Fashion meets PLEASURE

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I was thrilled when Olivia, the blogger over at The Pleasure Chest wrote me saying that she was a fan of Fashion Intel.  Even better was when she suggested we do a blog collaboration combining our mutual love for fashion and sex.  A perfect combination for our readers considering every blogger these days is dressing like they’re into black metal and s&m.  But do they really enjoy either of those things?  Who knows, but for those who like to have fun here are Olivia and Natalie’s top sex toys and accessories for your closet.

Considering everything this fall looks like it is straight from the dungeon or a bondage magazine, I’m sure you’ll enjoy these picks.  Calling all Ann D., Dries, Balmain, Givenchy, Margiela, Wang, Wasson fans – this applies to you.

From Left to Right clockwise

Accessories/Clothes: Nasty Gal Heavy Metal Stud Cuff ($52), Miu Miu Stretch Lace Teddy ($535), Alexander Wang Coco Mini Duffel ($850), Nicholas Kirkwood Patent Leather Shoe Boot (£620.00), Savant Bandage Bralette ($195), Giles & Brother Leather Nut & Bolt Bangle ($135), Forever 21 Mesh Back Bodysuit ($12.80), Aldo Stolinski Heels ($99.98)

Toys: Lelo YVA (silver$1,300/gold $1,500 – someone please buy this for me!), Vergenza MK1 ($149.95), NJoy Fun Wand ($87.95), Little Chroma ($125), Lelo Mia ($59.95), Rhinestone Glamour Cuffs ($49.95)

If you live in L.A., NYC or Chicago make sure you visit your local Pleasure Chest.  They’re stylish stores that are extremely female friendly.  If you don’t live in one of those major cities you can visit their site here.

For their must read blog with tips and store updates please visit PLEASURE HAPPENS.


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10 Responses to “Fashion meets PLEASURE”

  1. phuong Says:

    Is the Lelo YVA made of gold?! For 1,300 dollars I think I can get Julia Roberts to sit in my tub and have sex with me on a piano for a week, right?

    Also, i think that crazy Ann Demeulemeester leather belt from Fall ’09 would fit the Natalie Sex and Fashion collection so nicely. Bandage bralette, I need you, I love you.

    • Fashion INTEL Says:

      Yes, the Lelo is made of 14k or 24k gold. And I just edited the entry as I discovered the silver is $1300 and the gold is $1500. I’ve seen it is person and it is simply a beaut. Also, Julia Roberts got paid $3000 dollars and gave some of that money to Kit. Hahaha. I’ve seen that movie too many times.

      Link us to the belt! Lets make our own bandage bralette because I also need/love it. We still need to make our Balmian skirt. We swore!

  2. phuong Says:

    Can I make Ann D. my wifey?

  3. sg Says:

    perfect… i will take it all and the soundtrack!

  4. mauisun Says:

    Great topic!!! I DEFINITELY need to visit the Pleasure Chest.

  5. sg Says:

    one? too hard (hehehe)… not but really, one from each category- silver lelo and the bandage bralette.

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