Los Angeles County homeless population has reached 90,000 – the largest group of homeless people in the United States. The bulk of the L.A. county homeless, 82,291 out of the 90,000, are found in South Central (which includes Watts, Downtown, Pico Union, Boyle Heights, and Hollywood).

I think W Magazine forgot to mention a few things in their Paper Bag Princess fashion spread so I thought I’d include some numbers that represent my city and homelessness. I cannot get these images out of my head and I could no longer avoid posting them. One of my favorite blogs, Thread Bared, has plenty to expound on these photos as well as the re-emergence of “tramp chic” and I strongly recommend you read their critique.

I’m currently working with a friend on educating our community about the severity of homelessness, especially heightened during the downward spiral of this economy. We’re working on a project that I’ll be promoting through this blog and I look forward to sharing it with you. I know you’ll want to be involved.


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  1. Elizabeth H Says:

    NJ, I appreciate your way of drawing attention to such a gross exploitation of a truly tragic issue. It is so easy and sadly, expected for people to fly off at the handle over something like this, and I applaud your subtle assertiveness. It’s the only way to really be heard. I’m looking forward to hearing more about the project you’re working on.

    • Fashion INTEL Says:

      Thank you for your comment Elizabeth. Flying off the handle is easy and as I’ve gotten older I try and do it less. I reserve handle flying for special occasions.

      You are right, it is gross exploitation. It always troubles me how far our society goes to make this issue appear invisible. Remember when other towns dropped their homeless population in downtown L.A.? I think a few people at W need to get a grip on reality. There are better ways to exhibit great clothes and fashion photography, and if someone thought this was edgy or innovative, I hope they know how truly wrong they were.

  2. geri Says:

    i would LOVE to be involved. please just tell me how.

  3. Halie Says:

    In this case, it’s not even about the clothes anymore, which makes me angry because W is a fashion magazine. I appreciate “shabby chic” but this is about wearing labels, not being stylish. It’s really unfortunate that they used the example of homelessness to portray their label obsessiveness.

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