documentaries have always been my cup of tea and the minute I saw Little Edie Beale and her costume of the day, I was in love.  That is why I am completely overjoyed that LACMA is presenting Grey Gardens on the big screen, followed by a Q&A with Liz Goldwyn and Albert Maysles, followed by a book signing.

Albert Maysles will be introducing the film, and I am so excited to meet one of the brothers who made this gem I admire tremendously.  There are still tickets available.  Visit LACMA and mark January 11, 2009 [1pm] on your calendars.

Buona fortuna!

November 20, 2008


Sasha Grey is one of the most intriguing personalities I have ever met.  I was quite excited when I read she was cast in a Steven Soderbergh film, so I have been trying to keep up with all her crossover projects.  I came across this recent photo of Sasha which I simply loved.

Since I’ve received lots of visitors for her Richard Kern photos [warning: NWS], I thought I would share this gem as well.

Authentically Anne

November 19, 2008


I love Anne Hathaway, there is no denying it.  Even when Princess Diaries [lame, I know!] shows on cable, I cannot help but make some popcorn and cozy up with the young princess.  Havoc will probably never be erased from my mind – that is her her worst film btw – but I am excited about her future in Hollywood.

Anne’s new latest film, Rachel Getting Married is getting a lot of attention and has even been dubbed the “best American film of the year.”  I feel ho-hum about the film, but at least with the attention comes the swirling press and magazines around Anne.  Here is a beautiful spread from Californian publication, C Magazine.

More photos after the break


Whimsical Sofia

November 11, 2008

photo via Fashionologie

Last night was the premiere of Sofia Coppola’s first ever commercial for Miss Dior Cherie.  If you were watching Gossip Girl and didn’t blink once during the commercials, you might have seen it.  The whimsical images happened so fast I can barely remember what I saw.  What I can account for were balloons, soft colors, whimsical dresses, grass and a French tune sung by Brigitte Bardot.

Classic Sofia.

French New Wave

November 10, 2008


There was a fabulous article written in The New York Times Style Magazine a few weeks back that seemed to go under the radar.  They say French New Wave and the Fashion Intel says oh-la-la.

The feature spotlights France’s First Lady Madame Sarkozy and also includes my major crush VINCENT CASSEL, CLÉMENCE POÉSY, and the sexy  LUDIVINE SAGNIER.  Eva Green is also one of the French starlets featured and I would just kill for her leopard coat.  Check out the French film Entre les Murs [The Class] while you’re at it.


Grey Days

November 10, 2008


Jezebel pointed out a very special day that deserves the attention of any lovers of fashion, cats or staunch characters.  Had Little Edie Beale still been alive today, she would’ve celebrated her 91st birthday on Friday November 7.  Since she is my favorite lady of all time, I couldn’t let another day pass without giving her a a shout out.

Oooh, Baby Baby

November 10, 2008

Love It! Black sweater, charm bracelet, and ribbon headband

Last night I finally jump-started my Netflix viewing again.  I’ve had Baby Doll in my apartment since 05.14.08, which means that it’s just shy of a 6 month anniversary at The Garland Estate.  I am so glad that I finally watched it as the film was not only superb but offered a stylish young girl named Baby Doll.

I am currently reading a Street Car Named Desire by Tennessee Williams in my “Gay Literature pre-Stonewall” class [UCLA] so I had an idea that I would be watching that would be considered “edgy” as most of his work at the time was considered so.  It was nearly banned in 1956 and if you’ve seen it, there is no question as to why.  Most impressive for me was the spectacular Baby Doll who was naive but witty, young but womanly, poor but absolutely stylish.