All in the FAMILY

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Kids? Yes, because my cousin is the model on the left.  Gorgeous?  Absolutely.  I was browsing through the new Cookie Magazine – what can I say, I love kid’s magazines – and I squealed with excitement when I saw my cousin Louis modeling in this “Style Council” spread.  When I lived in New York this young man was one of my house mates.  I lived with his mother who is my cousin and I always knew she had a gifted son.  He was so artistic, creative and free; I’m not surprised to see his gorgeous face in a magazine.  See all the photos here.

I just had to share this because I was so proud …. and he is so cute!


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10 Responses to “All in the FAMILY”

  1. sg Says:

    so, so cute!

  2. MauiSun Says:

    OH MY!!!! What a hottie he has turned out to be. Reading your new post gave me chills. I am so happy to see he is putting his talent to use.

  3. geri Says:

    flip flops or barefoot! it is way too hot for anything else. can not wait for cool weather! you?

    • Fashion INTEL Says:

      I’m inside all day so I never really get to feel the heat and that really bums me out. I’m hoping it gets hot again so I can go to the beach this weekend. As for shoes I’ve been rotating some Irish-dance-esque lace up sandals and some wooden/leather platforms with plenty of breathing room. But you’re right …. who wants a sweaty foot?

  4. WendyB Says:


  5. Gina Says:

    he’s so adorable! and the spread is great

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