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October 23, 2009



I bought my tickets in the presale yesterday – center orchestra, wow – but you can buy your’s today starting at 10 AM.

Gaga on the tour’s fashion direction: “The fashion, certainly, is going to be another exploration and another level from where we were with the Fame Ball. The theme of monsters is certainly going to be an influence, as well as the theme of evolution and change. It’s going to be a truly artistic experience that is going to take the form of the greatest post-apocalyptic house party that you’ve ever been to.”



October 11, 2009

Photo via Huffington Post

“To do my part, I refuse to accept any misogynistic and homophobic behavior in music, lyrics, or actions in the music industry.”  – Lady Gaga at the National Equality March via C-Span

Watch the video here.


August 28, 2009


Not too long ago I read that Crystal Renn was releasing a memoir about her life in the modeling business.  I was thrilled.  Yesterday her name was all over the newspapers with the promotion of the September 8 release date of her upcoming book entitled Hungry.  I’m on the fence in regards to the title, but I’m so excited to read her story as she’s appeared to be a fascinating young woman.

Early reviews are in and I was pleased to read one by Joan Jacobs Brumberg, an author I often read when discussing body politics in many of my classes.  She says “Crystal Renn is a high-spirited, convincing spokesperson for broadening our notions of beauty. Hungry adds a unique twist to a growing women’s chorus: even if you are young and beautiful, as Renn is, it’s best to give up the addiction to slimness for the sake of personal authenticity, social relations, intimacy, and sexual pleasure.”

I hope there’s a book tour! // See some amazing Renn scans here & before + after here.


August 27, 2009



1.  This photo from Stokholm Street Style is perfection.  Signs of strength + creativity.

2.  I was inspired by my dear friend Stefani to calculate my online identity.  I made one for my own name and Fashion Intel’s – here is the result.  Not only is it fun, but it looks cool while it is hard at work. Try it! (click image to enlarge)

Personas is a component of the Metropath(ologies) exhibit, currently on display at the MIT Museum by the Sociable Media Group from the MIT Media Lab. It uses sophisticated natural language processing and the Internet to create a data portrait of one’s aggregated online identity. In short, Personas shows you how the Internet sees you.

Get your own Persona, HERE

Headline STYLE

July 28, 2009



In this month’s issue of Harper’s Bazaar they feature one of the most amazing women on TV, Christiane Amanpour.  Last year I had the privelege of listening to a panel Amanpour partook in and I’ve been in love ever since.  Her knoweledge of the world, various languages and cultures absolutely impressed and inspired me, not to mention how she always looked effortlessly chic.

Our culture is youth obsessed but I’ve always admired the intelligent and sexy older woman like  Amanpour.  She looks amazing in these photos and since I know you’ll want to read the article, you can find it here.

Golden AGE

July 27, 2009




Last week I ran into an old handsome friend of mine from the screen-printing lab and he reminded me about all the art we used to make.  I considered art school for a brief moment but thought I was much too rigid for it or at least that was the hilarious excuse I used at the time.  It wasn’t my number one passion so I chose another route which I loved but I still feel a longing for making art.

In this conversation I mentioned one of my best friends and lab regulars, Martine Syms.  I told the handsome artist about the amazing things Martine and her boyfriend Marco are doing these days and it made me so proud to know her.  It also reminded me that Martine featured me on her blog back in May and I forgot to mention it on Fashion Intel. You’ll want to read it, trust me..  Check it out here.

Besides having a great blog at Golden Age, they also launched what looks to be their first Golden Age shirt. [seen above]  Do yourself a favor and buy one from their online shop.  If you’re in the Chicago area make sure to check out their store @ 1744 W. 18th Street.


June 18, 2009


Karen O. of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs looks so amazing in July’s music issue of Elle Magazine.  I’ve always loved her and the bad.  Her performances on stage are probably the best I’ve ever seen.

Fresh and CLEAN

June 10, 2009


Two years ago when Kate Hudson was on the cover of Vogue she talked a lot about the chemicals we unknowingly consume.  She shared a story about one of her girlfriends who was diagnosed with cancer and how that opened her eyes to the harmful products we use on our bodies.  Kate wasn’t directly linking her friend’s cancer to the products she was using, but rather began speaking about her new outlook on life and how we must be conscious of the things we buy.

For this reason, she collaborated with David Babii to create a hair care line FREE OF PARABENS, SULFATE, AND PETROLEUM.  Even better is that 10% of the profits goes to WildAid, a non-profit organization that works with governments and communities of the world to reverse the devastation of our planet’s wildlife.

I am mentioning all this because I think it is important that we become conscious consumers.  Also, I bought the shampoo and conditioner and I think they’re amazing!  My hair looks and feels so silky smooth, plus the scents are wonderful.  You can buy your bottles here.

Please read more on the link between parabens + breast cancer here.  Then take a look at your products and report back.


June 8, 2009


“But at the end of the day I used to wonder: what’s the difference between doing a shoot in your underwear for Calvin Klein and being a stripper? Obviously you are compromising yourself. How far am I willing to go? How much am I willing to show for a big fat cheque?” – Sara Ziff

The Guardian published an article this weekend that has garnered lots of attention from many of the fashion/feminist blogs I read and rightfully so.  Picture Me, a documentary which goes behind the scenes of modeling has managed to reveal an even seeder underbelly of the industry so often scrutinized.  YOU MUST READ THIS ARTICLE.  There’s so much to articulate, so I suggest you watch the trailer here and read the article.

