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Scorpio RISING

August 25, 2009




See more party photos here

Saturday night was the launch of Chrissie Miller’s (of Sophmore) collaboration with Urban Outfitters under the name of Scorpio Rising.  Calling all Kenneth Anger fans.  I was most excited to go as I knew Chrissie’s mom  Susan Miller – the uber famous astrologer from Astrology Zone – was going to be there.  I spoke with her once before at an event but I thought this would be the perfect setting.

Little did I know I would spend my whole night chatting with Krystal Simpson of the blog What is Reality Anyway, a fellow Virgo who I discovered through conversation shared my birthday.  Read her blog if you haven’t already.

It was a nice little soiree.  Truly, all I need is some good conversation and I am set.  Thankfully as the party ended I caught Susan Miller as she was leaving and she gave me some great astrological advice.



June 16, 2009

Belladonna wore this to the AVN awards, up for auction





On Sunday we ventured to Erotica L.A at the Convention Center.  I was excited to see what new booths were at the expo but most importantly I was overjoyed knowing that I’d meet my favorite star Belladonna over at the Evil Angel booth.  OK, I’ve met her before, but since reading her twitter, I was looking forward to discussing our mutual love for Kombucha, homemade food, and all things fashion.  I’d like to say that Belladonna is one of the coolest girls I’ve ever met and I wish we were friends because she has the most amazing positive energy.  Loved her headband.  I wonder if she watches Gossip Girl too.

While I was waiting for Belladonna to arrive at the both, I met a lovely young lady named Bobbi Starr.  My friend Natalie A. and I were immediately struck with how stylish she looked and I asked her if I could snap a photo of her outfit.  After inquiring, she mentioned that the belt was thrifted in London and the top was from Budapest.  Pretty legit.  I was completely unfamiliar with this actress so I did some research and found out that she considers herself a pro-sex feminist.  Also mentioned on her wikipedia page “As of 2008, Starr is a student studying pre-med, with the aim of becoming a gynecologist. Her intent is to work within the adult entertainment industry, where she has identified a lack of female gynecologists.”  Love it.

The industry can thank these women for bringing some great style and personality to a field that is often monolithic.

I don’t want to forget to mention I am well aware of the L.A. Times article discussing the recent news that an adult film star recently tested positive with HIV.  This is a serious issue and if you already haven’t read the news, please do so.

Fashion Intel at the FLEA MARKET

June 1, 2009

Essentials: sign-in book, cupcakes for sale, complimentary rock candy and a peony.

The flea friends: Asael, Natalie [me] and Phuong

The Bloggers [R to L]: Aussenhaut, That’s Chic, Fashion is Poison, Taghrid, Lady Electrique, and I’m Boy Crazy.

Louis Vuitton loves Fashion Intel. Do you see the amazing pin Stefani made for the event?

Look at all the great people who stopped by our spot to buy fashion goodies and sweat treats. It was a pleasure meeting all of you. You were a unique and fun crowd. I look forward to seeing you around town.

What the heck would I do without my amazing friends? Seriously. A big thanks to Tania for making this event happen, Stefani for your endless ideas and encouragement, and Phuong, who is always a party who carries her own loaf of bread and wine.

I love this handsome man. 5.5 years strong!

As you can see, we had a blast at the Flea Market.  It was totally exhausting but well worth it as I got to meet some lovely bloggers and sell about $200 worth of merch and cupcakes.  Phuong, Asael and I got cozy in our little area and had a blast talking to fun people all day long.  We were especially charmed by the hostess of the event,  Alexi from I’  She’s hilarious and kept us laughing the whole time. The band Warpaint was really great and look forward to seeing them again.  They’re doing an instore at Amoeba June 18.  I recommend you check them out.

Big thanks to my friends and parents who stopped by to show their Fashion Intel love.  My employee Noelle [pictured, red coat] even went home with some super cute clothes including a floral dress from Taghrid.  In true Phuong style we had some bottles of wine and Stefani even brought a delicious bottle of bubbly.  And how I can forget my cutie boyfriend who helped me put everything together! xoxo


May 27, 2009


Even with all of the wedding excitement, I still managed to catch Sasha Grey’s big screen debut in Steven Soderbergh’s The Girlfriend Experience.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen Sasha look so lovely.  Her wardrobe included La Perla, Costume National, and lots of black.  Unfortunately her whimsicality had so much working against it, as the film was not particularly good.  I saw the potentiality for an amazing performance but they didn’t ask enough of Sasha Grey.  She was there, willing and able, but the story left so much to be desired and I’m not referring to sex.

