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Welcome back to Chain Mail, where I share with you the jewelry I am loving at the moment.  I love traveling so you may find it fitting that I just adore this gold Globe Necklace ($74) designed by Pretty Little Thing jewelry.  Even better is that portion of every sale of this necklace goes to The Wilderness Society.

On to the cuff. Fallon, of course.  They have never done me wrong!  I just love these 3 new designs and they seem to have introduced a color I’ve never seen before.  ROSE GOLD! Dies.  These are called the Small Square Stud Bangle ($150) and if you like heavy metals around your wrist, these are perfect.

Pretty Little Thing is having a Summer Giveaway
Shop $75 or more and get a free canvas tote + free shipping

(choose from 2 styles: “Deer Heart” or “Spider Heart”/Note in the ‘comment’ box upon ordering)
Now through Monday, August 10th


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2 Responses to “Chain MAIL”

  1. elizabeth h. Says:

    Rose gold has long been a favorite of mine. The only piece of jewelry I wear regularly is a hair-thin rose gold band with teeny diamonds. I’m so glad I’m starting to see it more often!

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