She’s a LADY

June 3, 2009


“I don’t think that any tabloid magazines have any real valid opinions about fashion.  When it comes to fashion, lets leave it to like Vogue.” – Lady Gaga

Watch the video of Lady Gaga shopping at Opening Ceremony [one of my faves] and looking for sunnies in L.A. Gah, I love her so much.


May 4, 2009

image via The Pipeline

Vena Cava for the GAP. I DIE.

Zooey’s COTTON

April 22, 2009

This is the best song about cotton I’ve ever heard.


April 20, 2009


It is easy to lose focus with the constant barrage of disposable fashion, competing luxury goods, and huge sales, but this past week I was reminded how fashion is a true art form that we ourselves have the ability to constuct and re-construct.  Instead of throwing down your next fifty bucks willy-nilly, take a look at some of my new favorite things.

1. Basic Circle Lens/Slow & Steady Wins the Race [Golden Age]
Slow & Steady is one of my favorite concept clothing labels. Not only are their designs amazing but they’re incredibly smart. I was so psyched to see their glasses being carried on Golden Age’s new webstore.   It is not every day I am in Chicago so I cannot wait to shop Golden Age’s online collection.  Visit this Store!

2. Studded mini-skirt/Balmain [net-a-porter]
If you have a pulse then you know every blogger has been going ape for Balmain. But like most of us you don’t have $7,000 to drop on a skirt next week. What I suggest is that you make your very own studded mini-skirt a la Balmain. Oh, they’ll understand. I am going to get working on mine – I’ll post it when I’m done.

3.  Mini Black Straw Hat/Chapeau Claudette [Pixie Market]
I recently discovered Pixie Market via Fashionista, and I just died for these mini hats! I’ll be ordering this one by Friday, mark my words. Who doesn’t want a bit of Mary Poppins in their wardrobe?

April 16, 2009




Rachel Roy for Macys? According to WWD, Rachel Roy will launch a new line called Rachel Rachel Roy to be sold exclusively at Macy’s.  Her clothes will hit stores this August and if anything is like that black dress with gold studs, you can count me in!  Rachel says of this new endeavor, “This line is the younger sister to the Rachel Roy collection. It has the same designer sensibility but with a younger feeling.”  Oh yeah, they’re going to launch a Facebook page too.

I have always been a fan of Rachel Roy, so much that I was the creator of her wikipedia page.  Ask my workmates, they will confirm it!


April 13, 2009

Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth

Arden Wohl, Filmmaker + Socialite

The Entrance Band



Tania + I [wearing MBMJ Coat, H&M Skirt, Vintage Pierre Cardin belt, MBMJ magazine clutch, AMT diamond ring]

Tania + Phuong in her dream jumpsuit

Loved this fur coat

Phuong + My boyfriend in Kim’s Hut

These girls were super cool in their shoes

Saturday night we made plans to stop by the always fresh Space 15 Twenty to visit Kim Gordon’s (Sonic Youth) pop-up shop.  My dear friend over at Fixed Air is the events curator at that amazing space and one of the most stylish women I know.  I look forward to many more evenings partying it up with my girl Tania.  Openings are more that just drinks and music to me though, I am always genuinely interested in the collaborations, clothes and space.  This is event did not disappoint as I got to meet Kim, peruse her great collection, and get friendly with Arden Wohl.  Go visit Space 15 Twenty and pick up your Kim Gordon tote!  Throw some heels in there while you are at it.



Stella’s Lucky SPOT

April 11, 2009

Photo via Bloomacious

I wish I were at the Belsay Hall Castle & Gardens right now so that I might catch a glimpse of Stella McCartney’s gorgeous crystal horse (Lucky Spot) chandelier.  Why does Stella insist on making me love her even more?

Her comes the BRIDE

April 7, 2009

Photos via Autumn de Wilde

I love it when amazing women recognize  talent in one another and work together on a project!  With this said, I was so happy to have read that Miranda July has asked Rodarte to design her wedding dress.  We have to wait until May to see the actual creation but I am sure it will be ethereal.  What will Mike Mills wear?

I also have to mention that I fell in love with Ms. July back in 2001 when she was introduced to me by filmmaker Arielle Rudin.  Can you say Joanie4Jackie?  If you are a cool girl who makes films, you want to know that site.  If you appreciate creativity then I recommend you watch Me You and Everyone You Know and read No One Belongs Here More Than You.

Art Star

March 22, 2009


photo via Hustler of Culture

Models? Of course.

Inga the Chihuahua

Last night we went to Nancy Riegelman’s opening at Western Project in Culver City.  I was fortunate to meet Nancy through my lovely friend/artist Stefani Greenwood and I have been anticipating her show ever since I received the invite.  Nancy’s art is incredible so I urge you to visit the gallery and take a look at her amazing graphite lines.  She also has an amazing closet and her ensemble for the opening did not disappoint.  The dress!  The heels!  I think the Olsen twins saw her look on the streets and said “I want to dress like that woman!”

For drinks we stopped by the Mandrake which had a nice cocktail list and lots of space.  I think I’d like to have a party there.