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Sleeve Me Alone

March 9, 2009

photo via Jak & Jil

I support animal rights but when you begin ripping the sleeves off Balenciaga dresses that is where I draw the line!  Accounts of the the aforementioned incident are as such: a crazed PETA protester lunged at Carine Roitfeld outside of Jean Paul Gaultier and ripped the sleeve off  her dress.  Apparently PETA was rather bothered by the lilac goat hair coat Carine was seen sporting this weekend and felt that she needed to learn a lesson.  In proper Carine style she replied to the media’s coverage by saying “I am a fashion martyr now.”


Carine puts the F U in FUR

July 28, 2008

Leave it to Carine Roitfeld to put the F U in Fur in the August issue of VOGUE Paris. Model Raquel Zimmermann, styled by Roitfeld, is seen getting into all sorts of trouble draped in this Fall’s must have furs. Whether she is hitting an activist with her purse or simply saying fuck you with her finger, she looks as if she could care less about what PETA has to say. Apparently so does Carine, as she will undoubtedly be added to their hit list.

Whether you are a fur lover, a paint thrower, or simply indifferent, you have to give it up to a magazine that can have a sense of humor. If you don’t agree, maybe you can appreciate the great photography of Mario Testino as he shot these fur filled pages. Either way, this is one of the reasons Carine Roitfeld and Paris Vogue are tops on my style radar.

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