Sasha debuted another thing this week, as discovered through The Pipeline, and that was the sheer cut-out pantyhose designed by American Apparel.  Check out their “Coming Soon” section and you’ll see all the surprises they have in store for us!  I particularly like these pantyhose as they appear so liberating.  That’s right, let them hang out.

NSFW after the cut


In Chloe I TRUST

May 20, 2009



From Elle June 2009

Chloe Sevigny is one of the coolest girls on the planet.  From Sassy to Big Love, Chloe’s style is a look that is championed by the creative and booed by the masses.  Chloe’s looks in Elle are totally inspiring me right now.

Don’t forget to pre- order your Chloe Sevigny “Buckle Boots” from Opening Ceremony!

More photos after the break.



May 18, 2009







Guess which girl is dressed up for the faire?

Yesterday was the last day of the Renaissance Pleasure Faire and my friend Natalie and I made a pact that we would go this year.  My long-time boyfriend had never been so he was in on it as well.  We’d been planning for weeks to go and it just so happened to be like a 1,000 degrees the day we went!  Thankfully we lathered on the sunscreen and put on our most comfortable ensembles; we were prepared for anything.

When we arrived we quickly entered into an alternative universe – a world full of huzaas, bulging breasts and giant turkey legs for lunch.  I was pretty excited to see what kind of jewels, gems, and amulets awaited me at the faire.  Though I did not leave with anything, there was plenty which inspired me.  I particularly enjoyed the crowns made of feathers, fur tails and the bird feather bib necklace.  I spy a DIY project!  There was also some great metal necklaces that I would’ve bought had they been made in gold.  Oh yeah, lets not forget my magical geodes.

Who worked it at the Ren Faire?  Aside from Natalie and I, here are the girls who were dressed to impress.  You’ve got a classic American Apparel dress, an awesome bold print, and a top made of steel.

High Fashion Ren FAIRE

May 17, 2009


Today we went to the Renaissance Faire and had a lovely afternoon despite the 100 degree weather.  I found this amazing tiny hat that would’ve gone home with me had the price tag not read $75.  Who do they think they are, Pixie Market? [Wait, their’s is only $43]  Nonetheless, I wanted to share it with you and say I’ll have some more Ren Faire photos to share tomorrow.  Huzzah!

Home Sweet JULIA

May 14, 2009





Julia Restoin-Roitfeld and I might have been separated at birth.  No, we are not twins in physicality but rather we share nearly identical taste.

I was so excited when The Pipeline posted some photos of Julia at home, courtesy of The Selby.  One of my favorite things is to peek inside fascinating people’s lives.  Seeing how some of the most stylish people live is totally engrossing.  I was not disappointed with the series of photos uncovering Julia’s NYC apartment.  In fact, these images have me convinced we’d be the best of pals!  She owns the gold Pamela Love “Talon Cuff” I’ve wanted forever, she owns the Balenciaga sandals that I couldn’t afford to buy 2 years ago, and she owns a ton of skin products just like myself.  Also, we both wear white furs on our white beads.  I’m just saying…

P.S. If you’re interested in buying me a graduation gift, I will glady accept the Gold Talon Cuff.  Purchase here.

Decisions, DECISIONS

May 12, 2009




This weekend Phuong and I made our way over to Barneys under the impression that there was a huge sale.  I provided this false information as I did not read the flyer clearly reading that it was the Barneys Outlet having a 30%-70% sale.  Whoopsie!  It was worth it just to be smacked by Jennifer Lopez while looking at Stella McCartney dresses.  That’s right, J.Lo was in the house.  I’d like to add that she not only had awful taste in clothes but one of the worst attitudes I’ve seen in awhile.  On the upside, her children looked mighty precious and extremely happy.  Though I didn’t expect her to be the most warm individual, I was nonetheless disappointed in how she carried herself.  Much taller than I expected too.

