Tie Me Up, Tie Me DOWN


Photos via Nicola Formichetti

Two of my loves combined: Bondage and Lady Gaga.  She looks amazing in the new Vogue Hommes Japan.

I’m so sick of people talking shit on Gaga.  What other pop stars do you see rocking Japanese bondage one day and shouting lyrics like a mad woman on Jonathan Ross the next?  Yeah, exactly.

NSFW under the cut






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10 Responses to “Tie Me Up, Tie Me DOWN”

  1. Halie A Says:

    People don’t like the Gaga because they don’t understand her. Me, I don’t understand her either. But I like her!

  2. WendyB Says:

    Oh my God! I love Lady Gaga. I’ve been meaning to post about her for so long. Why SHOULD she be ordinary? I don’t know why people resent that she’s not just…typical or something.

  3. pafos Says:

    photos by mario testino better

  4. GreatLabels Says:

    We recently did a blog post on Lady Gaga at the MTV VMAs. Say what you want about her and her music… I think she can become a legit fashion icon!


  5. Lola Says:

    Her music is ordinary…

    and she comes off as a tryhard

    And a fashion icon ? Um, looks a bit much like Grace Jones, B52’s, Roisin Murphy et al

    My Arse!

    • Fashion INTEL Says:

      I do enjoy comments of dissent so thank you for reading! I completely agree that all those artists you mentioned can me seen in Gaga, maybe throw in some Bowie and Madonna and we’ve got the perfect cocktail. That’s probably one of the reason’s I like her so much.

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