I mentioned on Monday that I hit the makeup counter at Barneys while in Las Vegas. It was Wednesday night (they close at 11p) and I wanted a new shade for our night on the town. Boy did we have a night on the town but that is too x-rated to mention right now. Back to the lipstick. I cozied up to the Lipstick Queen counter and the girls encouraged me to have at it. I tried on many different shades and I was immediately drawn to the wines and purples.

I’ve been wanting to incorporate a more severe lip color – I’ve only worn a pinkish nude – and since I’ll never go near red it was clear in which direction I was heading. I first tried the Saint Wine and was quite pleased, but then I added a top coat of the Chinatown Glossy Pencil in the “Mystery” color and I knew I found the perfect combination. I was such an exciting moment for a girl who was always weary of lipstick.

P.S. Lipstick Queen lipsticks are not tested on animals, are gluten-free and do not use any harsh ingredients.

Shown here: Wine Saint ($18.00), Chinatown Glossy Pencil “Mystery” ($20.00)


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10 Responses to “LIPSTICK QUEEN”

  1. fiercebeautyandfashion Says:

    I love the color! I am definitely weary of lipsticks myself but this looks like something I would try! Thanks for the post!

    • Fashion INTEL Says:

      You are welcome! Lipstick Queen has a great selection of colors and they truly look and feel great on the lips. I started off with their “Honest Politician” which is the pinkish nude I had mentioned in the post and that is a great one to start off with for those weary of lipsticks – like you and me! ♥

  2. WendyB Says:

    I’ll have to try it out.

  3. sg Says:


  4. t. Says:

    oooooooohhhh! maybe i’ll start wearing lipstick this fall/winter. thanks for the inspiration :)))

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