Golden AGE




Last week I ran into an old handsome friend of mine from the screen-printing lab and he reminded me about all the art we used to make.  I considered art school for a brief moment but thought I was much too rigid for it or at least that was the hilarious excuse I used at the time.  It wasn’t my number one passion so I chose another route which I loved but I still feel a longing for making art.

In this conversation I mentioned one of my best friends and lab regulars, Martine Syms.  I told the handsome artist about the amazing things Martine and her boyfriend Marco are doing these days and it made me so proud to know her.  It also reminded me that Martine featured me on her blog back in May and I forgot to mention it on Fashion Intel. You’ll want to read it, trust me..  Check it out here.

Besides having a great blog at Golden Age, they also launched what looks to be their first Golden Age shirt. [seen above]  Do yourself a favor and buy one from their online shop.  If you’re in the Chicago area make sure to check out their store @ 1744 W. 18th Street.


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10 Responses to “Golden AGE”

  1. phuong Says:

    I love your friends!

  2. smm Says:

    very cool. i too love your friends.

  3. martine syms Says:

    thanks for the love! definitely wasn’t expecting this 🙂

    • Fashion INTEL Says:

      Thanks for reading Fashion Intel Martine! Golden Age will always have my love and I look forward to the day me and A. make it to Chicago. I miss you so much! & Marco too.

      Also, did you figure out which handsome guy I was referring to?

  4. Diabolina Says:

    i am like obsessed with the astrology site. sooooo accurate.

    p.s. I’ve been trying to get a blogger date with you foreva so yea, whenever you want, my dear.

    • Fashion INTEL Says:

      Yes, I do love astrology and that woman is amazing. I met her at The Grove and she was so stylish too! I’m excited for our blogger date, I’ll take a look at my calendar and we’ll figure out when is a good time for us. Now I am nervous as the pressure builds and builds!

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