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August 19, 2009



My birthday is in a few days (8.23) so I have been enjoying the zodiac necklace I acquired while in Lake Tahoe.  Today I paired it with a great silk dress I thrifted in Palm Springs this weekend.  Sigh, how I wish I was still on vacation.  BUT nothing beats coming home to your dogs.  Here I am with 2 of my chihuahuas named Rico and Chico.

Tomorrow I am so excited to show you a blog collaboration I’ve been working on with one of my favorite stores ever.  Keep reading!

wearing: Vintage dress, thrifted bucket bag, Bakers shoes, Ray-Ban sunglasses, vintage zodiac necklace

Golf ‘n’ STUFF

August 4, 2009



I decided a few weeks ago that if my golfing skills were good enough I would try to join the LPGA by 30.  Why? Because I’d like to make millions and I was thinking Stella McCartney could sponsor me.  I hadn’t swung a club since high school and I was never on the golf team because it was the same season as softball.  My dad says I need lessons to truly know my potential but we all know I can drive it.  Sports dominated my life for the first 18 years so I’m trying to get back into the swing of things. No pun intended!

I figured my work ensemble would be fine for the driving range and I was correct.  I’ve acquired so many shorts this summer and I think they go perfect with heels.  That’s definitely been one of my summer uniforms and I’m glad in was multi-functional today.

Oh yeah, remember I said I’d try to incorporate some of my own style photos?  Here you go.  There will be a lot more I am sure.  I think I have a pretty good sense of humor so you’ll definitely get more photos of me with gummy Haribo peaches on my tongue. (Above left)

Chain MAIL

July 31, 2009


Welcome back to Chain Mail, where I share with you the jewelry I am loving at the moment.  I love traveling so you may find it fitting that I just adore this gold Globe Necklace ($74) designed by Pretty Little Thing jewelry.  Even better is that portion of every sale of this necklace goes to The Wilderness Society.

On to the cuff. Fallon, of course.  They have never done me wrong!  I just love these 3 new designs and they seem to have introduced a color I’ve never seen before.  ROSE GOLD! Dies.  These are called the Small Square Stud Bangle ($150) and if you like heavy metals around your wrist, these are perfect.

Pretty Little Thing is having a Summer Giveaway
Shop $75 or more and get a free canvas tote + free shipping

(choose from 2 styles: “Deer Heart” or “Spider Heart”/Note in the ‘comment’ box upon ordering)
Now through Monday, August 10th

Just IN

July 11, 2009


I got in early this morning from our trip to the Sierra Nevada and it is such a bummer to no longer be on vacation.  Lots of photos were taken and there will be a post on Monday of my adventures in Lake Tahoe, Reno and Yosemite.  Such beauty in the desert and woods!  To all of you who commented while I was gone, I’m working on getting back to you.  Have a lovely weekend!

wearing American Apparel hat, vintage Hermes scarf, and AA tank


June 17, 2009



Picked up this bracelet over the weekend and absolutely love it.  As soon as I saw it hanging on the display I ran over and said “I’ll take that!”  Even more fun is the noise it constantly makes when I’m moving around; you always know when I am coming around the corner.  Typing is a bit hard, but I’ll make the sacrifice for something so amazing.


June 15, 2009







I first want to thank all my readers and friends for sending me so many well wishes over my graduation weekend.  Oh, the sweet feeling of completing college!  All the hard work was absolutely worth it.

With graduation comes lots of celebrating and if you’ve ever partied with me, you know how much I love everything to be just perfect. VIRGO ALERT.  Friday night my parents took me, my sister and boyfriend to a lovely dinner over at Anisette Brasserie.  French is right at the top of my list and their dishes were delightful.  I wish I could go into every detail but it was so wonderful I’d end up taking up this whole page with words.

Saturday afternoon after my Women’s Studies graduation we headed over to The Viceroy Santa Monica.  If you’ve been reading Fashion Intel for awhile you know how much I love The Viceroy Palm Springs and I was just as impressed with its predecessor’s location.  As you can see, I couldn’t pass up the chance to take photos in the gorgeously designed Kelly Wearstler green bathroom.

It was great to dine outdoors with my family, boyfriend, and besties Stefani and Serge. I’d like to mention how delicious my tomato, mozarella, and micro-basil salad was.  Whist at The Viceroy is amazing – you must go!  My friends S+S also surprised me with a wonderful gift certificate to Willow Spa.  Seriously, I die!

Last but not least, check out that amazing box of Sprinkles graduation cupcakes my mom bought me.  I love you mom!  I’d also like to give a shout out to my lovely sister who flew down from NorCal for my special weekend.  Not only did she shower me with love/gifts but she wrote an awesome speech in my honor.

Graduation DAY

June 12, 2009


Today I graduate from college and I cannot tell you how happy I am!  Many of you I’m sure know the feeling but I am so elated I don’t know what to do with myself.  Luckily I’ve got a plan: wake up, eat breakfast, yoga at Equinox, massage/spa at Equinox, relax at home, eat lunch, graduate, cry, and dinner at Anisette. Oh, and a whole lot in between.

I really wanted to find an image that summed up how I felt about graduating.  Last week I was browsing google images for “Vogue Paris” and this image of model Natasha Poly grabbed me immediately.

