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October 23, 2009



I bought my tickets in the presale yesterday – center orchestra, wow – but you can buy your’s today starting at 10 AM.

Gaga on the tour’s fashion direction: “The fashion, certainly, is going to be another exploration and another level from where we were with the Fame Ball. The theme of monsters is certainly going to be an influence, as well as the theme of evolution and change. It’s going to be a truly artistic experience that is going to take the form of the greatest post-apocalyptic house party that you’ve ever been to.”


October 19, 2009

image via

It is 11 days away until All Hallows’ Eve and if you don’t know what costume your wearing, you better get on it!  I saw this image from this month’s Dazed and Confused and immediately thought of Lady Bathory.  You’d look that good too if you bathed in the blood of virgins.

Maybe this could be your costume?  A mix of high fashion and history.

Tie Me Up, Tie Me DOWN

September 11, 2009


Photos via Nicola Formichetti

Two of my loves combined: Bondage and Lady Gaga.  She looks amazing in the new Vogue Hommes Japan.

I’m so sick of people talking shit on Gaga.  What other pop stars do you see rocking Japanese bondage one day and shouting lyrics like a mad woman on Jonathan Ross the next?  Yeah, exactly.

NSFW under the cut


Best Mug EVER

September 8, 2009



No more psychic vampires, I’ve got this mug!  Sometimes I make a happy sigh because I love my friends so much.  My dear Martine sent me the world’s best mug for my birthday and it was definitely an amazing moment when I opened the package.  Also pictured are some white roses my friend Stefani brought me just because and a lovely Diptyque candle from the amazing Scott.

This mug is holding the many mottos I want for my life.  God, it is so good.

Things the mug has inspired to be do/finish this week:
+Finish thank you notes
+Read more
+Gym every day
+Clean clean clean
+Continue website re-design
+Hem clothes for Fall
+etc. etc. etc.

Marc Jacobs 1998 – 2009

September 3, 2009




photos via Wah Magazine

Remember the guy who used to be everyone’s favorite? Yes, MARC JACOBS!

I was so excited to read that every MJ and Juergen Teller ad from 1998 – 2009 was compiled to make a Marc Jacobs super book.  What a relief, because I was so disappointed when I bought the MJ book published by Assouline.  How exciting to see pages filled with old Jessica Stam, Kim Gordon, Winona Ryder, Rachel Feinstein, and every cool girl we want to be best friends with.  I have most of these ads saved from old magazines but I am so happy to finally own the book I’ve been asking for.

Buy your copy here.


August 27, 2009



1.  This photo from Stokholm Street Style is perfection.  Signs of strength + creativity.

2.  I was inspired by my dear friend Stefani to calculate my online identity.  I made one for my own name and Fashion Intel’s – here is the result.  Not only is it fun, but it looks cool while it is hard at work. Try it! (click image to enlarge)

Personas is a component of the Metropath(ologies) exhibit, currently on display at the MIT Museum by the Sociable Media Group from the MIT Media Lab. It uses sophisticated natural language processing and the Internet to create a data portrait of one’s aggregated online identity. In short, Personas shows you how the Internet sees you.

Get your own Persona, HERE

Golden AGE

July 27, 2009




Last week I ran into an old handsome friend of mine from the screen-printing lab and he reminded me about all the art we used to make.  I considered art school for a brief moment but thought I was much too rigid for it or at least that was the hilarious excuse I used at the time.  It wasn’t my number one passion so I chose another route which I loved but I still feel a longing for making art.

In this conversation I mentioned one of my best friends and lab regulars, Martine Syms.  I told the handsome artist about the amazing things Martine and her boyfriend Marco are doing these days and it made me so proud to know her.  It also reminded me that Martine featured me on her blog back in May and I forgot to mention it on Fashion Intel. You’ll want to read it, trust me..  Check it out here.

Besides having a great blog at Golden Age, they also launched what looks to be their first Golden Age shirt. [seen above]  Do yourself a favor and buy one from their online shop.  If you’re in the Chicago area make sure to check out their store @ 1744 W. 18th Street.

