My birthday is in a few days (8.23) so I have been enjoying the zodiac necklace I acquired while in Lake Tahoe.  Today I paired it with a great silk dress I thrifted in Palm Springs this weekend.  Sigh, how I wish I was still on vacation.  BUT nothing beats coming home to your dogs.  Here I am with 2 of my chihuahuas named Rico and Chico.

Tomorrow I am so excited to show you a blog collaboration I’ve been working on with one of my favorite stores ever.  Keep reading!

wearing: Vintage dress, thrifted bucket bag, Bakers shoes, Ray-Ban sunglasses, vintage zodiac necklace


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8 Responses to “The ZODIAC”

  1. WendyB Says:

    Happy early birthday!

  2. phuong Says:

    Looking forward to Fri, Sat, Sun!

  3. phuong Says:

    On we are! I’m getting out of work at 1. We can go to Banh Mi Che Cali afterwards or thrifting in Alhambra. YAY half work days.

  4. sg Says:

    you ladies are making me jealous to the max! x

    • Fashion INTEL Says:

      Oh no! Well then, you have to be furloughed like me and get 1/2 days like Phuong and you’re all set to go for Friday afternoons. That’s the only way to do it these days!

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