One of my favorite groups ever is returning to Los Angeles. I welcome back The Fiery Furnaces! Please join me at the El Rey Theater November 21, 2009 to see them live. If you haven’t listened to their music before, do yourself a favor and pick up their album Gallowsbird’s Bark. Though I’ve fallen quite out of the music scene there is no reason for me to miss one of the most amazing duos alive today. And hey, Eleanor is so unbelievably cool that she’ll make you barf yourself. For reals.

P.S. You might have seen Eleanor is some Miu Miu ads before. Just saying.



2 Responses to “Ex-GURU”

  1. annabel Says:

    omg in the middle of a set on campus once matt stopped in the middle of the set in front of huge crowd to ask me if i liked learning ancient greek because i was holding a greek book. i was super flustered and just nodded yes and was too dumb to realize that he was flirting with and staring at me the whole time -___-

    • Fashion INTEL Says:

      Um, this story is amazing! Wow. What a dream boat! Was he cute in person? Did you really like studying ancient Greek because I also enjoy it. I’m so excited to FINALLY see them after all these years.

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