Inspired by ANGER

July 15, 2009






Film is a medium that has always inspired my sense of style.  For this reason, I am so excited for this weekend’s screening of The Films of Kenneth Anger at Cinespia.  Even better is that he is going to be there in person.  I was devastated when I missed him at the Hammer’s “Occult Month” so here’s my chance to redeem myself.  Maybe he’ll even induct me into the O.T.O.

These are some of Anger’s images that I found particularly inspiring while digging around for some clips.  I think I might have spotted that sequence coat at Balmain and that cage on Lady Gaga recently.  Maybe I’ll see you there this Sunday?  Here’s some info to further entice you:

Beautiful, erotic, phantasmagoric, the films of Kenneth Anger are a national treasure. Mick Jagger, Jimmy Page, Marianne Faithfull, Anton Lavey, and a  parade of other 60s luminaries collaborate on this collection of short films . They range from rich mystcal imagery and visual essays of psychedelic color to insider documentary footage of bikers and a glittering love letter to early black and white film. Please join us under the stars for this very special screening with one of our most legendary filmmakers.

Cinespia should have included the word occult somewhere in that description but I’ll let it slide.  Erotic? Satanic? Under the stars in a cemetary? You can count me in!

In Chloe I TRUST

May 20, 2009



From Elle June 2009

Chloe Sevigny is one of the coolest girls on the planet.  From Sassy to Big Love, Chloe’s style is a look that is championed by the creative and booed by the masses.  Chloe’s looks in Elle are totally inspiring me right now.

Don’t forget to pre- order your Chloe Sevigny “Buckle Boots” from Opening Ceremony!

More photos after the break.


Casual, Cool, Slow + STEADY

May 11, 2009









Saturday night we made it out to Space 15 Twenty’s opening party for the new line Cool, Casual by Slow and Steady Wins the Race.  It doesn’t get any better than conceptual clothing, does it?  The canvas Birkin and black canvas wedges [as seen on Tania] caught my eye right away and I’m already looking forward to going back and buying them.  You must stop by the space to see what a smart collection this is.  Not only are the clothes modern and chic, black and white, casual and cool, but they’re at a price that you won’t kill yourself over.

Have you ever got the feeling that I am really into black sandals, wedges, and heels?  These sandals designed by Mary Ping take the cake.  Oh, and that’s just me in the black gladiator wedges of 08′ fame.


April 20, 2009


It is easy to lose focus with the constant barrage of disposable fashion, competing luxury goods, and huge sales, but this past week I was reminded how fashion is a true art form that we ourselves have the ability to constuct and re-construct.  Instead of throwing down your next fifty bucks willy-nilly, take a look at some of my new favorite things.

1. Basic Circle Lens/Slow & Steady Wins the Race [Golden Age]
Slow & Steady is one of my favorite concept clothing labels. Not only are their designs amazing but they’re incredibly smart. I was so psyched to see their glasses being carried on Golden Age’s new webstore.   It is not every day I am in Chicago so I cannot wait to shop Golden Age’s online collection.  Visit this Store!

2. Studded mini-skirt/Balmain [net-a-porter]
If you have a pulse then you know every blogger has been going ape for Balmain. But like most of us you don’t have $7,000 to drop on a skirt next week. What I suggest is that you make your very own studded mini-skirt a la Balmain. Oh, they’ll understand. I am going to get working on mine – I’ll post it when I’m done.

3.  Mini Black Straw Hat/Chapeau Claudette [Pixie Market]
I recently discovered Pixie Market via Fashionista, and I just died for these mini hats! I’ll be ordering this one by Friday, mark my words. Who doesn’t want a bit of Mary Poppins in their wardrobe?


April 13, 2009




Saturday night we made it over to our friend’s closing at Bandit Gallery.  She’s part of an amazing artist collective known as From Here to There.  There was a friendly crowd with some celebs looking to buy some art.  From what I heard, Dntel from the Postal Service stopped by to dj, but I was so into the conversations around me I didn’t notice.

I had to post these photos of the super gorgeous Swiss model Serge M. and these shoes I just wanted to fling into my purse!  The shoe girl had great style, but these deserved their own photo.

Stella’s Lucky SPOT

April 11, 2009

Photo via Bloomacious

I wish I were at the Belsay Hall Castle & Gardens right now so that I might catch a glimpse of Stella McCartney’s gorgeous crystal horse (Lucky Spot) chandelier.  Why does Stella insist on making me love her even more?