Ah yes, the decisions.  I’ve been looking for a dress to wear to my sister’s wedding, which is in 2 weeks!  Yikes.  I tried on a Lanvin (out of my price range), a Dries Van Noten (not the right look) and a lovely black Stella McCartney.  I’m still debating whether I am going back for it.  I had fun trying on some jumpsuits as you can also see.  Helmut Lang had a great black silk one on sale and Alexander Wangs reminded me of being on the school yard.

Aussenhaut also faced a tough decision – which dress to buy?  The knotty blue dress vs the cage dress.  A deciding factor?  The $300 difference.  She walked home with the blue, which I absolutely love but now she’s found the cage dress on sale!  Any advice for my dear friend?

Casual, Cool, Slow + STEADY

May 11, 2009









Saturday night we made it out to Space 15 Twenty’s opening party for the new line Cool, Casual by Slow and Steady Wins the Race.  It doesn’t get any better than conceptual clothing, does it?  The canvas Birkin and black canvas wedges [as seen on Tania] caught my eye right away and I’m already looking forward to going back and buying them.  You must stop by the space to see what a smart collection this is.  Not only are the clothes modern and chic, black and white, casual and cool, but they’re at a price that you won’t kill yourself over.

Have you ever got the feeling that I am really into black sandals, wedges, and heels?  These sandals designed by Mary Ping take the cake.  Oh, and that’s just me in the black gladiator wedges of 08′ fame.


May 8, 2009


do-good·er (dgdr) n. – someone devoted to the promotion of human welfare and to social reforms

This week Aussenhaut and I talked a lot about our love for fashion blogs but that we felt there was something just a bit more we’d like to see on our favorite sites.  As much as I love to see everyone’s new shoes, haircuts, thrift store finds, and amazing fashion, I’d also love to hear about how these girls are giving back as their influence on readers is tremendous.  I adore browsing my favorite blogs as I look forward to seeing what these enchanting young ladies are wearing, but I am also dying to hear what they have to say.

This week MTV announced they hired Alexa Chung to host a brand new show to revive their network.  I’ve always loved her style as she manages to look both youthful and sophisticated at the same time.  Upon my research of Miss Chung, I discovered that in May 2008 she was announced as the brand ambassador for Oxfam’s ethical fashion boutique.  She also designed a condom tin for Company magazine to help “convince people to carry condoms.” [read more via wiki]  This made me love her even more!

One organization that is particularly important to me is the Downtown Women’s Center.  I have volunteered there in the past and still remain updated with all their events.  You should check it out if you live in the L.A. area or just want to educate yourself on the population of homeless people who are women.  I am currently inquiring about opportunities with Oxfam as I have a twitter friend who seems to do amazing work with them.

Tell me, what interests you?


May 4, 2009




Love her necklace + style. She was not shy to mention it was from F21. Ordered it! Update: Duh, it is the girl who blogs That’s Chic

Loomstate’s “The Birds”

Aussenhaut picked us up and we were off to Unique L.A. We had fun looking around, making jokes and chatting it up, but we didn’t really see too much that blew us away.  The most popular space was this charm booth that we both bought necklaces at.  Phuong found a super cute fish and I picked up a mini-California and evil eye.  Love them!  The girls were going bat shit for these tiny necklaces.

We hit up one of my favorite thrift shops when we were done but only had 15 mins to shop as they were closing.  I scored 2 amazing black blazers in that short time!  As we were driving home Phuong and I got to talking about Loomstate for Target.  It inspired me to visit the 2 Pasadena Targets and I bought this bird tank top.  Looks great with my AA black pencil skirt.  I am now thinking I should buy that t-shirt dress.  I love you Rogan Gregory.

Is that you CASSIE?

April 30, 2009


This morning I was reading one of my favorite blogs, The Pipeline, and I saw a photo of DJs Harley Viera-Newton and Cassie Coane at a V-Mag bash.  I’ve seen Harley all over the place but why is this the first mention of Cassie for me?  I did some research and didn’t find much on one half of this dynamic dj duo, but I did come across this photo from Papermag that displeased me.

Please don’t hide Cassie.  She seems pretty cool.

72 Hour Party PEOPLE

April 28, 2009


Wearing my new American Apparel Tie Dye Interlock Pencil Skirt

Dressing room at Barneys – I bought the black Alexander Wang tee

I die for DRIES!

The best necklace in Las Vegas. here I come!

Best dressed girls in Las Vegas – L: Two Brits, R: L.A. Girls

Best dressed men in Las Vegas. Love them!

