For those who have read Fashion Intel you know how much I love Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.  I equally adore their clothing lines The Row and Elizabeth and James.  As much as I thrift and hit up my favorite boutiques, I also enjoy shopping online and being inspired by how much great fashion I can find on the web.  One of my favorite online shops is Chick Downtown and we’ve partnered up for the very first Fashion Intel giveaway!  Needless to say I am excited to see which one of you wins the amazing Elizabeth and James Grey Deconstructed Tee! [top left, retails $90]

I suggest you check out some of the other designers on Chick Downtown, like my favorites Alexis Bittar, Balmain, and House of Harlow.  They’ve also got some bohemian scarves from Sir Alistair Rai.    For those of you who love twitter as much as I do, stay up-to-date with Chick Downtown’s twitter page and follow them on Facebook.  You’re following me too, right?

Leave a comment by Friday, JULY 31, 2009 8 P.M. PST
Include your first name and last initial, e.g. Natalie J. & something witty if you so desire
Make sure your blog or email address is included in your reply form [emails won’t be published]
Must be a resident of the U.S., sorry international readers.

I’ll be picking a name at random BINGO style.  I wish you all luck!


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54 Responses to “FASHION INTEL READER giveaway”

  1. phuong Says:

    Elizabeth and James… sounds good, but not quite as lovely as Natalie & Phuong. Gotta get on that ball! Pick me, pick me, pick me. Why? because I am poor and have a shopping problem.

    your one and only,

    Phuong L.

  2. Stephanie Says:

    i think i love twitter just as much as you do and you need to force phuong to set up an account 😀

    Steph L.

  3. t. Says:

    i like what phuong said, but i hope i win instead 😛


    Tania E.

  4. amanda Says:



    Amanda F.

  5. diabolina Says:

    Loves it. Needs it. It’s my birthday next week. Does that get me an extra entry 😉

    Diabolina M.

  6. Kirsten S. Says:

    perfect for these hot summer days! this will look so cute with heidi braids!

  7. Heather Says:

    I do love giveaways. Maybe I will be the big winner??

  8. Margo P. Says:

    The key to picking your name out of a hat is to slightly moisten the edges. Just sayin’.

  9. Diana Q Says:

    Can we all pick on Phuong and wish ourselves the winner instead of her?

  10. Halie A Says:

    Love that blazer. And MK&A! lol.

  11. Jess Says:

    Love it- Jess C.

  12. James Says:

    I have never one anything in my life. Ever. This could change things?

  13. beautifulrepublic Says:

    Me too, me too! Mimi N.

  14. Clarissa Says:

    haha I would love this.
    Clarissa D

  15. grace n. Says:

    pick me…
    because i need another designer t-shirt to continue looking as if I live in a cardboard box.

    Grace N.

  16. FaithJ Says:

    If I win, I will send A Prayer of Gratitude to God and The Chocolate Chip Cookie Tin of Happiness to you! (I’m not trying to bribe you, really! I’d just be very happy and want to bake chocolate chip cookies.)


  17. Leah C. Says:

    Oooh! I need one so I can be more fashionable than my bf.
    ❤ Leah C.

  18. Gina Says:

    Love your blog and love the tee! so cute 🙂
    Gina F.

  19. meghan g Says:

    I want to win! I love MK&A! And I always always read your blog

  20. Becca S Says:

    I love this tee! I would wear it with skinny jeans from Current/Elliott. Thanks for the giveaway!

  21. D.F. Says:

    Check out N.J. & Chick…nice one.

  22. Rayne S. Says:

    I need new summer clothes! I’m poor!!!

  23. Amanda P. Says:


  24. Christine Leahey Says:

    Anything Natalie and Fashion Intel endorses must be ready to wear! I am feeling lucky…

  25. Angela T. Says:

    I NEED. Thanks<3

  26. sg Says:

    before winning: I only wear black.
    after winning: I shock myself by wearing grey and loving it!

  27. Olivia H. Says:

    Elizabeth and James sounds very British royal family, no? I’m glad they went that route instead of calling it “We’re Twins!” or something. That would have definitely killed the fashion buzz!

    But seriously, I would love to rock that top. Super sweet!

  28. smm Says:

    1984 the smiths release, “please, please, please let me get what i want”
    1986 mk + a are born
    2009 fashion intel posts giveaway for mk + a tshirt
    2009 serge asks the fashion intel to “please, please, please let me get what i

  29. Heather S Says:

    Yay, I would love to win! Please accept my entry….pretty please of course!

  30. emily s. Says:

    thanks for the tip martine!

  31. Marielle S. Says:

    I’m so glad someone tipped me off about your site. It’s a great read.

  32. martine syms Says:

    i’m working my way up to buying a t-shirt from the Row, so this is a good baby step 😉

  33. Ava A. Says:

    Pick me! Cause I will rock that shirt better than anybody else! Except you Natalie. 😉
    Does flattery get me anywhere?


  34. marco kane braunschweiler Says:

    I need this t, I would look great in it! LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!!

  35. elizabeth h. Says:

    maybe i DO need this after all…

  36. Grace D. Says:


  37. Maura T. Says:

    thanks for the tip, MS. who doesn’t need a fancy t-shirt?

  38. Hyunmi Says:

    Cute tee-shirt! I want!
    Hyunmi F.

  39. Alex L. Says:

    Oh Natalie…you are wonderful

    i do hope i win!

    Alex L.

  40. Laisha H Says:

    I love dropping in on you for fabu fashion ideas!

    See you soon!

  41. Aurora S. Says:

    Oh, I’d love to have this. Looks like the kind of thing I’d live in.

  42. Raych Says:

    Rachel N.

    Sadly, I’m not that clever.

  43. Lea Says:

    oh. I always want to be the kid that has something witty to say. unfortunately I’m not quite as clever as all that.
    but I can be a little pretentious at times. that’s almost witty.
    johnny depp had a halo in public enemies- so now whenever I look at a boater hat all I can think of is Johnny Depp’s halo.
    kay bye.

    Leandra T.

  44. throuthehaze Says:

    Count me in please!

    Raelena P.
    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  45. Bela P Says:

    I need this tee! i’m already day dreaming about outfits!

  46. Jong Sook Says:

    this tee-shirt is great!
    -Jong Sook L.

  47. Ashley T Says:

    Great giveaway! Anyone would be lucky to win this. Thanks so much for this opportunity!

    -Ashley T

  48. JeffyB Says:

    I’m a T&A man b/c this T gets an A.

  49. Nina M Says:

    I touched this t-shirt, and can confirm how perfectly worn it really is. I’m going to wear it with my equally soft vintage denim high rise cut-off shorts from 1975.

    -Nina M.

  50. Ana M. Says:

    oooooohhhhhh. I love E&J! Don’t you love that they named their line after their two siblings. Anyhow…so excited to hear about your first ChickDowntown collab. Hope there are more (selfishly speaking!). – Ana M.

  51. Alyssa R. Says:

    Some basic tees!!! and a blazer! Those are just what I need in my wardrobe right now!

    -Alyssa R.

  52. Noelle Says:

    I love this!

  53. Fashion Intel Says:

    […] Congratulations to Ana M. from Cardinal the Color for winning the Fashion Intel and Chick Downtown giveaway!  You will be receiving the Elizabeth & James grey deconstructed tee. […]

  54. | FASHION INTEL Says:

    […] Congratulations to Ana M. from Cardinal the Color for winning the Fashion Intel and Chick Downtown giveaway!  You will be receiving the Elizabeth & James grey deconstructed tee. […]

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