April 1, 2009


Are these not amazing?  Made by artist Massimo Gammacurta.  More here.

Art Star

March 22, 2009


photo via Hustler of Culture

Models? Of course.

Inga the Chihuahua

Last night we went to Nancy Riegelman’s opening at Western Project in Culver City.  I was fortunate to meet Nancy through my lovely friend/artist Stefani Greenwood and I have been anticipating her show ever since I received the invite.  Nancy’s art is incredible so I urge you to visit the gallery and take a look at her amazing graphite lines.  She also has an amazing closet and her ensemble for the opening did not disappoint.  The dress!  The heels!  I think the Olsen twins saw her look on the streets and said “I want to dress like that woman!”

For drinks we stopped by the Mandrake which had a nice cocktail list and lots of space.  I think I’d like to have a party there.

Must Have Miss Van

March 4, 2009


You know that feeling you get when you see something you must have and it gnaws at you every time you think of it?  That is the feeling I get with Miss Van’s “Wood Pin” collection.  See the entire collection here.

Fafi Friday

November 7, 2008


Fafi has a mini-blog over at Colette and I just adore this photo she took from her recent trip to Mexico City.  I love this fashionista’s coat, ruffled bow shirt, and Fafi hearts combination.  This cool girl makes me even more excited for my graduation trip to Ciudad de Mexico.  Yo necesito practicar mi espanol.  Pronto.

Check out more Fafi stories, photos and art over at Colette Fr.

Slow & Steady…

October 29, 2008

Last week I was shocked when called out Slow & Steady Wins the Race under their regular “Adventures in Copyright” blog.  Anyone in the art community knows about this label and I thought fashionistas did as well. I’ve always admired S&S products at MOCA, which I live down the street from, and I know they’re carried in some of the most unique boutiques across the country.

Just the other week I met with Slow & Steady over at the Copper building in downtown L.A. [that is where I got this postcard]. I had a meeting with an Alexis Bittar rep for our shop and thought I’d stop by some other booths as well.  S&S had some of the best merchandise by far – they have just introduced some water-proof heels which are absolutely amazing!  Even though I wasn’t in the market to place an order, I am happy knowing that my friend’s shop will be carrying their line any day now.

That great shop is GOLDEN AGE, owned by my dear friends Martine & Marco.  Check out their amazing collection of art work, music and zines. And in not too long, Slow & Steady Wins the Race.

R.I.P Nagi Noda

September 12, 2008

You might remember a few months back when I posted some insane images of hair hats, created by Japanese artist Nagi Noda.  Her pieces were exhibited this summer at Colette, and people flocked to see her intricate animal pieces.  It saddens me to report that Nagi Noda passed away on September 7, due to “surgical complications from injuries sustained in a traffic accident last year, at the age of 35.” [Wikipedia]

Couture Moment: Sasha Grey

June 8, 2008


The world of fashion cannot be conceptualized into one sphere, nor can it abide by one truism. The manifestation of art through clothing should not be dictated by a hegemonic system, but rather exist as it alone.

A realization as such is crucial in understanding the style of Sasha Grey. I had the privilege of meeting this esoteric girl at Erotica L.A. (photos from our encounter), and as I anticipated she was undoubtedly the avant-garde of the industry. What other adult film actress would you see donning a hot pink scarf on their head as an accoutrement to a Robert Palmer-esque ensemble? What caught me the most was her au courant shoes in the vein of Carine Roitfeld.

The fashion intelligentsia aims to present a discourse on fashion; we judge on what you’re wearing not what you’re doing. Besides, with my current studies at U.C.L.A and love for fashion, how could I pass up the chance to speak with an existentialist gamine. (calling Simon Doonan!)

Here are some shoes Sasha could add to her collection/ Chloe Black Patent Motorcycle Heels (SALE – $420), Barbara Bui Braided Pump ($1,690), Givenchy Gladiator Bootie ($995)

The full NSFW photos under the cut. These two are my favorite, as they could appear to be pulled from the pages of Paris Vogue. Photographed by Richard Kern (top)