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September 15, 2009


Black leather. I’ve been loving The Wing Leather Harness over on Zana’s [Garbage Dress] Etsy page. I think it would look great with the Elizabeth shoes by Bakers and the Event Bat, found at The Pleasure Chest.

I still think it is insane that everything in fashion these days looks like it has been lifted from a recent Belladonna production. I’m not complaining, having a greater selection is a treat but it is still so puzzling.

Harness $140, Shoes $99.95, Event Bat $29.95


August 3, 2009


Congratulations to Ana M. from Cardinal the Color for winning the Fashion Intel and Chick Downtown giveaway!  You will be receiving the Elizabeth & James grey deconstructed tee.

To everyone else who entered their name, thanks for reading and I wish you could all get a shirt.   Keep checking Fashion Intel for more giveaways and my almost-daily postings on the more esoteric side of fashion.


July 22, 2009


For those who have read Fashion Intel you know how much I love Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.  I equally adore their clothing lines The Row and Elizabeth and James.  As much as I thrift and hit up my favorite boutiques, I also enjoy shopping online and being inspired by how much great fashion I can find on the web.  One of my favorite online shops is Chick Downtown and we’ve partnered up for the very first Fashion Intel giveaway!  Needless to say I am excited to see which one of you wins the amazing Elizabeth and James Grey Deconstructed Tee! [top left, retails $90]

I suggest you check out some of the other designers on Chick Downtown, like my favorites Alexis Bittar, Balmain, and House of Harlow.  They’ve also got some bohemian scarves from Sir Alistair Rai.    For those of you who love twitter as much as I do, stay up-to-date with Chick Downtown’s twitter page and follow them on Facebook.  You’re following me too, right?

Leave a comment by Friday, JULY 31, 2009 8 P.M. PST
Include your first name and last initial, e.g. Natalie J. & something witty if you so desire
Make sure your blog or email address is included in your reply form [emails won’t be published]
Must be a resident of the U.S., sorry international readers.

I’ll be picking a name at random BINGO style.  I wish you all luck!

Fashion Doppelgänger/Vena Cava v F21

July 21, 2009


I was so excited when I discovered the ladies behind Vena Cava were writing a blog – I’ve be a devout reader ever since.  Their dresses are always my favorites as they mix luxury with bohemia.  I may practice crystal magic but you won’t catch me wearing patchouli!  If that made any sense to you then you probably know why I love them so much.  Plus they’re from the town [South Pasadena] over from me.

Being sick all day today allotted me a little time to peruse my favorite online shops including Forever 21.  There was one particular dress of their’s that stood out right away.  Cute? Yes. Inexpensive? Yes. Vena Cava inspired? Definitely. A little too inspired? You tell me.

I wonder what Sophie Buhai and Lisa Mayock think.