This past weekend I hosted my sister’s bachelorette party in Las Vegas.  We arrived Thursday night and the fun did not stop until we left on Sunday afternoon.  We stayed at the Venetian and I recommend it to those looking to visit Las Vegas as the hotel was simply perfect.  The hotel’s spa was absolutely amazing, so if you’re looking for a good massage and pure bliss, that is your place.

Las Vegas is not a city I visit often, but I am so glad I threw the party there as it makes getting wild quite easy.  There was plenty of XXX fun, but I still managed to visit the new Barneys, hit the best boutiques and indulge in the most delicious food.  Buchon anyone?

Here are just a few of the many photos I snapped while living it up in Sin City.  Two more after the break.


About EVA

April 17, 2009




I have got a hunch about Eva Mendes and it is that she is secretly cool.  Ever since I posted her Vogue Italia photo spread [ shot by Steven Meisel] I cannot stop wondering about how she hasn’t been given the opportunity to do something interesting in Hollywood.  I have read enough cultural studies texts to know that Cubanas/Latinas are rarely given the chance in media perform outside of the  “spicy vixen” or maid stereotype.  Eva even mentions in her Lula interview that she doesn’t get many scripts with interesting female characters.  Isn’t it time to start making better films?

This is why I am totally rooting for Eva!  If my favorite magazine in the world says “She’s a Lula Girl at heart” then I know my suspicions were legit.  Simply looking at these photos makes me love her even more.  How could you not?



April 13, 2009

Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth

Arden Wohl, Filmmaker + Socialite

The Entrance Band



Tania + I [wearing MBMJ Coat, H&M Skirt, Vintage Pierre Cardin belt, MBMJ magazine clutch, AMT diamond ring]

Tania + Phuong in her dream jumpsuit

Loved this fur coat

Phuong + My boyfriend in Kim’s Hut

These girls were super cool in their shoes

Saturday night we made plans to stop by the always fresh Space 15 Twenty to visit Kim Gordon’s (Sonic Youth) pop-up shop.  My dear friend over at Fixed Air is the events curator at that amazing space and one of the most stylish women I know.  I look forward to many more evenings partying it up with my girl Tania.  Openings are more that just drinks and music to me though, I am always genuinely interested in the collaborations, clothes and space.  This is event did not disappoint as I got to meet Kim, peruse her great collection, and get friendly with Arden Wohl.  Go visit Space 15 Twenty and pick up your Kim Gordon tote!  Throw some heels in there while you are at it.



Vivian GIRLS

April 10, 2009

I’ve seen these girls around but when I read about them in the new Lula magazine I was inspired to finally give them a listen.  I am thrilled that cool girls are still making music that I can dance to.

Please listen to Vivian Girls.

Funny Girl

March 25, 2009


My favorite quality in any person is their sense of humor.  If you can make me laugh we’re friends for life.  Anna Faris is one of those people who can make me pee my pants laughing.  She makes some of the worst movies but she always manages to make me chortle.  I’ll excuse her bad roles as I am well aware there are very few decent roles written for women in Hollywood and she’s not an “A-lister” yet.

Thank you Elle magazine for recognizing how awesome Anna Faris.  See her beautiful shots after the break.


Carnival of Light

March 24, 2009



photos by Paola Kudackl

If I were to assemble a super group of celebrity best friends Julia Restoin-Roitfeld would be one of the first on my list.  Julia looks absolutely stunning in the April issue of British Harper’s Bazaar but I don’t expect anything less from a girl whose mother is Carine Roitfeld.   Great genes? Yes.

I have noticed all over the internet young women celebrating Julia for her not-so-typical model body and it is refreshing seeing another type of beauty represented in magazines.  A brunette with ample breasts, thighs and hips – not the typical fashion plate, but then again I’ve never cared for “typical.”  I am just dying over these ethereal photos.  Who said fashion photography wasn’t legit?

See the rest after the break.


Tripping Daisy

March 18, 2009

photos via Egotastic

Daisy Lowe entrances me.  It is the combination of her saucer eyes, gorgeous brown hair and amazing nude body.  Her look is a bit witchy too – maybe she has even put a spell on us.  Either way, Daisy is exactly the kind of girl we have been waiting for. 

Daisy nudes (NWS) after the break