BOY + Marisa + Polaroids = PERFECTION



photos via fashionologie

Don’t you love it when I designers/artists take the things you love and make something even more amazing out of it?  Like BOY by Band of Outsiders + Marisa Tomei + the Chateau Marmont + Polaroid films.

I totally fell for Marisa Tomei when she played Maggie on A Different World – best college show ever.  Then she made Untamed Heart and I knew I’d be a fan for eternity.  Even when she gave my boyfriend googly eyes at Joan’s on Third I was totally thrilled because that meant we had similar taste in men and gourmet food!


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7 Responses to “BOY + Marisa + Polaroids = PERFECTION”

  1. B+S Notes—August 12, 2009 Says:

    […] Marisa Tomei for BOY by Band of Outsiders, from Fashion Intel […]

  2. sg Says:

    she is so adorable x

  3. GreatLabels Says:

    I *LOVE* Polaroids. I hope some start manufacturing Polaroid film again.

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