1.  This photo from Stokholm Street Style is perfection.  Signs of strength + creativity.

2.  I was inspired by my dear friend Stefani to calculate my online identity.  I made one for my own name and Fashion Intel’s – here is the result.  Not only is it fun, but it looks cool while it is hard at work. Try it! (click image to enlarge)

Personas is a component of the Metropath(ologies) exhibit, currently on display at the MIT Museum by the Sociable Media Group from the MIT Media Lab. It uses sophisticated natural language processing and the Internet to create a data portrait of one’s aggregated online identity. In short, Personas shows you how the Internet sees you.

Get your own Persona, HERE


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10 Responses to “PERFECTION”

  1. severnyproductions Says:

    this is a beautiful image

  2. MauiSun Says:

    Interesting….. I wanted to save mine but don’t know how(maiden name). hahaha
    But nothing came for my new married name.

    • Fashion INTEL Says:

      I have a program that allows me to save anything i.e videos, images, clips on my MAC and I’ll save it for you. I’ll do one for your hubby too. Expect an email probably tonight.

  3. sg Says:

    illegal is a pretty big chunk! i love it!

  4. t. Says:

    perfection, indeeed.

  5. Libby Says:

    Calculating my online persona made me wish that I was an artist who knows things about technology. So very cool and relevant (in a narcissistic way)!

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