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September 28, 2009


I was with some friends at a gallery over the weekend and we got to talking about Mackenzie Phillips’ new book. Her story mentions how her father wanted them to runaway and raise her sister Bijou Phillips as their own. I’ve always been fascinated with Bijou as I thought she was beautiful, out of control, and had a mind of her own. Her acting and music left something to be desired but nonetheless as someone who is addicted to SVU so was I fascinated with why she was the way she was. A lot of questions were answered this weekend when someone linked an old interview with Bijou in the Jezebel reader comments.

I was quite young when the infamous Calvin Klein ads were shown on TV, but I knew even then how weird they made me feel. I understand now what the aim of the ads were, but I’m not going to make excuses and call it “edgy.” Bijou was 14 when she starred in one of the ads and her comments really struck me. Does any one else find it disturbing that children work in the fashion industry unsupervised?

BIJOU: Yeah, and he was asking these questions like [in a creepy voice], “What do you like about your Calvin Kleins? How do they make you feel?”…
BIJOU: And then he goes, “What would it take to get your jeans off?” I mean, I was like fourteen. I’d been flown in from boarding school to do this. So I said, “If I had to take a shower? If I had to go to the bathroom?”
BRUCE: [laughing] What would it take to get your jeans off! How sweet! But it felt creepy, right?
BIJOU: It felt dirty and wrong.

Read the rest of the interview here. & watch the Calvin Klein ads here.


Marc Jacobs 1998 – 2009

September 3, 2009




photos via Wah Magazine

Remember the guy who used to be everyone’s favorite? Yes, MARC JACOBS!

I was so excited to read that every MJ and Juergen Teller ad from 1998 – 2009 was compiled to make a Marc Jacobs super book.  What a relief, because I was so disappointed when I bought the MJ book published by Assouline.  How exciting to see pages filled with old Jessica Stam, Kim Gordon, Winona Ryder, Rachel Feinstein, and every cool girl we want to be best friends with.  I have most of these ads saved from old magazines but I am so happy to finally own the book I’ve been asking for.

Buy your copy here.

Fashion Doppelgänger/Burberry v F21

June 10, 2009


Yesterday one of my favorite bloggers, Diabolina, made a comment about my recent purchases from Forever 21.  She, like me, knows how to go in that store, find the gems and walk out of there with something that looks like it came off the rack at Barneys.  We’re not haters of F21.  I’m sure we could both attest that there is just way too much jersey in there but nonetheless we love the place!  Her comment inspired me to go peruse their site and see what new pieces I could ad to my treasure chest of jewelry.

Jackpot!  I found this amazing Tribal Leaf Rope Necklace which is totally reminiscent of that Burberry leaf necklace I was dying over on Net-a-Porter.  Two clicks later and it was mine.  I’m so happy because I really love the design no matter who makes it!  Besides, leaf/flower necklaces go way back and now I finally have mine.  I’d love a vintage piece if any of you have a suggestion.

I think Fashion Doppelgänger has made its comeback.  I was really bummed when another fashionblog [corporate] hijacked my intellectual property like the day after I made a post.  Obviously I am bright enough to know I didn’t create either of those words, but I know when someone is making a carbon copy.

I Forgot to Mention

January 16, 2009



Because of my sparse posting in December, I did not have the chance to share with you many fashion items that caught my eye.  While going through my collection of magazine cutouts, I was reminded to share how much I loved these Banana Republic holiday ads.  I didn’t simply love them because the couple is gorgeous, I loved them because rarely do I see positive images of interracial love.

If you have no idea what I am talking about, start perusing your magazines or television shows for an image that comes remotely close to this.  You most likely won’t find it.  Why does this discourse even matter?  It is called media literacy and it is undeniable that images have influenced our socialization since birth. Over at UCLA, I have been involved in the Women’s Studies program with an emphasis is arts, media and culture.  This might give you an inclination why I love media and why we should all develop critical thinking skills.

August 6, 2008