June 8, 2009



My sister recently asked me what I wanted as a graduation gift and I promised her I’d compile a list full of pictures.  Since graduating from college is a major feat, I figured it was only apropos to suggest spectacular gifts.  These are the things I’ve been wanting for a long time.  Truly, most of them have been in my “must buy” folder on my desktop.  Aside from personalized stationery, these lovely things would truly make my graduation even more grandeur.

top: Nine West Wedges, Balenciaga Giant City Tote [w/gold hardware], Pamela Love Tallon Cuff
middle: Lanvin Heels, Phillip Lim Belt, House of Harlow Bracelet
bottom: Diptyque Gardenia Candle, Hermes Belt, Maya Brenner State Necklace [no diamond please]


May 29, 2009


Marc JACOBS Collection Shoes

Lots of ALEX & CHLOE Necklaces


MBMJ Necklace + Alexis Bittar Pyramid Cuff

Here’s a tiny taste of some of the items I’ll have at Sunday’s Fashion Bloggers Flea Market at Space 15 Twenty.  In addition to lots of jewelry, I’ll also have some shoes [size 9], bags, and clothes.  You will not want to miss the FASHION INTEL SHOP as we’ll also have some giveaways and sweet treats.  Oh, we’ll have it all.  See you there!

xo Natalie/Fashion Intel


May 26, 2009


I am back from my sister’s wedding weekend in Laguna Beach and I am zonked.  Being Maid-of-Honor is completely exhausting but totally worth it!  We had a wonderful time and I am ready to get back to all my projects I’ve been working on: 1) re-designing my site 2) serious running 3) my graduation.  But first I must prepare for L.A. Blogger Shop Day at Space 15 Twenty.

Please come shop my closet this weekend!  I’ll be there as well as some other great L.A. girls like Fashion is Poison, Taghrid and That’s Chic.  I’ll post some items this week that so you can get a first peek at the goods.  I’ll be selling some Alex+Chloe, Alexis Bittar, vintage YSL and many other amazing gems!


May 18, 2009







Guess which girl is dressed up for the faire?

Yesterday was the last day of the Renaissance Pleasure Faire and my friend Natalie and I made a pact that we would go this year.  My long-time boyfriend had never been so he was in on it as well.  We’d been planning for weeks to go and it just so happened to be like a 1,000 degrees the day we went!  Thankfully we lathered on the sunscreen and put on our most comfortable ensembles; we were prepared for anything.

When we arrived we quickly entered into an alternative universe – a world full of huzaas, bulging breasts and giant turkey legs for lunch.  I was pretty excited to see what kind of jewels, gems, and amulets awaited me at the faire.  Though I did not leave with anything, there was plenty which inspired me.  I particularly enjoyed the crowns made of feathers, fur tails and the bird feather bib necklace.  I spy a DIY project!  There was also some great metal necklaces that I would’ve bought had they been made in gold.  Oh yeah, lets not forget my magical geodes.

Who worked it at the Ren Faire?  Aside from Natalie and I, here are the girls who were dressed to impress.  You’ve got a classic American Apparel dress, an awesome bold print, and a top made of steel.

High Fashion Ren FAIRE

May 17, 2009


Today we went to the Renaissance Faire and had a lovely afternoon despite the 100 degree weather.  I found this amazing tiny hat that would’ve gone home with me had the price tag not read $75.  Who do they think they are, Pixie Market? [Wait, their’s is only $43]  Nonetheless, I wanted to share it with you and say I’ll have some more Ren Faire photos to share tomorrow.  Huzzah!

Casual, Cool, Slow + STEADY

May 11, 2009









Saturday night we made it out to Space 15 Twenty’s opening party for the new line Cool, Casual by Slow and Steady Wins the Race.  It doesn’t get any better than conceptual clothing, does it?  The canvas Birkin and black canvas wedges [as seen on Tania] caught my eye right away and I’m already looking forward to going back and buying them.  You must stop by the space to see what a smart collection this is.  Not only are the clothes modern and chic, black and white, casual and cool, but they’re at a price that you won’t kill yourself over.

Have you ever got the feeling that I am really into black sandals, wedges, and heels?  These sandals designed by Mary Ping take the cake.  Oh, and that’s just me in the black gladiator wedges of 08′ fame.

Rudo y CURSI

May 6, 2009





Last night we attended Flux’s screening of Carlos Cuarón first full-length film entitled Ruso y Cursi.  Lo siento para todos las personas no hablan Español.  The line was incredibly long but we were lucky our friend Fixed Air just happened to walk by on her way home and mentioned her friend was working the front door.  Next thing you know we had tickets in our hand and were bypassing the line with grins on our faces.  Surprise number two unfolds when I run into an old friend who just so happens to hang with possibly the coolest Latinas in L.A. [pictured above]  Claro.

We scamper inside and my boyfriend is tickled to death by all the free candy and Izzes!  Chatted, mingled and saw some spotted some girls with style.  Snapped some photos and then ended up sitting next to another old friend – surprise – once we we made it into the theater [calling Mecha members].  What a night.

You don’t think it could get any better? It did.  The lights dimmed and out of the shadows a soccer ball was thrown.  My honey caught the ball with his long arms and to our discovery it was signed by Gael, Diego and Carlos.  A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.