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Scorpio RISING

August 25, 2009




See more party photos here

Saturday night was the launch of Chrissie Miller’s (of Sophmore) collaboration with Urban Outfitters under the name of Scorpio Rising.  Calling all Kenneth Anger fans.  I was most excited to go as I knew Chrissie’s mom  Susan Miller – the uber famous astrologer from Astrology Zone – was going to be there.  I spoke with her once before at an event but I thought this would be the perfect setting.

Little did I know I would spend my whole night chatting with Krystal Simpson of the blog What is Reality Anyway, a fellow Virgo who I discovered through conversation shared my birthday.  Read her blog if you haven’t already.

It was a nice little soiree.  Truly, all I need is some good conversation and I am set.  Thankfully as the party ended I caught Susan Miller as she was leaving and she gave me some great astrological advice.