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Sigh.  What to say when you see images that can be interpreted as culturally insensitive but still absolutely love the beauty found in them.  I came across these while looking for some stimuli.

I am currently working on my inspiration board for Fashion Intel while simultaneously re-designing the site with some friends.  Wanted: more images of Indian jewelry, the occult, gold, s+m, Dia de los Muertos, Santa Muerte, Anger stills, geodes, Gorgoroth, zodiac symbols, on and on.  These are interests of mine that I have seen pop up all over the place as trends and quite frankly I am baffled. OK, I exaggerated, we all know that some things on that list will never be trends, hopefully.

I read a lot of fashion blogs. I mean A LOT.  And I love them.  But who knew everyone would be dressed like they had a closet full of black metal records or that they wanted to be chocked with a rubber ball gag.  Who knew?


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4 Responses to “Le MONDE”

  1. phuong Says:

    Appropriating cultures/sub-cultures they were completely oblivious to until it became a fashionable trend. I hate people like that.

  2. threadandcircuits Says:

    Hey Fashion Intel, I should be getting hard copies of my fashion course reader this weekend, and I will totally send one your way! 🙂

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