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October 19, 2009

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It is 11 days away until All Hallows’ Eve and if you don’t know what costume your wearing, you better get on it!  I saw this image from this month’s Dazed and Confused and immediately thought of Lady Bathory.  You’d look that good too if you bathed in the blood of virgins.

Maybe this could be your costume?  A mix of high fashion and history.



October 16, 2009



images via Prada

I’ve been gearing up for the re-launch of Fashion Intel and that means I’ve been going through all my old files, inspirations, and lists.  In one of my folders I came across an image with celestial rings that was part of the Prada Fall 09 look book.  That image has been saved since July and just waiting to grace Fashion Intel.  I thought it was cool and beautiful; now is the perfect time to share.  Considering this image was meant for Fall, I wandered over to where to my delight the whole look book was available for download.

Here are my favorite of the look book images.  I’m truly inspired for fall fashion.


October 9, 2009


images via donttouchmymoleskine

May I suggest you dress up as Chloe Sevigny the cat for Halloween?  Even better is to have a friend dress as Terry Richardson to take your photo.  Just some costume suggestions from Fashion Intel. xoxo


October 7, 2009



images via From the Desk of Phyllis


October 5, 2009




Los Angeles County homeless population has reached 90,000 – the largest group of homeless people in the United States. The bulk of the L.A. county homeless, 82,291 out of the 90,000, are found in South Central (which includes Watts, Downtown, Pico Union, Boyle Heights, and Hollywood).

I think W Magazine forgot to mention a few things in their Paper Bag Princess fashion spread so I thought I’d include some numbers that represent my city and homelessness. I cannot get these images out of my head and I could no longer avoid posting them. One of my favorite blogs, Thread Bared, has plenty to expound on these photos as well as the re-emergence of “tramp chic” and I strongly recommend you read their critique.

I’m currently working with a friend on educating our community about the severity of homelessness, especially heightened during the downward spiral of this economy. We’re working on a project that I’ll be promoting through this blog and I look forward to sharing it with you. I know you’ll want to be involved.


October 2, 2009



October is my favorite month of the year. Why? One word. HALLOWEEN. Everything leads up to this amazing day and you have 30 days to prepare. The weather starts cooling off in L.A., all the stores put out their skull tsotchkes, and black makeup becomes omnipresent. What more could a girl ask for?

This October my boyfriend and I are heading up to Nor Cal to spend Halloween with my sister in San Francisco. I’ll be dressing up as Lady Gaga – nay, I will become Lady Gaga – and Asael still has no idea what obnoxious character he’s going to conjure up.

I wanted to start this month off with a post of some beautiful images in the new issue of Harper’s Bazaar. High fashion meets Tim Burton. What you can look forward to for the month of October on Fashion Intel:

+ Black, black and more black
+ Witches, Magic and the Occult
+ An updated site with lots of changes


Tie Me Up, Tie Me DOWN

September 11, 2009


Photos via Nicola Formichetti

Two of my loves combined: Bondage and Lady Gaga.  She looks amazing in the new Vogue Hommes Japan.

I’m so sick of people talking shit on Gaga.  What other pop stars do you see rocking Japanese bondage one day and shouting lyrics like a mad woman on Jonathan Ross the next?  Yeah, exactly.

NSFW under the cut


All in the FAMILY

September 4, 2009

<img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-2706" title="fi090409" src="" alt="fi090409" width="450" height="653"


Kids? Yes, because my cousin is the model on the left.  Gorgeous?  Absolutely.  I was browsing through the new Cookie Magazine – what can I say, I love kid’s magazines – and I squealed with excitement when I saw my cousin Louis modeling in this “Style Council” spread.  When I lived in New York this young man was one of my house mates.  I lived with his mother who is my cousin and I always knew she had a gifted son.  He was so artistic, creative and free; I’m not surprised to see his gorgeous face in a magazine.  See all the photos here.

I just had to share this because I was so proud …. and he is so cute!

Marc Jacobs 1998 – 2009

September 3, 2009




photos via Wah Magazine

Remember the guy who used to be everyone’s favorite? Yes, MARC JACOBS!

I was so excited to read that every MJ and Juergen Teller ad from 1998 – 2009 was compiled to make a Marc Jacobs super book.  What a relief, because I was so disappointed when I bought the MJ book published by Assouline.  How exciting to see pages filled with old Jessica Stam, Kim Gordon, Winona Ryder, Rachel Feinstein, and every cool girl we want to be best friends with.  I have most of these ads saved from old magazines but I am so happy to finally own the book I’ve been asking for.

Buy your copy here.

BOY + Marisa + Polaroids = PERFECTION

August 12, 2009



photos via fashionologie

Don’t you love it when I designers/artists take the things you love and make something even more amazing out of it?  Like BOY by Band of Outsiders + Marisa Tomei + the Chateau Marmont + Polaroid films.

I totally fell for Marisa Tomei when she played Maggie on A Different World – best college show ever.  Then she made Untamed Heart and I knew I’d be a fan for eternity.  Even when she gave my boyfriend googly eyes at Joan’s on Third I was totally thrilled because that meant we had similar taste in men and gourmet food!


