Best Mug EVER



No more psychic vampires, I’ve got this mug!  Sometimes I make a happy sigh because I love my friends so much.  My dear Martine sent me the world’s best mug for my birthday and it was definitely an amazing moment when I opened the package.  Also pictured are some white roses my friend Stefani brought me just because and a lovely Diptyque candle from the amazing Scott.

This mug is holding the many mottos I want for my life.  God, it is so good.

Things the mug has inspired to be do/finish this week:
+Finish thank you notes
+Read more
+Gym every day
+Clean clean clean
+Continue website re-design
+Hem clothes for Fall
+etc. etc. etc.


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6 Responses to “Best Mug EVER”

  1. WendyB Says:

    Did they put “less fun” on the list? They should!

  2. sg Says:

    that mug sums it up!!! very nice x

  3. L Says:

    i like what your mug says alot

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