June 18, 2009


Karen O. of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs looks so amazing in July’s music issue of Elle Magazine.  I’ve always loved her and the bad.  Her performances on stage are probably the best I’ve ever seen.

In Chloe I TRUST

May 20, 2009



From Elle June 2009

Chloe Sevigny is one of the coolest girls on the planet.  From Sassy to Big Love, Chloe’s style is a look that is championed by the creative and booed by the masses.  Chloe’s looks in Elle are totally inspiring me right now.

Don’t forget to pre- order your Chloe Sevigny “Buckle Boots” from Opening Ceremony!

More photos after the break.


Funny Girl

March 25, 2009


My favorite quality in any person is their sense of humor.  If you can make me laugh we’re friends for life.  Anna Faris is one of those people who can make me pee my pants laughing.  She makes some of the worst movies but she always manages to make me chortle.  I’ll excuse her bad roles as I am well aware there are very few decent roles written for women in Hollywood and she’s not an “A-lister” yet.

Thank you Elle magazine for recognizing how awesome Anna Faris.  See her beautiful shots after the break.


Carnival of Light

March 24, 2009



photos by Paola Kudackl

If I were to assemble a super group of celebrity best friends Julia Restoin-Roitfeld would be one of the first on my list.  Julia looks absolutely stunning in the April issue of British Harper’s Bazaar but I don’t expect anything less from a girl whose mother is Carine Roitfeld.   Great genes? Yes.

I have noticed all over the internet young women celebrating Julia for her not-so-typical model body and it is refreshing seeing another type of beauty represented in magazines.  A brunette with ample breasts, thighs and hips – not the typical fashion plate, but then again I’ve never cared for “typical.”  I am just dying over these ethereal photos.  Who said fashion photography wasn’t legit?

See the rest after the break.


Tripping Daisy

March 18, 2009

photos via Egotastic

Daisy Lowe entrances me.  It is the combination of her saucer eyes, gorgeous brown hair and amazing nude body.  Her look is a bit witchy too – maybe she has even put a spell on us.  Either way, Daisy is exactly the kind of girl we have been waiting for. 

Daisy nudes (NWS) after the break


Nude Fridays

February 27, 2009


I love fashion photography.  I especially love nude fashion photography.  For this reason, I have a huge collection of foreign fashion magazines with bare breasted women not afraid of their bikini line.

Jurgen Teller is one of my favorite photographers and I am happy to share a couple of his shots of Mariacarla Boscono [mentioned in previous post] in Fashion Intel’s first installment of “nude fridays.”  Today in class we had quite the discourse on female nudity and the complexities are too grand to even begin writing about this late at night/early morning.  What I can say is that I’ve always loved the female nude, especially when the woman is doing something interesing.

See my NUDE FRIDAY after the jump, obviously NWS


Quiet on the Set. Action.

February 27, 2009




Last week I was reminded on one of my favorite blogs [stefani greenwood] how amazing the new Dolce & Gabbana campaign is.  These ads shot by Steven Klein look exactly how I’d want all my parties to look – the colors, the furniture, the woman behind the camera. LOVE it.  My favorite aspect though is the reemergence of one of my favorite models, Mariacarla Boscono.  How I’ve missed her beautiful Italian face.

Everything is truly perfect in these photographs.  I want the clothes, I already have thick eyebrows,  and I want to be filmed by a subversive female director.  Maybe I am reading into that last one, but fashion is about imagination, right?

SJP Loves her Library

February 25, 2009



Because of my move it has taken me awhile to receive all of my magazine subscriptions.  When I got the new Harper’s Bazaar I was so excited to see Sarah Jessica Parker on the cover.  What has always impressed me about this woman is her vast vocabulary, confidence, and ability to make any belt look amazing.  If you’ve ever seen her in an interview you know how intelligent she is and that is a rarity among many celebrities.  How apropos to give Sarah Jessica Parker the look of Diana Vreeland as both women have exhibited distinct styles and personalities.

To no surprise Sarah Jessica Parker has impressed me again, this time with her homage to Vreeland’s “Why don’t you…”  She suggests you use your local library and start writing good old-fashion letters again.  Well SJP, I do both and won’t ever stop.  Read the rest of her list and try to integrate some of her why don’t yous into your life.  Trust me when I say you’ll love it.  Visit your local library!

Moving On Up!

February 3, 2009

jurgensiliconePhoto by Juergen Teller

Dear Readers,

I moved this weekend and our house does not have internet connection yet.  If this week seems sparse with posts that is the reason.  Keep reading though, I might surprise you with something great.


Fashion Intelligentsia

P.S.  That is one of my favorite Juergen Teller photos.  Ever.

Daisy’s Birthday Suit

January 27, 2009

I love Daisy Lowe, the beautiful nude

We have begun packing for our move and I have come across many items that I’ve wanted to post on Fashion Intel.  These photos of Daisy Lowe from Paradis Magazine are some of my favorites from 2008.  The whole magazine is actually quite impressive, including about 40 pages of Mariacarla Boscano by Juergen Teller and erotic lithographs by John Lennon.  The magazine contains mostly nudity but the photographs are all quite lovely.  If you’re looking for Paradis, you might have to check the adult magazine section as that’s where I found it.